Vikram Aditya’s LIFE IS AN ART – Be The Perfect Architect | My First Book | Vikram Aditya | EP#119

Vikram Aditya’s LIFE IS AN ART – Be The Perfect Architect | My First Book | Vikram Aditya | EP#119

Hi, friends. The persons who follow me
regularly, might know this. February 19 is my birthday.
Which is today. Actually, I don’t like
to celebrate birthdays. But, on the name of party, we can spend
more time with friends and family. We can assemble everyone. I like that very much. So, I eat a lot today, spend time
with friends and family and sleep happily. Today no work. Holiday to everything. Okay! Coming to the point, I started to write a book even before
starting Nanditha Vasudev movie. Due to my job, I got very less free time, so it took one year to finish the book. This book contains 19 chapters in
300 pages including the preface. I finished the complete book. Typing has finished. Proof reading is also done. I got 1000 copies printed too. The book name is
Vikram Aditya’s Life is an Art. Be the perfect Architect. Which means, Life is an Art. I kept this name to mean that you should
become an expert to build your life perfectly. In this book, I selected some
important qualities to lead our life, and that too, those which
no one would teach us. For example, chapter names of my book are, Live with passion. I wrote how to convert our passion as money. Like, my passion is creating videos. The way I am able to generate
income through them, similarly how you can earn money through
your favorite hobby is written in it. The second one is, overcome procrastination. Our life time enemy is laziness. I told how to overcome that in it. Concentration and expert learning. How to fix our concentration on a thing,
how to learn new things is what i wrote. Confidence,
how to increase self confidence? Art of communication,
how to become as an influenced speaker? Art of saying no. The biggest problem to some people is, shyness Overcoming that and
how to say no by not hurting them? Art of winning an argument. How to win an argument or
a debate with words? Art of handling insults. If anyone insults us,
how to handle that insult? Types of thinking. In which way should we think? In how many ways we can think? Personal analysis,
how to know ourselves completely? How to overcome addiction?
How can we leave our bad habits? Art of time management.
How can we use our time in a perfect way? Art of earning money.
In how many ways.. can we earn money? Things they don’t teach in school. I told so many things which
they never teach in the schools. This is one of my favorite chapter. And, emotional intelligence. Focus and memory,
effective habits to follow for life time. Like this, 19 chapters are there. Total 300 pages. I will tell you one thing confidently. You will observe many positive changes
in a person who read this book. If you ask
why should I read this book?, Things that are not told to you by
your parents, teachers, friends or our society. I have written in this book. If you want my book “Life is an Art”, call on the numbers visible
on the screen. I have started pre booking from today. Official release will be on March 1st. The book will be delivered
to your home by March 3 or March 4. Cost is very affordable. If you buy three books at a time as a
combo, you will get a discount of Rs.200 Why do you need to buy three books is, One is for you. And, the remaining two books are for your family
or friends whose life needs to be better. Gift this book to them. No gift is better than
a good book. We might gift our children, or brothers, sisters, father or uncle, there are many useful things in this book
which are beneficial to all age groups. More importantly, this book may
change the life of the students. If you buy my book and study,
and it leads to your growth, there is no birthday gift
bigger than that to me. I will feel this as my birthday gift. Added to it, this would be very
supportive to my channel. I am giving 8 pages i.e,
4, 4 pages from 2 chapters for free. The two chapters are there
in the description below. 1. Live with passion
2. Things they don’t teach in school. You will understand the standards of
this book if you read those 2 chapters. To the persons who order this book today, I will send a book personally
which contains my autograph. I wrote this book for self help. Which means,
how should we develop ourselves? But, my next book will be
on the philosophy of life. I will write the next book only
if this book get successful, In my book “Life is an Art”,
the language is very professional. And, I didn’t write it in
international English. I wrote it in our Indian English. You will definitely love my book. So, definitely take this book. call on the numbers which are visible
on the screen. And, do support me. My next video is a motivational video named
‘Don’t kill time.’ I will release that in the next 2 days.
Don’t miss it. I am thinking ‘You always support me’, Keep smiling. This is Vikram Aditya. Signing off, bye.

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  1. Hi VA guru belated Happy birthday day to you… You are also like my guru bcoz I learnt lot of things from you… But I am not able to apply all things in my life … So I am changing my self gradually… Definitely your book will help me I will buy surely when you release Telugu version.. And I follow your words and already changed some things but one day will come I change completely better position then now… That day I will meet you and I will explain you how my life changed bcoz of you VA guru . .

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  3. Thank u mr vikram aditya. i think i was using my time effectively in my way .even i have a slight sorrow on utilising my time i need ur book to relieve my sorrow

  4. తక్కువ రోజుల్లో ఇంగ్లీష్ ఎలా నేర్చుకోవాలి..చెప్పండి ప్లీస్🙏

  5. No need to check the standard of your book brother…I am looking forward and excited to read "LIFE IS AN ART"

  6. Bhayya book rasavu, release chesavu antha bane undi Gani, nala Telugu chadive valla kosam ee book Ni Telugu lo translate chesi release cheyi, andarooo English chadavaleru, but me videos regular ga fallow autharu so Telugu version kuda cheste better

  7. తెలుగులో రాయి . తప్పకుండా తెలుగు పాఠకులకు ఇంకా దగ్గర అవుతావు. ఇంగ్లిష్ బుక్స్ ను తెలుగులో చదువుతు న్న వాళ్లు తెలుగులో కోకొల్లలు. దాయచేసి మా కోసం తెలుగు అనువాదం చేయ్యగలరా

  8. First of all hats off to ur parents Aditya garu intha gud person ni e world ki parichayam chesinanduku 😊 really nice

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  10. Order my Telugu book in AMAZON: VikramAditya's జీవించడం ఒక కళ:
    Or call: – 7032875554 , 9052783437

  11. Happy birthday..😁💟🍰🎂🍭🍬
    U r vdos r excellent..I get knowledge by seeing these..

  12. Anna
    naku ne book kavali anna english version
    plz dani medha ne sign pete evu anna plz
    really i m big fan of u
    eni roju exams valla ne book order cheyaleka poyanu

  13. That's great once again many more happy birthday to you and my birthday. Also same month February 7 day l am want to talk that book

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