Video Game Designer Creates A Level In Super Mario Maker 2

Video Game Designer Creates A Level In Super Mario Maker 2

having a very hot debate inside whether to make it simpler or just to play better hi my name is Roger and I am a computer teacher and video game designer being a video game designer it’s all about loving videogames and imagining yourself playing it and how you would want to spend three hours solving this puzzle or getting through this interesting level all inside of a character that you want to be the entire time I played Super Mario maker back when it first came out on the Wii U I feel like the opportunity to sit and actually be creative with the level without having to worry about the actual programming element of if it’s gonna work I think that’s the the best part is that you get to just be what I’ve sent creative and don’t have to worry about the logistics really let’s do it I’m ready to play [Music] we have the good old-fashioned old-school yeah 80s probably gonna go Super Mario World Super Nintendo so first things first yeah we’re gonna need somewhere to run to your thing I always play when you make a lot of changes so that weight off to keep going back and redoing five things you could have figured out that you made a mistake [Music] our floating realm is starting to form have had zero challenges so far oh I can change my character alright so now we got Luigi he’s a little longer something that’ll change stuff my favorite is when you have enemies that seem like they’re just here to harm you but in reality you need them I think my strategy is just going to be try to make it look as if you’re not gonna make it and giving you that tension and stress oh man this changes everything oh man I didn’t realize we could do a ghost house gonna make this a whole new level now [Music] first up is boom boom yeah alright we need to make this a boss battle I need to actually be good now we have a nice boss battle then we have a little weather theme going on a little more fun to get through is if you keep seeing these weird constant things coming back I also like the element of randomness it’s nice of things they’re uniform but when there’s just this element of things scattered about makes it just a little more uneasy think you’re safe ah just kidding Oh hurt the feet oh it’s another thing to worry about now as a player of the game when you’re thinking about the fact that you’re only seeing like a screen at a time what I want to do first is make these little pieces work individually that I’m just messing with here and then start to look at the bigger picture [Music] just gonna be yep perfect yeah I like that you think it’s something difficult and all you had to do is just walk [Music] maybe we needed Yoshi all along [Music] let’s see if I can get through that part [Music] yeah that’s gonna work out just great I [Music] should put a nice visit from the Bowser at the end mmm great I’m liking this a lot contains a lot of my favorite elements such as surprise la and absolute absurd randomness [Music] some levels are really straightforward in some games I’m really feeling very I’m sure of what is even going on at the beginning of this level and it almost feels a little bit glitch which is always fun too but it feels like a secret you should it be playing I’m enjoying my level of difficulty but it has to be at least playable some having a very hot debate inside whether to make it simpler or just to play better trying to decide if I’m having fun or not always the biggest question [Music] all right so I think I got my design down I’ve been testing might be time to submit oh yes I feel like this is a wonderful way to stoke creativity and a way to kind of use technology sort of differently than what you’d expect because you’re not just making calculations and you’re not banging on the table because your program just crashes you’re banging on the table because you’re having so much fun trying to play the level while also learning about how computers and how technology does work and you have to be able to realize the constraints of what you have but push it that’s that’s the whole goal [Music]

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  1. I have clicked on this video during a time frame that is similar to the original upload date. Therefore I am entitled to affirmation from my fellow peers

  2. Who else clicked fast asf For Buzz and barley Read the Title 🤣? XD

    👇🏼But Im subbìñģ to everyone who liķės and sùbśçribes to me!💯❤️

  3. As a young game designer (who struggles a bit in her project lol) i am not sure what to think about the um… Flood of obstacles in the level he created. but it seemed he had fun doing it so that's good

  4. Even though the level was really low quality for a freaking video game designer, I would still like to see dashie raging over it lol THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

  5. 8:02 is when he starts playing his level
    the rest of the video is basically him adding tons of random things, mentioning a million times that he likes random/glitch seeming things, and debating whether his own level is fun or not. you’re welcome

  6. Tobey Maguire plays Spider-Man 2?
    Tom Kenny plays Spongebob Squarepants Battle for the Bikini Bottom?
    Word Historian plays the Assassins Creed Series?
    Real Bus Driver plays Bus Simulator?
    The list goes on and on..

  7. He is a Game Designer, not a Level Designer. That's two different things. If you think you can make a good level with a great gameplay, game flow and perfectly balanced by yourself in just an hour you must be on crack. It takes a lot of time to even know where to start designing a level.

  8. As a fellow game designer I'm happy that he's able to enjoy MM2 as a game (most of us end up with a nasty work habit of analysing mechanics/level designs and end up forgetting to enjoy what we are playing) but… by MM2 standards this level is a royal mess. ; w ; ))))

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