17 thoughts on “VLOG – Excited for HOME DECOR!

  1. I enjoy the short vlogs. Easier to watch in between doing jobs but like the poster below would prefer more frequent posts.

  2. Yes! Kombutcha love it so much! You need to try the new ginger berry flavour Remedy just brought out.

    Fan of all your vlogs missed them in the time you guys have been busy.

  3. I missed the name of the book shop you went to. Can you please provide some details. Love your blogs guys!

  4. Love your vlogs! Would prefer longer vlogs but short vlogs are better than no vlogs.

    The house is looking really great! Where did you get your coffee table from?

  5. I just love it – you don’t judge a book by its cover but you buy them because of it 😉 … seriously I’m loving all the content – you and Phil are just awesome 💕

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