Tyler C. Is David Spade’s New PA – Lights Out with David Spade

Tyler C. Is David Spade’s New PA – Lights Out with David Spade

I wanted to introduce you to, uh, the newest member
of our crew. Say hello to our new P.A. from
The Bachelorette– Tyler C. -(applause and cheering)
-Hi. -Yeah.
-Hey, Spade. Tyler, how you like… how are
you liking the gig so far? It’s not bad. The pay is good,
I have my own parking spot. And six girls from the staff
have already proposed to me. Oh, that’s… That sounds maybe
a little unprofessional, though. -I said, “No.”
-Okay, well, that’s good. All right, here’s the thing.
We just looked at the budget. We only have enough money
to keep one P.A. on the staff. We have another one, so, Johnny,
will you come out here, please? Okay. This is gonna be tough.
Uh… (laughter, applause) -What are you…? What was…?
-(applause and cheering) Why are you hitting the wall? -Hey, boss.
-(laughter) Hey, new guy. (laughter) Well, you look familiar.
Do I know you from some place? Uh, maybe. Did I pick you up hitchhiking? (laughing):
Yeah. Probably. I don’t know. I don’t have a car.
(laughs) Uh, maybe we got the same
modeling agent or something. -You with Mo Noodleman?
-(laughter) Not presently, no. John, John, listen. Hey, uh, have you had any
marriage proposals today, John? (laughs)
No, not yet. (laughter) Uh, some girl I did… never…
I’ve never met before, uh– she kicked me square in
the balls, though, this morning. Said she didn’t like my vibe. SPADE:
Yeah. Well, I can see that. Uh, maybe you work on your vibe. Always. Uh, well,
this is the hardest decision I’ve ever had
to make on this show. Tyler… the last eight hours
you’ve worked here have been… obviously magical. Uh, I’ll cherish
the time we spent together learning how the copier works,
but Johnny is sort of family. Johnny, the P.A.,
will you accept the rose? (Johnny cries) (laughter) -(Johnny sobs)
-(applause) SPADE:
Are you crying? Yes. Yes. Yes. Any questions for, uh, Tyler? (Johnny sighs) Tyler… do you know Hannah B.? Uh, yes, John, I do. (Johnny chuckles) Va va voom, you know?
(laughs funny laugh) I mean, wow. Yeah. Tell her I’m married,
but it’s not serious. -(Johnny laughs)
-(laughter) -Yeah, I’m not telling her that.
-(laughter) Uh, by the way, I have a request
for you to take off your shirt. -Oh.
-(applause and cheering) SPADE:
Oh. I’m sorry. I feel so stupid. That request was for Johnny. Oh. Oh. -That’s for you, my man.
-Oh. -SPADE: Yeah! -(applause and cheering)
-MAN: Yeah! (Johnny whoops) -MAN: Oh, so stupid.
-MAN 2: Yeah! -MAN 3: Yeah.
-SPADE: All right. Yeah. Tyler, can you hang around
for a little bit? Uh, I think I’m out of here. I need a ride home to Pasadena.

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  1. O hell's yes! Shades of Patrick Swayze v Chis Farley Chippendales sketch. John is so like him. Chris, that is. Must be bitter sweet on set.

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