Veranda Designer Visons by Antony Todd for Veranda – INspaces Video

Veranda Designer Visons by Antony Todd for Veranda – INspaces Video

we are all about getting inspiration from great
design and great designers. Today, we are getting a special
tour of a showcase that’s put on every year by
the Hearst Design group. The great part is, is that with
no clients, there’s no demands, and designers actually
get to express themselves, which is why this
incredible experience is called Designer Visions. I am here at 250 West Street
looking at the Veranda apartment with the amazing
Antony Todd. How are you? ANTONY TODD: Hi, Erika. How are you? Good. Thank you. [LAUGHTER] ERIKA STORM WASSER: So who was
your dream client when you were envisioning this space? ANTONY TODD: Well, being a
downtown loft apartment, I thought this would be the
perfect home for a late 30s, early 40s chap who does
something with money and a very glamorous, young, art
collecting, loving wife and a teenage son. They have a passion for art. They obviously love to travel,
so there’s lots of things which remind them
of their travel. The apartment still is young
in its appointment and its point of view. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So I notice
that there’s different colors on the walls. What, stylistically, drove
that decision? ANTONY TODD: I love
color blocking. Color blocking, to me,
gives a lot of calm and piece in a room. It’s moments of color rather
than a plethora of color, rather than over-doing color. And again, back here with these
monochromatic artworks, with the monochromatic sofa with
a little punch of color, again, brings it to life. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I like
it– the moments. ANTONY TODD: The
moments, yeah. Lots of moments. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I want
to see the moments. Can you show me around? ANTONY TODD: Sure, let’s
go for a walk. ERIKA STORM WASSER:
Let’s do it. So you also did the kitchen,
and this is probably the coolest refrigerator I’ve ever
seen in my entire life. It’s awesome. ANTONY TODD: It’s so big. Again, it’s seamless. You know, you’ve got this big
kitchen in this room, and it becomes seamless. It becomes part of the room,
rather than not part of the room, which is quite fun. So it’s a mix of the two. And it makes it more humble,
I think, and homely, rather than a kitchen. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Fun. ANTONY TODD: Study den. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Love. Love it. ANTONY TODD: I love this room. It’s really private
and really quiet. Lighting by a wonderful
company– Troy Lighting, so their
collection. And Ironies objects again and
Chuck Price and Dedar fabric. And it’s a really cozy
room in the house. It’s one of my favorite
places to be. So here were are in
the boy’s bedroom. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So
why the accent wall? ANTONY TODD: It’s sort of a big
room– but to give it a burst of color and a life. There’s that natural soft gray
in the background everywhere throughout the apartment. This gives this young man’s room
a feeling of energy and a feeling of style. And And then we balanced it with
this wonderful Dedar fabric on a Lee bed. And underneath it, this Merida
hand-woven jute carpet, which again, keeps it young,
keeps it vibrant, keeps it really friendly. ERIKA STORM WASSER: It’s
definitely fresh. So a question for you– usually when you see accent
walls, they’re just stuck on one wall. What is the purpose
of extending it to this side as well? ANTONY TODD: I think it
makes for a calmer balance to the room. You walk in, and you get that
wonderful teal corner. But then you turn around, and
you have the monochromatic on that side, which softens it. So I think it’s stronger. It’s warmer. So here we have the master
bedroom, big room anchoring the end of the house,
it just takes you in, but there’s not a ton of stuff. ANTONY TODD: Yeah, it’s a
very roomy, airy space. And this room doesn’t have so
much color because I would think it’s the most peaceful
place to get away. It’s more monochromatic– beige, off-whites, grays,
small touches of color. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So when
you’re designing a monochrome bedroom, what are the things
to keep in mind to keep it from being bland, but instead
being beautiful? ANTONY TODD: I would think make
sure you include some beautiful shapes in there. Here, there’s this rather
wonderful mirror. There’s the console,
[INAUDIBLE] lamps. I think as long as you keep some
sculpture in the room, it keeps it warm and interesting. ERIKA STORM WASSER: So if you
were to say that there were three key characteristics of
Antony Todd design that people could be inspired by,
who is Antony Todd? ANTONY TODD: I would say the
designs are friendly and passionate, and there is
that mix of modern and classic put together. And that there are moments of
color without too much color, but just moments of color
that bring it to life. ERIKA STORM WASSER: I hope you
guys are as inspired as I am, definitely, to bring some
moments of color into your own home. Remember, there are two other
designer apartments from Designer Visions. Definitely check them out
on SPACEStv Buy, guys. Love home and design? Make sure to subscribe
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21 thoughts on “Veranda Designer Visons by Antony Todd for Veranda – INspaces Video

  1. As one who really hates the black and white, especially the white, I am so glad to see the use of bold, not pastel, colors being used and not just for accent.

  2. yea thats a good point… im about to do my own apartment and I want to go bold… and I know its only paint but the commitment-phobe in me is going crazy

  3. This is is expecially true if you are painting yourself. A gallon of paint is only about 24 dollars. If you dont like the color change it. You might want to keep in mind what furrniture you are going to be putting in the room before you start. I love my dark green livingroom but picking out pieces is limited. Sample jars of paint at homedepot are only three dollars. You will need to cover the areas you tried after there is a paint called kilz a white primer that will cover any color.

  4. This is my second favorite home design feature next to 'Take Me Home' video Hot designer. WHY that? because people actually live there.

  5. Really nice segment! And someday I'll reconcile myself to the word 'monochromatic' being used to describe colorless compositions. It's actually correct… the meaning having come from the publishing industry, where one color – black – was the 'mono' in a printing job. But I so want to scream, "ACHROMATIC"! However, even more maddening is the fact that there apparently is no answer to the question, "Which is singular and which is plural: 'Candelabra' or 'Candelabrum'?"

  6. hah… well first thank you!! secondly, and this is not a scientific opinion just my own… I think the word Candelabra is something like moose…. singular and plural, both candelabra/candelabras.

  7. it would be awesome if you put how much it cost to do it n make it a challenge to see if other people out can do it for less #just a idea

  8. VERY livable!!! So often designers over design and nobody could actually live there, but this is just simply lovely and livable. Oh, and did I mentioned expensive πŸ˜‰

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