Trying Amazon Designer Dupes! (comparing real vs. fake)

Trying Amazon Designer Dupes! (comparing real vs. fake)

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and today, we’re going to be investigating the very strange world
of Amazon Designer Dupes. So, awhile back, I was
hanging out with a friend who was wearing what I
thought was a Gucci belt and I knew that she’s been
wanting to buy one for awhile so I was like, “Oh my gosh!” “You finally got the belt!” Like, yay! Congratulations! And she was like, “No, no,
no, this is just a fake one” “I bought on Amazon.” I had no idea that that was a thing because I think we all know that there are fakes to designer items out there. But I always thought that
these were things you bought on sketchy corners of the internet, on the black market, in
the back of an alley. It’s technically illegal, right? To make items that are copying and pretending to be this designer item, but are actually fake. So I was like, “What do you
mean you got it on Amazon?” Like Amazon can’t sell fake
designer items like that. Can they? Is that legal? How does that work? Where do you find them? So, I went home that night and started Amazon Prime searching Gucci belt, Louis Vuitton
bag, Cartier love bracelet. All these different designer items. And they’re are so many dupes on Amazon and so many of them are
actually Amazon Prime. They’re not even just
from some random seller. These are Amazon verified items. I don’t know. It tripped me out. I was so surprised and
I figured this would be a fun thing for us to
investigate together. And I know there are a
lot of issues with buying fake designer goods. I want to keep this video pretty light. I just want to investigate. Whether you decide to
purchase a real designer item or a fake designer item, that is a personal choice. I am not going to be touching
on the morality of it. I just want to see, first of all, what is up with all of this? Second of all, what are the items like? And third, I am going to order dupes of some of the designer items that I own the real version of, so we can compare and see
what the differences are. I’m excited. So let me grab my laptop out and let’s investigate. (rapid beeps) Okay, so I recently bought for myself, as my graduation gift from me, to me, the Louis Vuitton Palm
Springs mini backpack. The original version retails for $1,940. So let’s go to Amazon and see
if we can find a good dupe. Okay so this one is interesting. Some of the dupes I looked
up before this video, like the Gucci belt, are literally exact
replicas of the original in terms of design. This one is a little bit different. So, if you zoom in, it’s doesn’t
have the LV printing on it. It just has the little floral designs. So I could see how this
one could technically skate around the legality. So this one is on Amazon Prime. It is $35.99. Other than the LV logo,
this looks pretty identical so I’m going to go ahead
and order this one. Okay, so the next one
I want to try to find is the Gucci belt since
that’s kind of the idea that inspired this video. I do have one of these
that we can compare, it retails on the Gucci website for $450. But let’s see what Amazon has for us. Okay, so this one pops
up a lot of results, but a lot of them are just
black belts with little circles and not the GG logo. But let’s scroll for a bit and see if we can find one
that is actually a replica. Okay, here we go. This one is, it says $28.99-$29.99. It looks pretty much
exactly like the real one. So, I am going to go ahead
and add this to my cart. I want to get some sort of
Amazon dupe of designer clothing, but I’ve been searching a few designers and haven’t really found much on Amazon. But I did find some fake
Kanye West Yeezus merch which tends to be very expensive. So there’s this long sleeve shirt that is $21.99 on Amazon. So I’m going to add this to my cart and see if I can find what the original one of this goes for. Okay, it looks like they don’t
sell this exact style anymore but I’m on the Kanye Supply Website and it looks like styles like this usually go for about $125. If we’re going to go Yeezus,
we got to go all out. I found this matching hat on
Amazon for $21.99 as well. They also don’t sell this hat anymore, but it looks like it
usually goes for about $120. Now these Balenciaga shoes
that kind of look like socks have been super in right now. I’m on Neiman Markus and it
says they retail for $780. So let’s see if we can find
a dupe for these on Amazon. Let me search it up. Okay, so this says women’s
running lightweight breathable casual sports shoe
fashion sneaker walking shoe. Can you tell that they’re
trying to cram every keyword in? Okay, these are $28.99. I’m going to purchase these. Another really popular designer that I’ve been seeing a
ton of people wear recently is the Valentino heels. So on Nordstrom, these retail for $995. But on Amazon, I found
a dupe that is $52.99. And literally looks identical to me in the product photos. So let’s order this. The Cartier Love Bracelet obsession is something that I honestly
just don’t really get. I’m not someone who’s
really into nice jewelry. I feel like I’d rather have a nice handbag than nice jewelry. But that’s just me personally. But the Cartier Love
Bracelet in yellow gold retails for $6,300 for
one of these bracelets. Skylar, do you remember, I think it was three years ago, there was that whole Twitter thing where Kylie
Jenner posted a photo of her doing a selfie like
this with four of them. And people were like,
that’s literally my entire college tuition on her wrist. – [Skylar] That is, no? – Isn’t that crazy? So this one on Amazon is $23.99. Now you can see in the product description they actually did say love bracelet, but they can’t say Cartier. I think that’s where the legality is. They can say, because obviously
Cartier can’t trademark the word love. So by putting this in their title, they’re not saying that
it’s supposed to be Cartier, but the design and calling
it a love bracelet, it makes it pretty clear
what they’re trying to do. So at $23.99, let’s add this to the cart. Okay, so last thing I want to do is another designer item
that I actually do have. That is the Gucci Marmont Bag. This one retails for $980. So let’s see what Amazon can do for us. Okay, so I found this one. This is the closest I could find and this is kind of like
the Louis Vuitton bag where it’s not an exact replica which is probably how
they’re getting away with it. It doesn’t have the GG on it. It’s just plain black, but it does have the heart on
the back like the original. And then it has a little gold chain and a black, cross body strap. This is $28.99. This one to me seems like it’s not trying to a fake Gucci bag. It’s trying to give off that same look and style but not pretend
to be a Gucci bag. So I’d still consider it a dupe because if you like that style, this would be a good way to get that style without paying the price tag, but I don’t think they’re
trying to trick anyone into thinking it’s real Gucci, which is pretty much the biggest issue with fake designer items. It’s not as much that you shouldn’t wear
something in that style. It’s that when you have
an item that isn’t real, but looks exactly like the real one. People can buy that secondhand thinking it’s a real Gucci bag, paying a big price tag, and then getting a fake item. There was even a whole
thing where some people were buying fake designer items and then returning them to designer stores as if they were real. And then those products
were being resold in stores. So people were going into these
expensive, designer stores, and actually purchasing fake
items without knowing it. So that to me seems like where
the bigger morality issue with fake designer items lies. But like I said, this one
isn’t trying to pretend, but I am still interested to
see what the quality is like. So if you like this
style, you could try this. So $28.99, let’s add it to the cart. And now comes the waiting game. I can’t wait for these to get here. So it is three days later, usually when I do these ordering videos, it takes me forever to film and to make because I have to wait for
everything to get delivered. But thank goodness for Amazon Prime because they literally got here yesterday. It was great. So I have everything laid
out on the floor over there. Let’s just go in the same order
that we did with purchasing. So let’s start with the Louis
Vuitton Palm Springs Mini. Okay, so here it is. Other than the fact that
it doesn’t have the LV, it looks and honestly feels really good. So it has the little four
D-rings for the straps, so I’m assuming the straps are inside. Yup. There they are. And then it looks like
there’s a little zip pocket. Another little pocket on the front, and then it has the black lining. Let me test out the zippers a little bit. My only gripe with the actual
Palm Springs Mini Backpack I have is that the zipper
does get stuck a lot. This Amazon zipper I
think feels better than the Louis Vuitton zipper. It has the same little pocket
in the front and everything. Let me grab my backpack
and we can compare. Okay, so, Louis Vuitton, Amazon dupe. These are like identical in the style and the structure of the bag. Same pocket, same size, same straps. The only real difference
in terms of aesthetics is that this one has the LV and this one does not. It just has the little pattern on it. If I’m looking up at that screen a lot, I’m sorry, that’s where I can
what it looks like on camera. And I’m just really surprised
at how similar these are. I mean, here’s the thing. It’s not an exact replica. It’s not an exact copy because it doesn’t have the LV. Anyone who’s really
familiar with Louis Vuitton wouldn’t mistake this backpack for being Louis Vuitton. But it gives off the same look, it gives off the same feel. This is honestly a pretty
high quality backpack. The material feels nice, I’m looking at the stitching and it looks really well put together. The straps feel nice, the bag feels nice, the zipper, like I said. Let me just do a demo. Okay. Amazon zipper. Louis Vuitton zipper. I mean, it works, but
it’s just not as smooth because it has this little
lip covering the zipper. Which I guess gives it a cuter aesthetic, but makes it not as functional
as just a regular zipper. And I think this one
makes sense legality wise because they’re not using
the Louis Vuitton logo. I don’t think Louis
Vuitton has a patent on a brown backpack with a floral
pattern and a black handle. I’d say this is a pretty good dupe. And even though I said I’m
not really going to touch on the moral aspect of it, morally I do feel like this is better. This isn’t something that a seller would try to pass off as real when you’re buying something secondhand. Because one Google search would show you that that is not actually
what it looks like. And no one would be able
to try to return this in store or something and then give Louis Vuitton
back a fake product. And how much was this one? – [Carly] $35.99. – For $35.99, I feel like
this is a really cute, very functional, very
high quality backpack that gives off the same look as the real, I should switch it because
I’ve been holding them this way the whole time. As the real Palm Springs Mini, but you’re not paying $2,000. Also, both straps are adjustable. You can see these ones
are actually a bit thicker then the Palm Springs Mini
ones are very, very small. But yeah, pretty good dupe. If I didn’t have this backpack, I would totally use this. I think it’s really cute. I might just give it to my mom. Now the next item is the Gucci belt. This is, unlike the Louis Vuitton one, almost identical in every way to the real Gucci belt. So, you can see the double G logo in gold, you have the black leather belt. I don’t know if this is actually leather. Oh, this is a full on fake! This isn’t even trying
to emulate the style, this is pretending to be Gucci. On this inside of the belt, it has stamped into it
Gucci, made in Italy, with a fake serial number. What?! This is my Gucci belt. So, the only difference is, is first of all, I just
have a smaller size. This is a slightly thicker
belt as you can see, but if I had the thicker size, literally, the only way
I would be able to tell is the real double G belt buckle is a little bit more brassy and a little bit less
reflective than the fake one. But on the inside of my belt, it has the exact same thing. Gucci, made in Italy and
then the serial number. This can’t be legal. This can’t be allowed. I am shook. I am shocked. I’m shocked. I’m shook. I am twisted all upside down. This isn’t a designer dupe. A designer dupe is like the first one where they look similar, but
it’s a little bit different. This is just a straight up fake. I mean, every single detail is identical right down to the stitching. Right down to this little loop that hooks onto the belt loop. How can they sell this on Amazon Prime when they’re literally stamping in The Gucci logo and a
fake Gucci serial number? This is the kind of
thing that could be sold second hand claiming to be real. And the vast majority
of people would buy it, pay a ton of money for it, and have no idea. If I was looking to buy
a secondhand Gucci belt and I bought something
like this on, I don’t know, Facebook Marketplace,
or Craigslist, or Ebay, and this came in the mail, I would have no idea, no
idea that this wasn’t real. I’m shook. I’m shook! I’m shook, I’m shocked,
my world is upside down. Okay, let’s go onto the next product. So this one, I don’t have
anything to compare it to. This is the Yeezus long
sleeve jersey T-shirt. So you can see on the inside it is a Gilden, ultra cotton tag, which I’m pretty sure is just the standard blank T-shirt brand. I think they sell these
at Walmart for four bucks. It feels fine though. It feels decent quality. It’s hard to say because I feel one of the jokes with
Kanye West merch is that it’s just super, super simple and people are literally just
paying for the name on it. Let’s try it on and we’ll see how I feel. Oh, but before I try it on, we have the matching Yeezus hat. Let me see if this one
has a tag on the inside. So this one says, sports
man on the inside, which I’m guessing is another one of those Blank brands that anyone can buy in bulk or buy at Walmart and print onto. It is embroidered, so that’s pretty cool. And looking at photos of the Yeezus logo, I would say that they
look super, super similar. So I’m going to try this on with shirt on. Okay, so actually wearing them, at least, let’s start with the shirt. It is very apparent that
the quality is really cheap. The material is pretty scratchy. It feels very thin. It just doesn’t feel very good on. I would hope that Yeezus merch is made with higher quality fabric and higher quality actual blanks because, if they’re
charging that much money they better be good. But this was what, 30 bucks? But I guess that’s still pretty bad because this blank probably
cost them like 50 cents with how cheap it is. And then they just do a
quick little screen print and sell it for 30 bucks to
suckers like me on Amazon. The hat, I actually think
feels a lot higher quality. I really like the structure of it. It’s that kind of dad hat look. I actually sell a hat similar to this except in gray with
cursive white embroidery that says unfiltered. Here’s a photo of it. We just did a restock. We sold out the first time. So you can get yours at the, subtle merch plug for
myself and not Kanye West. Anyways, the hat. I am a big fan of that kind of that vintage, you know, worn in style dad hat. So I do like it for that reason. I like that it’s embroidered. I mean, it’s a hat. I don’t think anyone would be able to tell just looking at the two of these, that they’re fake. It’s really more just
the feel of the shirt that gives it away in my opinion. Okay, so next up, these are the dupe of
the Balenciaga shoes. This is the first item in this video that I would say the
quality straight up sucks. Just looking at this and feeling this, these feel like water shoes that you would wear to the river so you don’t step on sharp rocks. The bottom is literally
not even a shoe bottom. It’s just really cheap plastic-y rubber. The bottom of these feel
like shower sandals. Like if you wore these outside, they would instantly deteriorate. The top also feels really, really cheap, and I just don’t think these look like the Balenciaga shoes. I feel like you could
probably find an off brand that kind of gives that same look that would look a lot better. Also the real Balenciagas
go up a lot higher. These literally are barely at the ankle. This is… This is not a great dupe, I would say. But I will try them on and we’ll see how comfortable they are. Okay so here are the shoes. Obviously with these jeans, I look like sporty soccer mom extreme. But they actually don’t look that bad. When I’m looking at them on the camera, they don’t look as bad as they feel. The quality when I was
just holding them up was really apparent, especially because of
the bottom of the shoe. But no one ever really sees
the bottom of your shoes when you’re wearing them unless I were to go like that. And then I feel it looks kind of bad. But just like this, honestly, they’re not as bad as I thought. I wouldn’t say they’re an amazing dupe, but they work pretty well. They look all right, I’d say. Valentino heels. Well, not Valentino. Amazon Valentino heels. These look really pretty. And again, like with the first backpack, these clearly aren’t
pretending to be Valentino. On the inside, they have a different brand printed on the sole. It says Vocosi, I think. But they’re really pretty. If you like the style
of the Valentino heels, I feel like these are pretty good dupes. They’re giving the same look, they have the little studs. Now, I’m personally
not a big heels person, but I will try them on and we’ll see how I like them on my feet. But the pure look of these
is honestly, really good. Here are the Valentino
heels, which look amazing. Honestly, looking at these in the camera, I think they look really great. Now I will say, they are
pretty uncomfortable, even just standing here. I personally would not
want to walk in these. But I’m also a total baby about heels, so maybe that’s just me. But I could totally see
someone rocking these with a black pant suit, like a hot dress. These are so freaking cute. Next up we have the love bracelet, not specified as being Cartier, just the love bracelet. Oh no. This is another one like the Gucci belt that is pretending to be Cartier. On the inside, it has
printed a fake serial number and Cartier with the R
trademark thing in the corner. – [Carly] There’s a key for it? – Yeah, that’s, I guess, how
rich people put on bracelets, with a key. I have never seen a Cartier
Love Bracelet in person, I’ve never worn one. I’m pretty sure you undo it
with this little screwdriver. It’s a lot of work to put
on a bracelet every morning. Okay, this is like a two person job. Hold on. Hey, Carly, can you come
pinch this right here? Yay. Oh wait, nope, not yet. Hold on. Needs another screw. Okay, so here is the bracelet. Now that it’s on, I’ll insert some close up footage of it. It looks okay. I wouldn’t say it looks
like a perfect replica. It’s clearly not real gold
if you look at it close. And the little circle with
the line markings on it, like the real love bracelet has, aren’t as engraved as
it looks like in photos of the real love bracelets. But from afar, like if
I was just wearing this, I think people would just assume, if they knew what it was, that it’s a Cartier Love Bracelet. So I guess it does give
off that same look. I really have trouble with
the fact that they are actually printing Cartier on the inside. Hopefully, people would be
able to tell this isn’t real because I do think the
quality looks and feels significantly lower
than what I would assume the quality of a real
Cartier Love Bracelet is. But I don’t know. Literally having it say
Cartier on the inside, I just hate the idea of
someone buying this secondhand for their partner or for themselves thinking that they’re
getting this great deal on a beautiful piece. You know, maybe even paying
thousands of dollars for it. And never knowing that
it’s not actually real. Now the good thing about this, versus the Gucci belt
is you could test this and you would see that it’s not real gold. So that would be an easy way
to tell that it’s not real. Whereas with the Gucci belt, it’s a lot harder to tell. There’s not as much testing
that you could immediately do. Also, the Gucci belt,
yeah, it’s expensive, the real one is $450, but this bracelet is, the real version, is $6,000. – $6,000 and does it come
with a person to put it on? – Yes, well if we’re paying
$6,000 for a bracelet, you’re probably rich enough
to have someone put it on and take it off for you every day. Yeah, and then what happens
if you lose the key? You’re just locked in forever? Like, oh, sorry, you
can’t ever take it off. All right, so our last dupe
is for the Gucci Marmont Bag. This is what we got from Amazon. When I was originally ordering, I thought that there was a heart on the back of the Gucci Marmont. But I got it wrong. So this is the Marmont camera bag. It has the GG on the back, this is the real one that I have. But the Gucci Marmont flat bag, which I will insert a picture of, is the one that has a
heart on it like this. So there is a Gucci bag
in the same collection that has the heart, but it’s not this exact one. So, this I think is the item that out of all the ones in this video, is the least like the original. The only similarities
are that it’s a black bag with that kind of zig zagged embroidery and a gold-ish chain. But the chains on these
bags are totally different. It doesn’t have the GG on the front. It’s a much, much smaller size and I actually have the
smallest size of this bag, I’m pretty sure. I could be wrong, there could be one that’s
a little bit smaller, but it’s definitely not this small. Let’s go ahead and open it up. The zipper feels nice. The inside is a black cloth lining. Whereas the inside on this
is a tan suede material. And the fake one doesn’t
say Gucci anywhere on it, like on the inside of
the tags, on the strap. All it says on the inside is there’s a little Made in China tag. So this one I think if you just
like the look of a black bag with a gold chain and a zig zag pattern, this is cute. It’s a cute bag. I wouldn’t say the quality
is as good as the dupe for the Palm Springs Mini, it definitely feels a little bit cheaper, a little bit rougher, but it’s not bad. Its seems to be constructed decently well. The chain doe feel pretty cheap. Again, I will insert some
side-by-side shots of me wearing these two bags so
you can see the difference. But this one, the dupe
does feel like it has a pretty short chain that hits higher than the actual Gucci Marmont. And I’m only five, four, so if you’re taller than me, this is probably not a good dupe for you, but it gives off the same look and a similar feel, I would say. Okay, so let me know down in the comments. What did you guys think of these dupes? Which ones did you think were the best? And I would love to hear your thoughts, and your opinions on
the difference between a dupe that kind of gives the same feel, like the dupe for the Valentino heels or the Palm Springs Mini or the Gucci Marmont, and a fake item that is trying to pretend and literally printing the logo to pretend to be the real item. Like the Cartier Love Bracelet, like the Gucci belt. Let me know what you think. And if you enjoyed this
little investigation into the world of Amazon designer dupes, be sure to let me know
down in the comments. And if you like this style of video, the kind of designer investigations, click that card right up there for the video where I
went to the secret Gucci outlet store in Palm Springs. That was a really fun one too. I hope you guys like it. I hope you liked this video. Make sure to subscribe for
new videos every Tuesday and Friday. I’m always in the comments
during the first hour of a video going live. So if you have those notifications on and leave a comment, we can all chat and hang
out in the comments. Anyways, be confident, love your body, and I’ll see you next time. Bye. (bouncy dance music)

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  16. Not to be that person, just wanna educate people. You can actually sell/buy replica items as long as you’re both aware that they’re fake. Selling a fake as real is illegal. That’s why people should be wary of buying off Poshmark or Mercari. I have a real LV bag, and a fake. My fake costs over 4,000 dollars at LV. I got the fake. Let me tel you; it’s an exact replica. People compliment it every time I go out. My friend has the same print but hers is aunthentic and we compared, our canvases were the same color. Stamping the same and stitching the exact same color. I see why the replica marker can seem bad, but at the end of the day, Louis Vuitton is doing just fine without my business. 😊

  17. Lol you can’t return fakes to LV they literally authenticate items… plus they know by the serial # 😂! And glad they keep selling fakes cuz not everyone is rich…

  18. To me it makes no sense why people have to buy dupes. If you don’t can afford expensive designer stuff, so what? There are so many cute bags, clothes and jewelry for affordable prices and good quality. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. And it’s intellectual property theft to rip off a design and to buy it, it’s illegal and immoral. The companies you bought the knockoffs of could come after you for this video. I’d be very careful doing this type of thing if I were you.

  20. Those shoes have been around at least a decade. Marketing. Those shoes are ridiculous and hilarious to see people "duped" over some damn toddler shoes.

  21. for the LV backpack, even the flower pattern is slightly different as well, so if LV has rights to the flower pattern, technically the amazon version didnt steal the exact pattern.

  22. I don’t get why people spend hundreds or thousands on just a name. I’ve never cared about those fancy things, which I guess is good since I’ll never have that kind of money to blow.

  23. The thing with designer items is if I see anyone wearing them, I just assume they must be poor as well. These designer things are, sure, popular with the famous and rich… but it's totally a trap for poor people trying to look impressive because they have something with a GG or LV.

  24. Wow the Gucci belt dupe is crazy! Normally theres small details on purses and such where you ca tell the difference because high end has little extra details that low quality doesnt……but that belt dupe is insane!

  25. Gold does have a karat stamp somewhere if it is real. If you have real gold, look and see if you can find a stamp anywhere from 10k to 24k. If it is plated it will usually be over sterling silver which is a 925 stamp. You might not always be able to find the stamp as an average customer as they may try and hide it which is usually a problem for earnings since the stamp is usually very small on the post, but it is very hard to pass fake gold off as real without that stamp

  26. I don’t give a shit about elitist overpriced brands getting ripped off… I care more about amazon making small businesses go bankrupt because they steal ideas or threaten their business etc. Amazon is super problematic as a whole.

  27. Hi Sierra, I would love to know where I can find that dupe of the Gucci marmont bag, the same one in your video. I love that little heart design on it. I searched on amazon and I couldn't find that exact one 🙁

  28. A couple of months ago I went to China and OMG!! I went crazy on the fake market!! Valentino shoes, Chanel bags, Gucci belt, everything! It's amazing how good they are, like you really have to have the real one next to, or you wouldn't know wich one is the fake one

  29. It makes me realize that most of the ladies whose stylish items I admire on the street are most likely wearing fakes 🥺

  30. I don't really dislike dupes, but counterfeits that charge the same as the name brand are horrid. I personally don't care for luxury anything, it makes me feel scummy at the thought of charging people more just because it's "luxury brand," especially since there's rarely any difference at all in quality, ethics, material, etc. But if you really want to fit in, like the look, or whatever else and you aren't willing to spend an absurd amount of money, buy those dupes, Sis.

  31. I was under the impression that Sierra was vegetarian, but all of this leather has me very confused. What am I missing here? 🤔

  32. Putting brand names and serial numbers is straight up fraud. But I have no problem with copying the style of designer things. That’s literally how fashion works. People shouldn’t have to be left out of trends because they don’t have the means to participate. There’s nothing wrong with paying for a brand name though if you do have the means and want the best quality and original design.

  33. If a several hundred, or several thousand dollar item can be indistinguishably recreated and sold for 30 dollars, the criminals really aren’t the people reproducing it!

  34. Everytime Sierra lists the price for the actual item, cue me screaming "Jesus Christ WHY?!?"

    Also, way to hop on the bdsm bandwagon Cartier.

  35. All of these videos on YouTube are getting the Amazon vendors shutdown and we are the ones that can’t actually afford the real stuff so please stop making these videos ya’ll

  36. For me there is no ethical issue with buying fakes- the designers have no problem with exploiting their workers so why should I care and pay 100x more for something? No thank you

  37. amazon sells all kinds of knock off products but they're often advertised as being legit and backed by amazon and you open it up and it's absolute crap

  38. The Cartier Love Bracelet is not meant to be taken off every day 🤣 The point is to symbolize "everlasting love"…. kind of like marriage…. so if you "would" lose the 'key' it shouldn't "matter". 😊
    I have a dupe and I haven't taken it off since I purchased it. I got it to see how much I'd actually wear it and if it bothered me. I love it so much I would invest in the actual piece. It's timeless, elegant, and just straight classy! It's my favorite piece and I can only hope to have 6k that I can just throw around in the immediate future. Lol
    Love the haul. Thanks!

  39. I must be naive but this was an eye opener…Amazon selling blatant copyright violations. I knew the corporate big boys didn't treat us peon workers well but I wasn't aware that they also disrespect each other.

  40. The way you put that bracelet on is literally a copy of how BDSM ownership jewellery works (search locking slave bracelet/collar), wild


  42. you say you aren't going to go into the morality of it and then I spend 15 minuets listening to you explain why it's wrong that people are trying to pass these products off as deisgner🙄🙄🙄

  43. What I don't like about designer items is that they to me seem more about the name then the design making me like some of the dupes better since the name isn't plastered everywhere, but still not all about the design.

  44. Ha! My 15 year old wanted that belt for Christmas and we got her the Amazon one for like $17. She didn't know the difference, and I think she was mad when we told her;)

  45. I’d rather have a handbag than jewelry too. I have a few basic pieces (pandora bracelet, earrings, wedding ring) that I never take off. Don’t care to have anymore jewelry. 🤷🏼‍♀️ but give me all the bags! 🤣

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