Under the Layout 2: Wiring Your Model Railroad Can Be Fun!

Today I’m going back into the layout because I’ve got some wiring to do that’s coming right up I’m Roy Smith we model railroaders often like to rehabilitate areas of our layouts and when we change the track arrangement in an area of our layout Guess what? We also have to change the wiring under the layout Well that is what is going on at the Evanston and Granger junction area of my layout which I am renovating So I want you to come under the layout with me today I’m going to show you how I am redoing the wiring there in response to the renovations I’m making on top of the layout This is not a how to do it video rather. It’s a how I did it video? There are other ways to do your wiring and how you do it is a matter of personal preference But wiring is a task. That should never be hurried Because if you try to do it quickly You might make a mistake that will lead to enormous electrical problems as You go Label your wiring on a track plan on the layout itself on the wires and at the connections for the wires You will see me doing this today Before going under the layout though I want to remind you that I upload dispatch the weekly chauffeur model railroaders on Tuesday nights and layout and updates on Saturdays So don’t miss out subscribe and hit the notification bell Now as I said, we’re going under the layout to do some wearing, but let’s wait for this westbound big blow turbine to pass through Granger Junction and Evanston first a long time ago a Z might Posted a comment on one of my videos and his comment pretended the future Mike wrote Can you do a video about the underside of your layout that is how you run organize and label your wiring? do you light the underside of your layout for easy access for work or troubleshooting and Do you do a lot of soldering or heat shrink in your wiring connections in response? I said to Mike Yes, I can do a video about wiring and other stuff under the layout in fact redoing the wiring Under my layout is a priority. It has become a little chaotic as a result of changes in the track work Mike Are you out there? Somewhere watching this? Do you remember our? correspondence It has taken me a long time But I’m finally doing exactly what you and I talked about in my last layout update I have fixed a strip of wood to the bench work under the layout on which I will place my wiring components and I installed LED lighting under the layout so that I can see what I’m doing under there. I will put a link to that layout update Down below in the description to this video so that you can go watch it If you haven’t seen it yet Everywhere you look you see wires hanging down under my layout both drop theaters and turnout wires Some of these wires have been hanging down under there for years because I never got around to connecting them others are from the recent changes in the track arrangement at Evanston either way I am connecting all of them now, and I’ve got a lot of work to do We are going to start here with the wiring in the granger junction area I have numbered the drop feeders on this part of my track plan from one to nine drop feeders one through four Go-to tracks in this corner of my western helix Under the peninsula where Evanston and Granger Junction are located and I’ve numbered the drop feeders on the layout itself the ones at this on the first level of the Western helix are numbered 1 & 2 level 2 feeders are numbered 3 & 4 There are multiple drop feeders on each level of the helix, but for now we’re only working with the ones at this corner of the helix and here on top of the layout the drop theaters are numbered 5 & 6 this leg of the junction that Granger is numbered 7 And this one number 8 I’m including the feeders for the Evanston yard lead in this group as number 9 Because it is close to the other drop feeders in this area Here from the site of the layout you can see how I attach drop feeders to terminal barrier strips under the layout in the past In turn the barrier strips were attached to the layout bus flyers It was a little difficult to see and to reach under there to make these connections Now here’s that strip of wood I installed on the bench work during my last layout update It’s where I will be putting my electrical components. I Can sit comfortably in a chair to do the wiring and I can see and reach it easily By the way, I called it a one by three in my last update. Actually. It’s a 1 by 2 now I’ve installed terminal barrier strips I will be connecting the drop feeders and layout bus wires for this part of my layout to them I’m going to number each of the terminals using this label maker and Here you can see that. I’ve numbered each of the terminals from 1 through 9 There are two sets of terminals one for the white wires and one for the blue wires You’ll recall that I numbered each set of drop feeders when I installed them on the track now I’m installing Spade connectors on the drop feeders And next I’m connecting the drop feeders to the designated spot on the terminal barrier strips There I’ve made a lot of progress with the drop feeders It may be a little hard to see the theaters number one just barely reached the new barrier strip location Meanwhile, two three and four don’t reach it at all and are not yet connected this is because feeders two three and four were cut to reach the barrier strip at its previous location under the layout and now They don’t reach the new location, which is further away You can see feeders two three or four just hanging there waiting to be connected I will have to make these feeders longer by splicing a length of 22 gauge wire to them I’ve got my handy-dandy soldering iron to do this But the shrink tubing I ordered to cover the splices still hasn’t arrived I also ordered a liquid electrical tape that can be used to cover the solder splices. I may not use it But I ordered it just to see what it’s like if you’ve never used it Let me know what you think of it in the comment section down below I’ve still got to install the wiring for the west end of Echo Canyon here And the west end of Evanston and the east end of Echo Canyon over a year and I really want to install the rest of those 12 switch cats were the turn outs of my staging yard So that I could throw the turn outs there remotely using my throttle I talked about the switch cats and began to install them Some time ago in a video called how to install a program and see I switch cats I will put a link to that video down below in the meantime I’ve already got enough connections to be able to rent trains through the Grange or Junction area Let’s go topside and I will show you using 2 SD 40 – 2 s running light There you have it I’ve made some progress with the wiring but I’ve still got a lot to do and I will be doing most of it off-camera We model railroaders often say that we hate to do wiring nonetheless, it can be a satisfying task if we take our time when doing it if we do it neatly and If it works when we’re done ok, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done it yet and Click over here to watch more videos I’m Roy Smith. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with you until next time. Happy railroad

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