Volvo Trucks – UK Driver Wayne Connelly shows his Terminator truck – “Welcome to my cab”

Volvo Trucks – UK Driver Wayne Connelly shows his Terminator truck – “Welcome to my cab”

Hi. My name is Wayne.
Welcome to my cab – The Terminator. People are just shocked. A lot of
people don’t see custom trucks. They just don’t understand…
“Wow, what’s that?” We’ve got our DVD player in here,
so we can watch The Terminator. Stars, we’ve got stars.
Romantic stars. Nice, fancy red curtains with all the
little white, frilly bits. Very nice. We’ve got a nice 10-inch subwoofer
in there, which will rattle the wagon. Here we’ve got our company logo. We’ve adopted this from the Harley-
Davidson sign. Hope he doesn’t sue us. Custom white leather interior with
our J. Davidson crest there. Stunning. Sorry, I found some dust. You get a bit obsessive about dirt
because it’s white. You go mad
and clean every time you stop. Air freshener. The cleaning cupboard. The rags
should last about a week. More polish. White interior – very bad idea.
But it’s worth it. People look at it, talk to you about it
and are amazed. It’s done its job. Another idea? I don’t think I’d like to do
another one. This is mine. It’s like when people make films
and do that sort of thing. The first one is always the best. Hasta la vista, baby!

100 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – UK Driver Wayne Connelly shows his Terminator truck – “Welcome to my cab”

  1. Wonder how long he'd last in the oil patch here in Alberta with that?? Nice truck but not for every one I guess.. to each his own

  2. How on earth can you keep that clean on scrap work ? or any other work tbh.. you must spend more time cleaning than hauling.

  3. Nothing nice about a conventional Volvo either, I've had two and they are awful machines and plagued with problems..

  4. @cbr416 quite funny u say that volvo is under powered lol, have u seen the spec of your shitty american truck? only 425HP and double the weight of the volvo, the volvo comes with atleast 540 horses up to 750 horses and half the weight of the peterbilt. so really don't udesratnd what are u taling here so i think you should just stay in your little hillbilly village and drive your shitty trucks

  5. @bmwfanz Scrap work as in he hauls scrap. Summat I done for over 15 years & know damn well is dirty work. A white interior is something I would not even concider.

  6. european "lorries" are shit in comparison to real american trucks.pimpin them up it's waste of money….

  7. Whats your problem? my comment was that his truck is nce but I didnt think he'd want to run the oil patch here??? never said a word bout engines or hp?? maybe need to cut back on what ever it is you are smoking chum…

  8. Over power!!! Don't need all that for scrap so go learn about trucks before u comment some heavy haulage are only 480z and 560z and there pulling 130t trains up hills with no prob!!!

  9. He sounds like Bruce Wayne's butler and his name is Wayne. :O I'm probably the only one that came up with that relation.. Hahaha

  10. Coming from a little chubby 12 year old sitting on a computer. This guy is making money, WHILE having an awesome truck. I don't think you should call someone who clearly has a life, lifeless.

  11. would i be right in saying that i think i saw this truck on the final episode of the first series of "Eddie Stobart Trucks And Trailers" when they were at truck fest

  12. i feel that the truck… is too garish. good to be a showpiece in motor shows, but as a daily driver… too flashy.

  13. American trucks are fucking twice as expensive, and you say pimping them up is a waste of money… Get back to your shit-truck, fatass.

  14. thats what i call…awesome and+ i think that was at de end of eddie stobart trucks & trailers series one

  15. Your trucks are shit! Why all this insulting. Your trucks are old fashioned, and has way less power than most european trucks. But they look really cool. But I prefer the european trucks.

  16. Well, you may have a is in the eye of the beholder. I like many Ameri trucks, but I like European trucks more…

  17. Terminator 2 is better than the first one i think. One of the very very few sequels that is better than the first movie… Only other one that comes to mind MIGHT be Back to the Future 2.

  18. I don't care about his accent. This guy is an AMERICAN. Only an American cares this much about his truck. This dude rocks.

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  20. Nice truck.  I would rather work for my firm, where we get bog-standard day cabs with NO luxury extras (although the latest fleet do have night heaters and air-con) but instead of bling bling we walk home each night with extra ca-ching ca-ching 😀  (In other words, we get paid a half decent wage, rather than paid peanuts but at least drive a nice truck).  Just saying 🙂

  21. That is an amazing truck love the paintwork I bet its a full time job keeping it clean looks great!

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