Vintage Home Decor Tips | Interior Design

Vintage Home Decor Tips | Interior Design

So I love vintage pieces, especially in home
decor, why? Because you can pretty much get away with
anything and it’s really inexpensive. I mean your sources include everything from
garage sales and antique stores and warehouses, and even the newer furniture companies that
you can buy things from still make it feel vintage. But I love when pieces have personality and
they have history to them. I love when you can look at an armchair and
say, “You know what? I found that at a garage sale in San Francisco”
or “I was walking home and that alley had that great table.” Just make sure that it’s kind of worn and
it’s eclectic. So you don’t always have to stay with the
same scale and you don’t always have to stay with the same wood tone. So it’s fine if you mix a mahogany with a
burl or a walnut. That’s what makes things, and your furniture,
feel more vintage. Always remember too, that you can add a great
throw, if a chair has a little bit of a worn out arm. It’s not about being perfect and it’s not
about everything looking like you just got it out of the store. It’s making a space feel warm and eclectic
and vintage has a great way of adding that flair. One of my favorite genres right now is that
mid-century modern that you find from the ’60s and ’70s. It’s really big and now the things that you
used to find at garage sales are at antique stores, and it’s real expensive now. But you can still find those great pieces,
and remember, one great vintage piece is sometimes more unique and better than a whole roomful.

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  1. no one else was watching this because is none sense and silly, bla bla bla…that's it. i almost slept watching it, I could not find the sense of it.

  2. She keeps saying "really inexpensive" in all these videos. I do not think those words mean the same thing for her that they mean for an average family.

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