VIDEO LIGHTING SETUP – Easiest Dramatic Lighting Technique For Beginners

VIDEO LIGHTING SETUP – Easiest Dramatic Lighting Technique For Beginners

– Look, lighting is the biggest factor when it comes to capturing
great looking video. But if you’re a beginner, it can feel downright intimidating. In this video, I’m going
share with you the absolute easiest lighting technique
for getting that dramatic look, even if you’re just starting out. Well hey there, I’m Brady
Shearer from, a cinematic stock footage
site that gives you access to unlimited video downloads
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if you like this video, make sure you hit the like button as well. I think we can all agree
that proper lighting is a key element to a great video. But, lighting can also feel
incredibly complicated. When I think about big
productions with an entire team of people dedicated
to executing the perfect lighting setup, I mean, it
scares me just thinking about it. But here’s the kicker,
lighting doesn’t need to be this intimidating. And I want to show you a
simple dramatic lighting technique using just a single
light to prove this point. What you’re seeing right now, is a scene we shot using this
simple lighting technique. And to pull the curtain back
a bit more to reveal what’s happening here, here’s a
photo of our full setup and as you can see, aside from
the candle which is only there for decorative purposes, we’re only operating with a
single light in this setup. A single overhead light. And that’s the simple
dramatic lighting setup that I want to breakdown for you. A single overhead light. Nothing more, nothing less. It gets better, because in this example, we’re not even using a video light, this is an actual light in our office. So we didn’t even spend
money buying a light, we just used what was
already hanging from the ceiling available to us. Of course, if you want more flexibility, you can use a video light. And in that case, I recommend
the Westcott FLEX Light. The one I’m holding in this
picture is the 1X1 Bi-Color Westcott FLEX LED Light, and
while the FLEX Light is my go-to LED light for
pretty much everything, it’s particularly useful in
the single overhead light setup that we’re showing
you here, because, as the name suggests, the FLEX Light is ultra-flexible, literally. You can bend it, you can shape, you can stick it into cramped spaces. Here are another couple of
scenes we shot using this identical overhead lighting setup, but instead of an existing
light in our office, we used the Westcott FLEX
Light in our video studio. This gave us a bit more
control over the look that we wanted, but at the end of the day, the lighting setup was identical. Now, you might be wondering,
what makes this single overhead lighting setup so dramatic? Simply put, dramatic lighting
is purposefully uneven. If you want even, uniform lighting, that will give you a more polished look, you generally will need to
use more than one light and that’s where something
like three-point lighting comes into play. Because with just a single light, you’re going to have great
difficulty evenly lighting your subject. But in our case, when we’re
trying to achieve a dramatic look, that’s perfect. Uneven lighting creates contrast. And contrast is the key to drama. In fact, the greater the
contrast in your image, generally, the greater the drama. Simple as that. By now, I hope you have a
solid understanding of this outrageously simple, and yet, highly powerful dramatic
lighting technique. And even if you’re a beginniner, you can begin using this
lighting setup right away. Want to know the best part though? Well, if you liked the look
of the clips we used as examples in this video,
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every single video clip you saw in this lighting tutorial. Thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in another one.

37 thoughts on “VIDEO LIGHTING SETUP – Easiest Dramatic Lighting Technique For Beginners

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  9. Hi, thanks for the very informative video. I have a question. Whenever I use one light source for dramatic lighting, the dark areas always gather grains which looks very bad in the final film. How to avoid that? Thanks in advance.

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