Unique Love Platter Interior Design Ideas

Unique Love Platter Interior Design Ideas

I’m going to begin by showing you how to create the base grab a newspaper, fold it in half, & then in half again open it back out all the way and now we’re going to tear down the fold line take a skewer and hold it across the corner of the paper notice the triangle what we want is a long triangle that way our paper will end up as a long rod Roll with your thumbs and then guide the rest of the paper as we reach the end use 2 fingers to stop it from un twirling, pop some glue on the end and finish rolling it up (make at least 14) take the first one by the widest end wrap it around a skewer and pop some glue on to stop it un curling take the skewer out because we’re making a flat base every now and then we can use a bit of glue just to stop it unfurling in our fingers unexpectedly pop a dot there and keep going pop a bit of glue in the end of the last one grab your new rod, the thicker end slide it neatly over the last one and keep going remember to always pull the paper tight so we get a snug fit and just to tidy up the tail stick it down with some glue now i’ll show you how to crate the base this time instead of starting with a skewer were going to start by wrapping around a container that will create the little hole once you make your first wrap around pop some glue on to hold it in place and then apart from making the extensions thats the only glue we want to use, we don’t want to run glue along the length i’ll show you why once we get to the end if you’re finding it too difficult to coil the paper around the object it could be easier to glue all the rods of paper together end on end flatten them and then coil them all up in one go like a continuous snake if it unravels, that’s what you will have to do anyway so it could be worth giving it a try so now what we’ve ended up with is the shape of the base and we wanted it to be a little bit smaller than the top surface I used 6 rods of paper gently remove it and then here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to gently work our way around and push the middle up, so I hope you can see that give both bases a coat of glue making a heart is really easy ok all we need is one of our original pieces of paper tear it in half down the fold line grab a skewer, let’s roll it up about the same as we did before pop the glue on and take the skewer out now we’re going to flatten it using our thumbs so work your way along and this does 2 things it gives us the flat shape for our heart but it also but it also softens the newspaper in order to make the shape we’re trying to achieve bend it in half and give it a really good squeeze down the bottom because that’s the V for our hearts as you can see, the paper is way too long so work it around till you get the shape you want now we’ve got a template to work with all the hearts once you’ve made a bunch of rolls, open up your template we want to chop off both of the ends now you can go through systematically, make your heart shape decide roughly how you want it to sit, we can work on it afterwards pop some glue in the middle to hold it if you find that the tongue of the heart is too big and chunky just give it a little trim down angled into the middle on both sides and that should give it a nice little point now that we have all of our components, let’s put them together glue on the bottom and glue on the side where it’s going to make contact undercoat dry wall sealant then water based enamel for gloss

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  1. Learn how to make these beautiful and simple heart platters.  It's so easy, you will be shocked when you find out what they're made of.  And the best part is they're almost free to make!  

    This step by step video shows you exactly how to make your own, and get creative with your own design too.  Have fun with this project.

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