Unboxing EXO BAEKHYUN “CITY LIGHTS” 1st mini album 엑소 백현 언박싱 Kpop Ktown4u

Unboxing EXO BAEKHYUN “CITY LIGHTS” 1st mini album 엑소 백현 언박싱 Kpop Ktown4u

hey what’s up guys my name is jay
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100 thoughts on “Unboxing EXO BAEKHYUN “CITY LIGHTS” 1st mini album 엑소 백현 언박싱 Kpop Ktown4u

  1. CONGRATS! THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS are Widya Han(BAEKHYUN album set) and Queennie Mapula(EXO Photobook PRESENT ;gift) 🎉 😃
    Thanks for sharing my video!! Didn't win and got disappointed? C'mon! We have to keep going to conquer the world with unboxing Kpop!! Join me! 🔥 I will bring another GA!🎁

  2. Sorry but I’m wondering that is it has a chance to unboxing baekhyun city lights kihno ver.? please👀

  3. Seriously I want the albums so bad baekhyun did a great job on it💛💛 I Wanna take one for myself and the other my sister will take it🤣💙💙 I shared it on my twitter @Soso9o07❤️❤️ Let’s get it!!
    Pretty good unboxing btw👏🏼

  4. Baekhyun-ah.. Don't forget to tie ur shoes ㅋㅋㅋ
    Thankyou for this opportunity💕 love u ktown4u💕 love u jay 💕
    I shared this video on my facebook (Binti)

  5. Terima kasih sudah mengunboxing album my husband wkwk aku akan menshare vidio di instagram ku @adindaanggraen

  6. Really love this album!!! I've been rooting for a Baekhyun solo album for 5 years now haha. Thank you for sharing this with us exo-ls 🙂 Twitter: @/190620tae

  7. Thank you for unboxing this album. I really love this album, and i hope to win this giveaway. Thank you jay 🥰😊 Twitter : @kyungika

  8. Baekhyun really deserve this solo, he came up and showed us a different side of him and really nailed it. Unfortunately the promotion period is over 😭.
    My twitter account is @aerivengers

  9. awww cute. Especially when you tie baekhyuns shoe lace aww mah heart mah heart ,somehow i would like to do it in real life lol . I think Am Inlove 💛 Btw thank you for unboxing this so much love. Stay safe and Keep the Faith.💪 Godbless. Ig:@jelyn.cristales
    gmail:[email protected]

  10. Probably not gonna win cuz I have 0 luck but I'll try! Thank you for the unboxing/giveaway! Wish me luck! As for uri new singer Baekhyun… congratulations on your debut!! We, Eris, hope to see many new activities from you! Lots of love! My Twitter acc: @SweetOctober3

  11. i don't know if you will be able to find it, but my ig is @_softlywhispered and i put that on my ig story, also mentioned ktown4u 🙆🏻 just in case if it's impossible to see my oh story, i shared that also on facebook which is https://m.facebook.com/thebluesoleil

    thank you for making such giveaway and good luck to everyone! 💗

  12. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Couldn't win on the live chat ~ Hope for a better chance here in the comments !!! Twitter: LiMingZhen11

  13. Did I missed something? my laptop is broken for a week..
    nope? okay
    thanks jay for the unboxing
    not giving up yet..

    twitter : @UsagiSpectra

  14. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Baekhyun is my King/Bias & I really love his album ❤Wish me luck!

    Twitter acc. : @k_famorcan

  15. I really love this album. Baekhyun is my king. Thank you for this precious video🙂❤️❤️I really want to buy it.

  16. Thank you for the unboxing video and giveaway! I really like this album! ^o^/
    Twitter: @baekhyunone

  17. ah i don't know if the giveaway is over already! but i'd love to win 🙂 thank you for the opportunity! i shared on my twt @seojohnni

  18. I love this album but my funds says no but anyways. Thanks Jay and Lily for the live unboxing. It was super fun and exciting!!
    twt @she_STAYED
    IG @rnldnlllgn

  19. Hi jay and Lily I love you unboxing videos the album looks so cool ☺☺🙂🙂

  20. Enjoyed the live and unboxing video
    Baekhyun's solo album is so pretty Shared this to my friends @SHERIFAHbulous on twt

  21. Thank you for giving a glimpse of the album especially for those, like me, who happened to can’t afford it. Thank you 🙏🏻 the album is beaut 🤟🏻 Twitter : abby_ybab

  22. I have a question, if anyone can answer that would be great! When will I be able to order the exact version of the album I want instead of a random version on the ktown4u website??

  23. Please pick the most broke EXO-LS, and i think that would be me. Haha.


    TW: dew_xo4
    IG: dew_xo4

  24. Guyys i want to buy two copies .. but im afraid i get the same versions !! I want to get both!!! Anyone bought two copies got the same or both??

  25. i hope your youtube account get multiply subscribers and likes. i like your youtube account that makes many people want to buy album from your store and all your vidieo so satisfying this giveaway i really want to win bcz i want the album but i dont have enough money to buy the album🙃🙃.
    my ig account : nindhyfurqon twitter : nindhysyugar fb account : nindhy rezq email : [email protected]
    FYI i’m big fan of sment artist🥰🙌🏼

  26. LMAO this album is perfectly separated for two parts of fandom – for soft stans (DAY) and for hard stans (NIGHT) LOL i love it so much

  27. Thanks for unboxing BAEKHYUN's amazing album "City Lights". I love both versions of Baekhyun's photocards! He is always perfect!

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