Video Lighting Tutorial

Video Lighting Tutorial

So in this video I have a few technics on
how to light your videos On any budget coming up
Hey whats up guys Sean here with video Influencers helping you build your influence and your
income with online video And we recently just send a survey out we
heard so many good responses from everybody And one of the big questions is how can I
light my videos well and specially if I’m on a budget
So I wanted to shoot this videos which is some stuff you can do for free around the
house or garage And also a few good paid options to bring
up the lighting level in your video And specifically we are going to be shooting
this you might notice the camera quality is a little bit different
On an Iphone 6s plus and the reason is that it has a good camera but the camera is
pretty average and specially needs a pretty good light its not good like this DSLR
over here that can look awesome in low light situations
but it requires some light it kinda maybe levels the plain field for cameras and if
you are brand new to Video Influencers thanks
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crush it with online video and any time during this video also check out the show
notes in the YouTube description bellow I put extra resources links and anything I
forgot down there, let’s get into the video So lighting Technic number one is pretty well
known but it’s a great way to light your videos for free
and that’s using day light and a window let’s check it out
so one of my favorite options to shoot with it’s just a window light
and this is pretty well known but maybe you’ve never tried this before
and this is a great way to make your videos look awesome so as you can see in this
angle I got the window completely open here and it is illuminating really nice
one of the other nice things about it is gives kinda like a nice fall off
like the background is going to be a little bit darker that you being right by the window
because of it just being the room light and it also is good for people that want to have
good skin tones and things like that but the challenge is you definitely have to shoot
during the day to utilize the window light ok here is another example of window light
now its already getting kinda later into the day the sun is sort of setting but you can
still see that this makes for kinda of a nice soft
lighting and we are getting the lighting off the window and always just having your
camera back against the window pointing at you and then being kind of as close to the
window as possible the other thing that you can do with a front window light setting
is add a what’s called a back light and so I’ll talk about this lights later on in the
video but I just added an LED light to kind of add
a little bit of dimension between me and the foreground and the background now the next
tip will be to just use lamps that you have around the house and so right now I have like
this Walmart three lamp I clip another desk lamp on top of it and then that’s a desk
lamp and that makes for kinda of a good lighting solution with just what you have
sitting around Now one tip and the lighting principle to
know is that lights are measure by what’s called
Kelvin and that’s usually a one thousands number measuring a kind of like Amber more
orange indoor light to daylight which is higher in the Kelvin rating which is in 6000
7000 range and whenever you find a light bulb in the store it will have a Kelvin rating
So I like this cool white bulbs that I got at amazon and these happen to be 4100 kelvin
and the key here is that I make sure that all the bulbs are the same so that in one
sense it it doesn’t really matter what the color of
temperature your bulbs are but if you want to
make sure your lighting looks good don’t mix kelvin temperatures so just make sure
that all the bulbs are the same and that is gonna make your videos look a lot better and then the third option will be to invest
in some cheaper lights and in this scenario I’ve
got a couple of my favorites LED lights their this little portable Neewer I think that’s
how you say it lights and I actually did a video on them I’ll link it up on the YouTube
cards on the screen but one of the big challenges
with any lighting is shadows and so our thinking even on this set is to try to eliminate them
as much as possible we brought me away from the background ’cause
if you were sitting directly against the couch that’s maybe why you are trying to do
cross lighting and you have shadows right on the
the wall so if you could put yourself off from the background then the shadows can start
hitting the ground and raise your lights up then the shadows
can hit the ground and kind of be eliminated behind you if that makes sense but it’s something
I just tweak with because this lights are you know pretty harsh they’re very direct
but these are great lights and I think there’s lights like 25 bucks and then the
light stand I think you can get two for 20 bucks or something light that so I’ll link
up details to those but investing Some money in lights can definitely be worth
your while the other ones To check out are LimoStudio’s and those are
gonna be softer they are going to be better for skin tones but they are going to be like
larger soft boxes so those are like number one best selling on Amazon and so can invest
in some like pretty super cheap and affordable lights that are going to look awesome
you definitely check out those but the tips here is we went to we are rearranging
these and pulling me off the background and composing the shoot to kinda
had the bookshelf and like kinda like a rule of thirds all to eliminate
shadows and then use these Neewer light and then one other thing is that on this setting
right here all these we’ve got these ceiling lights and those are actually dim
to about 50 percent so our goal here was to make the background lit but a
little bit darker and then focus on me as the subject the other thing that we did is
these light comes with different inserts and you’ve got the natural kind of a cooler temperature
light the lights that I had on all those bulbs in my office but these ceiling ones
are all kinda warm normal standard house temperature lights so we did the orange insert
to light this scenario as best as possible so I hope these tips help you figure out some
creative no matter what your budget is question of the day what are you currently
using to light your videos ? let’s connect down in the comments I would
love to hear from you any other feedback that you have or video ideas
So thanks so much for checking out this video make sure to check out show notes and
Links and any bonus videos and anything I talked about in this video in the YouTube
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just helping you crush it with video overall also we shoot this video with Iphone 6s plus
using a iOgrapher which was super fun we are just kinda trying it out today so I’ll link
a video to just a full review as well if you are interested in checking that out
thanks again for checking out this video keep crushing it keep smashing it
and we will talk soon so in this video I just want to share there’s
literally fireworks there is seriously fireworks

100 thoughts on “Video Lighting Tutorial

  1. Always appreciate your practical information. I've been “thinking” and ”praying” about starting my YouTube channel for months… and now it is time to get with it!!!

  2. i have a Nikon d5100besides a heavy left crop with light color photo's due to fungus
    I love my camera
    great video

  3. We are still figuring out exactly the lighting to make our own content, thanks for the tutorial. Bought the Newer Light.

  4. I Face To Window With 60 degrees angel and i use another paper in the other side to fade out the Shadows

  5. eyy I'm considering to buy new recessed light recently. Can u test LED lights of JC Lighting and compare them? My friend said the quality is awesome. I wanna know details. XD plzzz

  6. Thanks for the tips. I'm currently using window lighting, but it does limit when I can shoot. I'm looking for inexpensive lights for my music room to shoot my lesson videos on darker days or in the evenings.

  7. I have filmed several short videos with Canon 600D at night. The room was lit with a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. The quality was just horrible: everything looked so orange, dull and full of „noise“! What to do?

  8. Thank you. I have a photo Studio 3 piece kit. I have a question. I was filming a cooking show in a U shaped kitchen for the first time with my new lighting. The lights reflected into the kitchen cabinets. I turned them sideways they still came into the shots. We did manage to put one outside to shine through the window. Any suggestions Sean?

  9. Thanks for the intro to lighting. It was very helpful, specially the part about Kelvin grades for light bulbs and color temperatures.

  10. I'm using a lamp light with the lamp shade removed for streaming at the moment. Otherwise I try to use sunlight and record videos in the daytime with the window.

  11. I currently use lamps with mine. And in my videos i look like a zombie. Yeap, So time for new lights!! Thanks so much!!

  12. Awesome. I am about to create my Youtube channel, and this is so helpful. I have watched a LOT of your content, and I am thankful for it. You are crushing it.

  13. Great suggestions. I've been working on my lighting, and one thing you don't seem to mention is the color of the room. Your couches are white, your walls are all light colors. I have a stained wood wall, black shelves and only two bulbs in the room. I've upgraded to led floodlights with bulb splitters (allows for two bulbs in each socket) and that has helped. I tried a halogen lamp, like you get from the hardware store, but it's just too much really no matter what you do. I am going to try one of those cheaper kits off amazon with the 'umbrellas' and hope for the best.

  14. Thanks for the lighting tips! I was using natural light but given the size of the room was forced to record where I had a heavy shadow. A 5000K lightbulb saved the day. Thanks for the hundreds of useful videos you have made…or are you in the thousands yet? 🙂

  15. Today I took a microphone stand, a 20 watt led outdoor floodlight and a blank artists canvas to make a defused light. The cost was £2 as I already had the mic stand and the floodlight plus the timber and plastic pipe I found in the shed. Along with the techniques you discuss I think this setup will be very useful, thank you.

  16. I’m so poor I use a fucking flashlight on my makeup account if u wanna check it out it’s call Bella beauty simple makeup tutorial

  17. I use natural lighting as of right now but am definitely going to invest in some lighting so that I can film at night since nights are better for me!

  18. I use LED bulbs. I did one set up that is helping me a bit. It's cheapest way possible. I build a cardboard set up and foiled it up with aluminium paper wrap, covered with a tracing paper to filter lights and got a lighting stand from amazon for 9 USD. So the total cost of lighting is around 15 USD only. Here anyone can see a sample but I know it's not very good. Your tips are great. I need to stand a bit away from the wall next time. Will update my setup.

  19. I use a green screen for my videos because my current room is boring, what image can I use to replace my background to make me look like I am in a more natural setting in my videos? Would some sort of back lighting help?

  20. just wondering i never heard you stutter, what happend 5:58. By the way i love it that you left it in video didnt cut it out 🙂

  21. Such a great channel. Really wanting to get some good lighting now, so gonna take your advice and get the neewer lighting

  22. I've started using a random lamp for some lighting on my face and it's been working pretty well. Thanks for the tips. I see some Gary V in your hand movements and words 😛 (not a bad thing though)

  23. I'm about to film my first 30 second commercial. I'm going to be using an iPhone XS Max. not sure what I'm going to be using for lighting since the camera is amazing in any lighting. any tips from anyone would be awesome.

  24. I use clamp lights from Wal-Mart. For a light filter i use a big coffee filter i got from Denny's. Works great. Cost 12.00 each. Plus some charm to get the filters from the girls at Denny's.

  25. Right now I have a $0 budget, so I've had to be creative. I use natural lighting – though that sometimes poses problems with reflections on my glasses. So we mute the lighting with sheer drapes or white sheets. I also use my winter therapy light, though we have to watch out for shadows. Thanks for the great tips – especially the one about making sure all the lights are on the same kelvin level.

  26. Have only used a couple times, but I got some good lighting from a clamp on heat lamp you use for a reptile cage with a nice blue daylight led light bulb. To diffuse it I used an old white tshirt draped over it and pulled tight with a clothespin. LOL I'll come back and edit this with a link to a video with this set up. 😀 FF to about 6 minutes in. The audio really sucks but the lighting is ok.

  27. Thank you for all your videos. Helped me a lot in choosing lights for my home studio, for my solo recordings. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  28. ** Count how many times you say "kind of" and/or "sort of". Notice how it makes no sense to "kind of" and/or "sort of" these things. Either you did it or you didn’t. Either it is or it isn’t. ***

  29. I use Ulanzi 96 Micro LED I bought from Amazon at $19. It comes with a rechargeable battery and you can alao use 4 AA batters alternative. I love how you can control the intensity of the light 😀

  30. I need light for a dark lit room…I'm filming in my basement no windows so no natural light and I have (1) 1350 watt softlight. I dont want the light directly in my eyes…full length video of subjects interview style.

  31. Hi,great vid..need your advice please, i plan to do YouTube guitar covers using a c920 webcam,i know there are just SO many lighting options but for the sake of simplicity what would be one item you recommend first for immediate results,cheers!

  32. I've been wanting to create a vlog/channel/etc. Not sure what yet, though I have a few ideas. So while surfing around for ideas of the "know-how" to even THINK about getting started, I stumbled across your channel. So many things that seem like a "no-duh! Why didn't I think of that??", I subscribed for sure.

  33. My room is dark, I mean light comes from left side but already dark, So I need to buy a natural light for my drawing record for youtube…My camera or phone must be attached to light..I saw a Ringlight..Is it god for me? or which do you recommend me?..

  34. I've been struggling with lighting but after watching this video,I've got so many ideas that I can't wait to continue my YouTube channel, thanks alot.

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