Video #60: Five Different Window Treatment Designs in One Room Claremont, CA

Video #60: Five Different Window Treatment Designs in One Room Claremont, CA

So we had an amazing start to the week on Monday.
We had a company meeting and I had a client that came in from Vegas and I was just sitting
with a client and suddenly the store gets filled up with customers. We had customers
from Vegas, from the bay area, we had customers from Glendale and web orders all at the same
time. But you want to know something? My team is
amazing! Amazing, amazing, amazing. So tell me what was it for you guys like?
Mallie: For me, I’m ususally in the background doing
the phone calls so it got so busy that I had to step on the floor.
And I’m learing a lot. It was amazing to have Darline come in after her lunch and save the
day. So I sold a few products and I’m really happy to have these people to back me up.
Darline: Yeah I’m glad to have been able to help you
Mallie. But yeah I was out on break and it got overwhelmed
here at the shop. I’m glad I came in and yeah it was a beautiful morning for me. I sold
a job from Florida. It was really great yeah. Steve:
Florida here we go! Anat:
And yeah it did get busy today. We helped everybody, we got great reviews and we’ll
get reviews on yelp. Customer service is excellent and we’re very proud.
Steve: Bring it in! Bring it in.
1, 2, 3 Galaxy Champions! Steve:
We’re going to head on out now to an installation that we were at yesterday. Template this job.
It’s going to turn out really really beautiful. See you guys! Bye!
Steve: Welcome to another episode of Galaxy Design
Innovative Design Series. We’re here in Claremont today. And we have our crew with us, this
beautiful home behind us here. We plan on doing several windows and we’re
going to have this house completely transformed today.
So follow us in, we’re going to go ahead and get started.
Steve: Good morning. Good morning sweetheart. How
are you? Don’t worry about anything. We’ll take care
of it all. So I’m in the living room now and my plan
is to dress up the whole living room, dining room area. There are five windows around us
that we’re working with today. The windows on my right are arch windows.
I’m planning on keeping the arch look and there’s a lot of sun that comes through these
windows, my plan is to keep the heat out as well as the sun and protect the furniture.
My plan is to just dress the place up and really give it that wow look. That’s my plan
for this job. This room has several windows all in a very
confined area. So I chose to go ahead and do different designs for different windows,
but all with the same fabrics. This works really well when you have a lot of windows
and you don’t want to have the same design over and over again. I have also chosen our
Leo crystal holdbacks. These crystals are some of the finest crystals that we offer.
It’s our light colorado topaz. And our client did not want too much crystal, but we wanted
to add a little dazzle into the room and so I chose these crystal holdbacks only to go
on the sides. Steve:
The job turned out really really stunning. I can say that this is one of our better jobs
that we have done. As far as the colors and the designs. The room has been transformed
even having five different windows in the room, we were able to do five different designs.
And they all work together. I’m very pleased with the way the job turned out. For those
of you who are interested in placing your order with us. You’re welcome to visit our
website or you can call us directly. We’ll gladly come over to your place and do all
the work for you. And just remember we dress windows, not cover them.

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