VW CC OEM Interior LED Light Kit Installation DIY (How to install)

VW CC OEM Interior LED Light Kit Installation DIY (How to install)

VW CC OEM Interior LED Kit Installation DIY
(How to) (00:05-9:13)
How are you doing? Im Paul from Deutsche Auto Parts. Today well going to be installing LED
interior lights on a Volkswagen CC 2013. These lights are the Volkswagen OEM version that
they offer. They are made by Philips and theyre setup already with resistors inside to make
sure that you dont have any bulb monitoring error lights that come on after installing
them like many after-market versions. (0:29-0:38 before and after pictures)
The tools required to install this LED in this vehicle are, a Volkswagen trim removal
tool also sometimes called the bone tool, a small flat head pocket screwdriver, and
a T20 torx screwdriver. When we start install we want to start by
turning off the lights so the heat doesnt become a problem with the bulbs. When starting
the install, you have to start this trimmed panel right here comes off. You can try to
put a bone trim tool in here. Usually this section is too small to gap for you to get
in there so we are going to start with our pocket screwdriver just get it in there, ever
so slightly, work it in. get underneath the trim then get our bone trim tool in there
and pop it out until theres just a couple clips that snaps it in and then it will swing
down. From there, there are two t20 torx screws, theres one here and also one here. We remove
those and then this entire trim piece pulls down.
Youre going to be a little careful because they are all connected because theyre holding
it on so you going to pull it and release it from the tub that holds on. So here were looking at the backside of the
dome like assembly at the front. Here are the two bolts that we are replacing. All there
is twist out, so turn counter clockwise and you can remove it and you do that with the
other one. So these are the two bolts we just removed
from the dome like assembly. Theyre just pin out bulb that pop right out. We can remove
them and slide this blade style back in there. And now were all set to reinstall.
And now were set to reinstall the LED bolt and the socket back into the dome like assembly,
just keep in mind these are polarized bolts they have a specific direction they have to
be in. if you install them and they dont turn on, all of these to happen remove it turn
180 degrees and reinstall it and you’ll have the correct direction for them to turn on.
Then we go in, just install them and turn clockwise to install. Crack them in place
turn clockwise to install. Now were ready to put this back up but before we do so we
can go ahead and test them. Okay, we’ve now reinstall both bulbs in this
dome like assembly. We do what to double check just turn it back on, verify both your lights
turn on and none of them need to be turn around. And now were all set to install in and we
can turn it back off. Okay, so now we’re going to reinstall the
dome like assembly if we get these connectors out of our way. Slide this in place and then
we’re going to snap the rest of it up. Once we get it snap that will not going to stay
there because we do need to reinstall the torx screws that we already removed. Once
we reinstall these torx screws everything in this dome like assembly should be pre tight
and we just flip that up, snap that in place and we’re all done with the center console.
Just one more time, to verify this, double check if the lights do work.
Now we’re going to be removing the driver side visor light. The passenger side visor
light will remove the same way you just go to the outer edge pop behind it and kinda
pull down. They have a metal spring clip that to holds it in right here that all you going
to do is to push side to release it. You pull that down. You going to spin that expose the
light here. You just snap the light pop it out like that. Now we get to our new bulb
it’s the LEDs with the white background on them, they’re white registers they pop in
the same way and you want to make sure that the white portion is facing backwards so that
obviously the light comes out in front and we do want to double check these as well because
we will have to reverse them if they don’t work. After they’re installed so we can just
open the visor real quick, we see it does turned on. Now we can reinstall it. And you’ll
do the same thing on the passenger side of the vehicle. Alright now we’re going to install the rear
LEDs we have to remove this trim panel all you do is pull your fingers behind it and
pop it down, pop it down. It’s really easy; it got these mounting tubs on it in each corner.
Now we’re going to remove the bulbs, they just pull straight out; they’re pin out bulbs
like the front ones. They just have pins on them and they just pull straight out. Now
we get our three LEDs and just push them in. Again, you should test them to verify that
they work. It doesn’t matter which direction they’re facing. So we all want to verify that
and clearly only one of them works. So turn it off. Turn it 180 degrees push them back
in. okay now we’ve rotate them all, all three of them are working now so we’ll go ahead
and reinstall the trim panel. It’s pretty simple to reinstall just line up with the
two buttons and push it back on. And we’re all done installing rears. Now we have our final light. The rear trunk
light and this one will remove much like the visor light, you pop in your trim tool and
it will slide out like so, you want to go ahead and unplug it to get and turn the lights
off. Okay, once you remove the light and unplug it all you do is to pop the bulb out. You
can do so by applying some pressure to the edges and it will pop right out. To install
the new one, you just pop it back in. Alright, now once you got this installed make sure
that you have the blue portion of the bulb facing backwards and the lit portion facing
forwards. You will again want to plug it in just to double check that it does actually
indeed light up. Oh it does so therefore you just slide it back in and pop it in place.
Make sure that the rear bulb is going to be the one with blue back. If you’re installing
this one first and you try to use the white bulb in here it will not work.

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