Visiting R.L. Stine: an Apartment Meant to Give You ‘Goosebumps’

Visiting R.L. Stine: an Apartment Meant to Give You ‘Goosebumps’

I’m R.L. Stine and I write
the “Goosebumps” books. Well, I spend a lot of time in this room.
This is sort of my shrine to myself. I try to have a lot of atmosphere
in my office in case kids come to visit. As you can see I have a
three-foot-long cockroach. You don’t see that very often
in too many offices. I tell everyone that I caught it under
the sink, but no one’s believed me so far. We moved every room in the apartment
to make room for the pool table, and I was so excited
to have my own pool table. And I turned out to be horrible at it. I’m just terrible. I guess I just don’t get the
geometry. A designer who
saw a picture frame that was made with marbles
like these shutters, and she had the idea,
she said, “Oh, look at the picture frame, those would make great shutters.” We had those made
with the marbles in it, and it’s really quite remarkable.
It’s lovely when the sun comes through. And you can see I have two
ventriloquist dummies. So, of course, Slappy the evil dummy
is my most popular character. And the other one looks just like
me. How weird is that?

25 thoughts on “Visiting R.L. Stine: an Apartment Meant to Give You ‘Goosebumps’

  1. Please support 9-year old author from Nashville, TN Olivia M. Sherry. Her new book "The Girl in the Swing" releases this week! Her previous book "Her Nightmare" has been recommended by both R.L. Stine (Goosebumps) and Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid).
    Thank you young writers and readers!!

  2. You know that r.l Stine dummy? That was from an episode on goosebumps called night of the living dummy 3

  3. Does r.l.stines venqilatist dummy have a hole in the back or does he's dummy's have a small rope at the back of the neck reply please

  4. I love this man so much he's inspired me since 3rd grade and in my opinion he is a legendary author I'm in love with his books and old TV show

  5. hey, The New York Times tell R.L. Sline that I'm making a series called Goosebumps 2! 😉
    (P.S: I got the idea from the words Goosebumps 2)

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