49 thoughts on “Valentines Day Home Decor Tour

  1. Val your Valentine's Home Tour was Beautiful. Love how your amazing finds turn out stunning. Happy Valentine's to you and your Family. 💝❤💕💖💋

  2. I really liked this video, because you say where you purchased your adorable decorations. So cute!

  3. Val, all I can say is your Valentines decor is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE

  4. I was so waiting for this video and as always, you didn't disappoint me; oh so beautiful!!!
    Thank you so much for taking the time and share with us your beautiful home. XOXO and many blessings!

  5. Can someone help me i need a valentine day decoration for my mom's grave site / headstone any ideas

  6. Everything is sô darling. You do a great job. Just subbed. I am having so much fun cramming on your videos. I love everything and you are such a doll. So calm and cool. I love it.

  7. Girl best ever Valentine's tour …I thought I didn't like red but u make it look sooooooooo beautiful 😱😱😱😱💖💖💗💖💗👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. I love how you decorated Val!! It’s just gorgeous!! ❤️❤️❤️Thanks for sharing your home with us!!🐰🐥🐊

  9. So cute and professional looking. Something I would expect to see in a store display. You really have a gift for decorating

  10. I love all of the display where your new truck is displayed. We haven't found the truck yet but we won't give up❤️ I also love the crate with the flowers and wooden hearts❤️It all looks wonderful❤️❤️❤️

  11. Loved the tour and thanks for the link to the dessert video loved those they were absolutely adorable and looked so real and the best part no calories haha .

  12. Great job. Love all the faux goodies, just went back and watched your earlier video on them, I would love to do my hutch in the dining room with a Mrs. Claus bakery theme next year. Love your channel.

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