Unique Home with Modern and Whimsical Interior

Unique Home with Modern and Whimsical Interior

Amazing home with unique interior. Gated property with withe privacy fence. Fantastic interior design a mix of modern style with whimsical details. Charming backyard with play area for kids. The house is bright with white polished walls and beautiful front door. Open plan layout at ground floor that brings together a modern kitchen, lovely living area with a large corner sofa, decorated with a large ceramic pot. The walls are made from bricks painted in white with large sections made from stones. Outstanding kitchen with island, pantry and modern cabinets. Old wood burning stove and fireplace. Cozy dining area with a rustic look in front of the fireplace. Fabulous wooden ceiling with exposed wooden beams. Amazing and unique wooden stairway that leads to the first floor (attic) where are the bedrooms closets, and a stunning bathroom, that looks like a spa bath with walls made from raw granite magnificent sink, large bathtub and shower cabin. A warm and cozy master bedroom. Tiny but functional laundry room. Cute kids’ bedroom. This home is indeed a very special residence. It was completely renovated and every detail is adapted to provide consistency and balance throughout all rooms. Thank you so much for watching.

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