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  1. Hi Chris. Thanks a lot for this great video! This answered lost of questions I had. I'm going to setup something like this to send my internet signal to a 5 KM away point. But I have a question. What if I send the signal from point A to point B (just as you illustrated), but instead of connecting it to an access point, can I repeat the same process again? I mean, take the signal from point B, connect a point C (sort of speak), and resend that signal to point D. Do you think that will work? In that way, B and C will be like a repeating station. Your comments will be greatly appreciated!

  2. can i use it as bridge for 50 -60 home connection of 25 mbps each.business purpose within 3 km.what height should it be put to get good signal.

  3. Do you think I could link building A to B and then B to C? I already have a NSM5 on A & B needing to also have C on the network.

  4. what is the best ubiquiti outdoor ,rain or shine, access point wide range for about upto 250-500m ? pls advice

  5. Nice video…but it is not a good idea to be shooting microwaves into your brain. Just off the top of my head you are looking at about 6 watts of microwave RF tickling your neurons. Safety first.

  6. Wow very well explained thank you man!
    Now i need to figure out why 🤔? Why can it be 15, 20, or any other number?

  7. In the past I have used a second NSM5 as AP. I used to power it off a primary NSM5 also working as an AP. Then I started to blow NSM5s. I had to stop using the PoE port of NSM5 to power additional NSM5s .. Is this ok to do with UNifi APs?

  8. How would I use a NanoStation Loco M2 application to extend the wifi range for a LED Digital Outdoor Sign? We have 2 that will be installed side by side with their own internal routers. My client wants to be able to connect and publish updates to both signs by wifi on a their tablet or laptop but the wifi control is too weak of a signal. We are hoping that this would strengthen the signal to pick-up from inside the building which is less than approx. 200' away from the two units. How would this work?

  9. Nice Chris, I am using a NetGear router set to AP on my receiving M5 NanoStation! Works like a champ!

  10. you can test the work POE in such a scheme UniFi Switch US-8-150W—>LAN—>Main port UniFi UAP-AC-PRO—>Secondary port —>UniFi UAP-AC-LR

  11. Hey Chris,

    Does the new "Litebeam ac AP" overcome the need to have a separate Access Point at the remote site?

  12. Hi Chris. I want to look at purchasing a 2.4ghz nanostation for picking up wifi when I go camping in my caravan as currently the signal is often quite weak from the campsites wifi. I also want to share the wifi I get with the rest of the family so looking at the ubiquiti access point. My question is do I have to buy the nsm2 as it has 2 ethernet ports or could I get away with purchasing the loco m2 (cheaper) but this has just 1 ethernet port? How would I hook the 2 together?

  13. I have an IP conflict here in my company.
    now I want the Unifi to provide it's own ip address.
    How can I do that?

  14. Bom dia, I have used your tutorial to set up a nanostation m2 as a accespoint and it's working perfectly! Can I use this tutorial to connect a ubiquiti UAP-AC-Light for a access point in the house?
    Thanks Rob

  15. Can we use the lan port of the injector of the second (receiving) nanostation to connect a switch and get internet access from there or do we need to bring another cable to the secondary port of the nanostation and take it from there… What I am really asking is whether the injector can be used as a switch in order to save a second run of cables to the receiving nanostation when I do not need to power my next ap from it.. Thanks for your great videos

  16. This helped me so much! Huge! This literally answered all my questions on how to setup a nanostation from two points and then add a AP. You should add keywords to this.

  17. Question- how do I set this up where I am using one rocket M5 and I want two nanobeam airmax to talk to it so I can send security camera signals to it. I have the rocket set as a station and one of the airmax set as an access point and they see each other but I cannot get the other nanobeam to log into the system. IP addresses are for rocket, .22 for the nanobeam that works and .23 for the one that does not work. Thanks.

  18. How do you do this with the loco M2 ? It only has the one LAN port on the bottom. I've made a point to point bridge, and now need to figure out how to get wifi from Nano B. Thanks.


  20. Can I use the m5's to create a wireless bridge and then have a 2.4Ghz router plugged into the receiving end that will output a wifi network? So the nanostations will be using the 5Ghz band and the wifi router's will be broadcasting at 2.4Ghz?

  21. Great video, i think you need to teach in the university, lol.
    i have some few questions should i call the one to the internet as master and the other as slave, can i connect more than one slave to the master. like three or four friends want to shear one internet access from distance of 5km.
    where can i bur this NanoStation. Thanks

  22. Please help me….

    When I connect Nanobeam M5 300 from Nanostation Loco m5 the wireless signal is -54 but the air max quality and strength is low…
    And the Transmit Ccq is nil…Please help me

  23. Thank you great video, although do you always need 2 nano stations or for example can we point one towards an Unify outdoor+ wireless N access point with an Airmax antenna (in 2.4 Ghz) to obtain the bridge or repeater mode?

  24. Thank you for this video! At the station what kind of router should I use to create another Network/ So I can set up my second bridge/access point/station to send internet signal to my 3rd location, that is not in line of site with my first bridge. Thank you very much and I appreciate your time. I like you puppy 🙂

  25. how many nano can i get conect just with one nano station…how many receiver from just one conect to my internet???

  26. Hi, I'm planning to use a nanobeam AC to bridge our internet over 5 miles, however I am unsure how to make sure that trees or houses are not in the way, any ideas? Maybe a powerful laser?

  27. Well done. Thank you.
    New Installation: I have first building with FIOS. (my lab),
    There is 8 IPC(1080p) and one phone set IP (of NEC 1100 tel system).
    Across the street(70') I have second building (office) with 8 IPC (1080p) + NVR and 4 phone sets + phone system KSU:- (NEC 1100)
    Once you said that for the best transfer the nanostation M5 should be in bridge mode ( simplex) – than how can I get internet from first building to operate second location knowing that NVR at second building(office) with its 8IPC , must also see additional 8 IPC from the first building.(my lab)?

  28. Hi Chris, I started watching your video's a few weeks ago and realy like your Ubiquiti video's. Can you answer the following question for me?

    What is the maximum distance that you would recommend between two NanoStation's?

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