Video #65 | Galaxy Design | Dressing up a Day Care | Roman Leaf Venetian Combo

Video #65 | Galaxy Design | Dressing up a Day Care | Roman Leaf Venetian Combo

Steve: We’re here in Los Angeles this morning.
A client of ours happened to find us on the Youtube Channel. Came in to our showroom.
They’re a local client of ours in Downtown Los Angeles. They have a daycare and they
invited me to come in and give them some advice about how to dress up their windows. All they
have is just vertical blinds so I simply suggested for us to go ahead and just dress the windows.
By using some of our scarfs and using some of our combos. This is what we do best, which
is dressing windows. So I’m excited to show you how this is done, but you can do this
for yourself in your own home. So come on in lets go ahead and get started.
This is a typical vertical blind window treatment that we have in a lot of homes. On this particular
one, we’re planning of using our roman leaf combos that consist of our roman leafs with
our venetian crown. The way that we like to go ahead and get started is always start things
with where the verticals are so our first arm always gets mounted right at the end where
the verticals get started. And then we’re just going to go ahead and have our second
leg mounting to the ceiling. These come out of the box ready to go. There
are three pieces which consists of two scrolls and one of our venetian combos. They also
come with this scarf. It’s a do it yourself package. As you can see behind me, it only
put 5 minutes to put it up. That’s literally how long it took. I’m going to go ahead and
show you how to go about dressing them next. To swag these or to go ahead and dress these
is very simple. This usually takes two people to go ahead and do this.
One person holds the other end. And then all you have to do is grab the bottom
of the fabric. And work your way into the center. And we
don’t want to go up into too much of the center because this is going to become our tail.
In the center right here where its going to get scarfed up from the center of the crown.
So all I do is simply put it up. Putting a zip-lock around it and do not overtighten
the zip lock. This is going into the center and we’re going
to go ahead and dress up the other side. So on this side, since I already have that
mounted. All I’m going to do is just simply using the same technique, working my way up
here. And then I’m going to go ahead and rest this over the arms, across the top. Then I’m
going to come back through this tail and come back through the arms. Because I do have another
piece right here. I’m going to come back through the arms. And then go in back up again. And
then go through the center arm. Come back and dress it.
Once I’m done with that, I’m going to go ahead and do the finishing touches.
On this particular window treatment, we used our Roman Leaf venetian combo.
What’s unique about this particular combo is we simply swag through the scrolls rather
than away from it. It also allows you to have long tails on the side, it just simply dresses
the window rather than try to cover it with side panels.

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