Tutorial | Lighting in Sony Vegas

Tutorial | Lighting in Sony Vegas

Hey everyone This is himawari. And today, we will be doing a ASMR tutorial about lighting Are you excited? I’m excited. Let’s go! So, the first thing we’re gonna do is add some bump map to our character. We usually add the bump map to where the lighting source is to the part where it ends So I like to usually start with the hair and then save as a preset and keep on adding it to each of the layers. [unnecessary disclaimer] So after adding it to the character add it to the background edit to your liking. Sometimes I use omnidirectional, sometimes I don’t. It just depends on the background. For this background, I decided to use spotlight. And now, I add it to the flooring I usually like adding it to the flooring next, it makes it nice and pretty. Now, we’re gonna add it to the plant. Don’t forget the plant! It’s vital. It’s very vital. Alright, now we’re gonna add some shadows. I normally like to make it less blurry and make it a little bit more defined so you can see it better. Here, I’m turning it to make it look nicer on the floor. Usually I don’t like to keep it all the way dark, either and don’t forget the plant as well and you’re gonna drag the color down to make it more nice and faded After that, I usually like adding gaussian blur to the front flowers any kinds of things you want to place in the front Just add it to your liking and also add it to the background Alright, now we’re gonna add three layers. We’re gonna add a color gradient. Usually I have a preset, but for this one I’m teaching you how to do it my way. I normally like to use a purple and green because it gives it a nice, beautiful undertone. You can choose different colors if you’d like, but this is my personal liking. We’re gonna use an orange and a purple-ish color I normally like it a very bright orange color and then a darker color on the bottom to outcontrast the green and give it a nice lighting color. And now, the last thing I do is add a black gradient to add a shadowy look at the end so you don’t see as much of the nasty green edge. After that, I usually render and then I add the lighting again, usually a bump map, can be omnidirectional. I like using omnidirectional for morning scenes because they’re brighter. More pretty. Okay, and now, we’re gonna do the night lighting. So for the night lighting, basically, everything is the same but for the background if you have a day background you’re gonna add a darken and then you add a bump map and that’ll make it really really nice. Usually, I also like to add a color curve and color curves are really nice because it helps make it more blue and more night-looking. After that, you’re gonna add another bump map and a bump map on your character as well. I wanted to make it a little different because I knew it would be a little darker. And usually… y’know. To save it as a preset, keep on adding it to your layers. And you can change it as you go if you don’t like it. Don’t forget your plant. The plant is precious. The plant is great. Don’t forget what you learned last time! Add gaussian blur. It makes it look nice and blended. Make sure you add the gaussian blur to the background as well. Okay, and now, we’re gonna add a purple and green gradient. After you add that, you’re gonna add the blue gradient for the dodge layer. Now, render again. And now you have this blue lighting. Now, you’re gonna add a bump map to finish. Voila! Blue and daytime lighting. Thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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  1. i'll ask two things: first, why were you whispering? second, why were your clicking stuff so fast? it's like speed edit although i really love the whole lighting thing, it looks so beautiful

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