TRUCOS | Restaurar un Coche con Poco Dinero – Motor, Interior, Exterior, Detail Completo

TRUCOS | Restaurar un Coche con Poco Dinero – Motor, Interior, Exterior, Detail Completo

In this video I’ll show you how to leave a car practically as brand new from the engine, to the interior and exterior. But this is about the aesthetics part, all of the scratches, the wear caused by the passage of time, the dirt, etc. it’s going to be like a thorough cleaning, a ‘detail’ it’s called to leave the car perfect, as if it was kilometer zero because this car has around 10 years, and it has never been given a little affection. It was like this when I bought it, it seemed that it had been inhabited by animals more than by people the seats were, well its best if I don’t know of what they were full but as you can see, it was really ugly, worn, dirty… It appears as if you were watching a scrap car. In fact, I’ve been at a scrapyard and the cars are like that, so it didn’t make you want to drive it. Now that you’ve seen the car’s state, I will tell you what things I did to it First, what bothered me the most: the hand brake it wasn’t only disgusting for the dirt, but because it had tape on it. It was broken, because it is a piece of plastic, and the previous owner didn’t think hard and put tape on it. So, I cleaned it, I fixed it together and after hydrating the plastic a bit, it ended up like this, much better. The next thing to do was cleaning the upholstery, which was awful as you have seen I soaked the fabric with ammonia and water and then passed a liquids vacuum, and this is the difference. The left side is the dirty one, and the right the clean one, you can see the difference, it evens changes in colour. I did this in all the car, even in the panels of the doors because they had fabric where you put your arm, and wanted or not you sweat and it gets dirty. In the pedals area, which you’ve seen it was brown, now it is like new and with a new set of rugs it looks even better. The trick to avoid the rugs going towards the pedals and curling is making a couple of holes at the end near to where the seat is, and holding them there in the chassis with some clamps. As you can see this rug is a bit big, but doing this it seems it is made to measure. But not at all, I bought them randomly at the supermarket, they were one of the cheapest ones. There are other things which aren’t worth cleaning for example the knob; it was dirty and the paint was worn, so I changed it for another one. Normally you can take it out pressing with your hand, or it has a few screws that go with an Allen wrench. This one had three hidden screws under a thread piece I tell you this because if you start to make force and it doesn’t come out, it may have screws. Now, a trick to put a universal knob is that you first put a nut of the same size and then the knob when you tighten it, it will probably end in the wrong place and there’s no way to leave it straight. What you have to do unscrew it until it is straight and then tighten the nut while you hold the knob in place. In this way you won’t break neither the knob’s thread nor the gearshift’s one and it will be straight, fixed and much more beautiful than the plastic one. Something that I didn’t like even after cleaning them, were the panels of the doors as you can see they were whitish, worn and it wasn’t dirt, because with the cotton test it came out clean. It was simply that they had lost the color, and the easiest and cheapest solution was to dye them as you would do with a sofa or clothes, but with the door panels. Another option was to upholster them again removing the old fabric, but with this they look really good, I had already tested it in another car and you just have to apply it without covering anything, since you can later clean the plastic really well, but the fabric absorbs it giving it several passes, that is one layer after the other, it becomes darker and a lot better. The key is to rub with a cloth so that the paint is absorbed well and doesn’t stay on the surface leaving a rough touch, but the normal fabric touch. See the change looking at the other door which is gray, compared to the deep black which the spray gives. I knew this product because I had previously used it on the fabric of the roof of another car and it was great. As you can see, if you paint other parts which are plastic, simply with a cloth you can clean them but not in the fabric, at least when it has dried, if you pass it when it’s still wet you may remove the excess. Here you can see the final result, it is much better now the only thing is that now there is a bigger difference with the seats, maybe I’ll have to paint them as well. I didn’t use more than a quarter of the spray, so to be able to use it in a year, clean the nozzle so it doesn’t get blocked. Something that was awful was the crystal of the dashboard, well the plastic was full of scratches and I wanted to fix it. The first thing is to clean everything thoroughly, for these things I usually recommend microfiber cloths but since we’ll need a lot, if they are expensive, the best thing to do is buy a pack of moist wipes. If you want to clean up to the last corner, or at least this area which you’re going to be watching all the time you can remove the parts that surround the wheel and clean it a lot better. When we’ve finished cleaning, what often happens is that things had their own grease and were bright and now are like worn, so it’s best to use a moisturizer. For example, for the steering wheel, if it’s leather, the best is to use a specific product for leather don’t use body lotions or things like that, because it ends up worse. The best thing is to apply it with the hand, it is more effective and look how it ends, the touch improves a lot. For the scratches, the solution is to polish it in this case when the plastic is super sensitive and gets scratches with looking at it the key is to use a product for swirls, which are superficial scratches, and is not very strong. After a few passes it was super bright and without a scratch as if you were using it for the first time it seems a better solution than painting it matt; when you look at it from the from it looks as a single piece. Now, the only thing that spoiled the result was the logo, which was so worn out. I guess they had blown the horn two million times, I never blown it I was going to remove it, but I saw that by levering I was deforming it, I was thinking about painting it but I said “I’m going to spoilt it, so I better buy a new one” I found it for 4€ and in the images you can see that it can be removed, just make sure to measure it well to avoid mistakes and that’s it. On the outside, I’ll summarize it, because it is a lot of work but very similar: cleaning, polishing and rubbing. To avoid making it longer, since I have a lot of dedicated videos, I will show you the before and after. For example the headlights or the central panel which many people have told me to changer for the grille of the Type R but I really like this one because it makes the car look different from any other car that you see on the street with that Robocop look, it’s really cool however, if one day is see that it is necessary to lower the temperature, I’ll change it. Then, this is the most extreme case of scratches on a door handle I’ve ever seen I don’t know if the man had metal robot hands or what, but it was awful Eventually, after polishing it, I left it like this which is not perfect but it is a lot better than it was. I did this, by hand, all over the car because if you looked at it from the distance it looked well, but when you looked it in detail it was ugly but in the end it was quite well The following were the tires which had the typical embedded ferodo and even several meters away from the car you could see a brown color, which was the dirt, very ugly. So first, I give it a pass with the hose and then in the areas where it didn’t go away I applied the typical oven cleaner, which leaves them perfect However, this isn’t something to abuse of especially if they are of poor quality or plastic, because it can end up losing brightness or even the color Finally, after cleaning the car with specific products, it usually happens that when it dries, it looks worse For example, the plastics of the lower part worn, pieces without gloss, etc. and this gives an impression of being a dirt and old car To solve this, the best is to clean it thoroughly and then use a moisturizer with this we will be able to restore the initial gloss and not during a week or a month, but indefinitely. For example, in this car this happened in an extreme way in the spoiler which is the panel as well that is, is like a part of the back glass was made of plastic and being black and facing up, it’s really worn But after hydrating and protecting it, we went from having this to having this, which seems new being soft to the touch and with gloss. Another place where you can do the same and improve the aesthetics is on the tires which look whitish no matter how much you clean them. If you clean them using glycerin, also sold as soap you rub them a bit, cleaning them at the same time you hydrate them and they look as new. From having a whitish tire to having one which shines as if it had been recently put and the purer the glycerin the more brilliant they end and the more it lasts. As you will know, there are a lot of plastic pieces in the outside part of the car The mirrors, which in my case were as if they had been welding near them and a lot of sparks had worn them also this part which is like the rain guard was whitish well, all this can be left as good as new and these details put together are the ones making the difference. Now let’s move to the more difficult and less grateful part, since we practically only see it ourselves the engine As you can see, it seems it had got in a mudflat or the had never cleaned it, which is surely the case. In fact, the battery’s terminal was sulfated, but it was in the previous video where I dealt with the mechanics part whereas in this one I’m dealing with the aesthetics To clean it better we may need to take out some plastic protectors such as the engine’s cover, which usually has a couple of screws or clips so it’s very easy. And to clean it thoroughly without endangering the electronics, or at least in the less possible way I use steamed water, but distilled steamed water that isn’t conductive. It’s said that when mixed with dirt it becomes conductive, but since it evaporates so fast it’s very difficult that something gets flooded and make a short-circuit. I already did a video in detail about this, but this time I’ll expand a little more giving some extra tips The first to be done before wetting anything is removing the surface dirt with a cloth or a brush For example in the hood, in the top, instead of wetting it directly, which will drip later spoiling the engine the ideal thing is to use wet wipes, as simple as that. You’ll need many, each span you should change the wipe because it becomes black easily. in this way you’ll remove all the dirt in a moment without staining anything. Look how it is, it seems that I’ve painted it, but no, I’ve simply cleaned by hand and without water Now we move onto the engine, which already has the cover on place and it’s time to clean the more serious things. For example, the intake manifold has a metal plug which has become rusty or with brown things and also on the side of the engine’s block, oil must have been dropping continuously and it wasn’t cleaned so when it heated a layer of fat was formed, what causes that the engine doesn’t refrigerate well So, not only will we leave it cleaner, but it will also refrigerate better. This is the main point, if you don’t mind whether the engine looks pretty or not, nothing happens you can leave it dirty, but at least clean it the minimum for it to work well Now, I’ll teach you a couple of things which are key points but at least I already had the engine’s block cleaned and fat-free Afterwards, I cleaned the entire engine with this steam machine, which is actually one of the cheapest around $30, and you’ve to pass it a bunch of times, but in the end it’s impeccable, you just have to work more and something that can be useful for people from some countries is that I’ve just used two glasses of water Before the last pass, we apply a bit of degreaser or some liquid for the motor To clean electrical pieces delicate with water, the ideal is to use alcohol, sold in a spray called contact cleaner After applying the degreaser and letting it stand for a bit, you can use a small brush to remove the embedded dirt. You can also rub with a rag, which is the most recommendable for the tubes and sleeves. This takes time, and in fact, it became dark, so I show you the result the following day and to give the final touch for the perfect engine, you should apply a plastic moisturizer leave it for 5 or 10 minutes and when you see that it is almost gone, clean the excess with a clean cloth it is important that it doesn’t have any other products Here it depends on how peky you’re but you can remove parts, move cables, etc. to leave it perfect The protective cover is what we see the most so you can take that into account but you have to take especial care in the tubes, for example the air conditioning and the sleeves, all of that because with this we will make them last longer and avoid them cracking Apply enough in the silent blocks and all those rubber parts which are to hold the engine for the distribution chain or the accesories one, we start the car and apply it when it is moving so it spreads well look how the color changes, from worn brown to good condition black. This makes it work better and eliminates squeaks, so as I said before, these are key points Finally, this is how the engine is, and I’ll show it in detail so you can tell me if this car seems to have more than 10 years or not. I really like the result, and actually this car has around 200,000 km but if you open the hood and see something like this it gives you the feeling of having a car that may not be new, but as I said before, from kilometer zero giving you the feeling of driving a brand new car, going from this, to this I really don’t like cleaning, but seeing this makes the effort worthwhile I’m very happy with the result and I hope you also like it I’ll put all the products that I’ve used in the description of the video and now if you want you can see the previous video of how to leave it perfect mechanically, or the previous to that, which is a kind of presentation or analysis, where I show all the curious things it has In upcoming videos my aim is to make improvements to the car at the beginning they will be the typical bullshit that is cool, but then it will be more serious And if you don’t know my channel and you’re thinking “I subscribe, I don’t subscribe” well my channel is not about cars, but it is about cars because now I have a new one and I want to leave it perfect, so now it is about cars and later also, because I will have another car, and so on but actually, I like everything Come on, take a look.

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