Walk around in a 3D splendid house from the ancient Pompeii

Walk around in a 3D splendid house from the ancient Pompeii

We will now enter one of the houses in Pompeii
before the volcanic outbreak 2000 years ago. It is the house of Caecilius Iucundus , one
of the rich men in Pompeii. In the morning the big entrance room must have
contained many dependent people coming around to salute the owner and also Iucundus business companions. In the afternoon the room must have changed
character, with weaving women and a lot of householdwork going on. The light conditions changed throughout the
day, the daylight flowing in from the upper part of the room, together with rainwater
that was collected here. And in the night – only oil lamps. This is Iucundus himself and this is his moneychest. He was certainly a rich man, athough he didn’t
belong to the uppermost elite of the town. This is the house altar very lavishly decorated
and reminiscent of an earthquake seventeen years before the volcanic eruption year 79
AD. Look at the cleverly built lightintake here. This is what allowed people to work here during
daytime. This is the working room of the family father. It is called the tabularium and this is why
we placed a table here to mark the case. It is the most beautifully decorated room
in the house to mark the status of the owner. When we return to the paintings as they are
today you can see that the big mythological paintings have been removed to museums. And this is also true in the banquet hall,
somewhat further inside the house. This is where Iucundus received his guests
in the evening. There were a restricted number of guests in
this room and in Roman banquets in general, less than 10 persons. In the garden rooms Iucundus could relax in the afternoon in nice conditions with a view of the play fountain. We must believe that there were slaves everywhere
and lots of house people. This was not a house for one small family
but for a large extended one.

49 thoughts on “Walk around in a 3D splendid house from the ancient Pompeii

  1. What monkey rendered and uploaded this, I would make it look a hundred times better in 3ds max, and I'm not even really good with the programm

  2. I would like to give the university a suggestion. I don't care if I will get an answer or not. Nobody from academic world has ever had the idea of hiring a Professional game studio to make historic 3d models. I'm aware it could be quite expensive but who knows. I'm 100 percent sure they are the top qualified among entire world for such a task, that is using the most recent technology at its fullest potential possible. I mean just look doom 4. Look the amount of details and a realism achieved. If they focus such effort on 3d models the results sure would be marvelous, superb.

  3. Seriously, the quality of the 3D rendering looks like it was made pre 1990s. Hence a good opportunity was wasted. I recommend looking into the Unreal Engine, even their older versions look way more realistic than this crude 3D.
    It even seems to be free though.

  4. Great video, & the explainer spoke very clearly ; thank you Lund University!

    Please let us have more videos about this exciting place.

  5. I wonder what kind of work a rich roman would do at his house. Accounting? Meeting business partners? Writing letters and orders?

  6. This is wrong, I remember there being 40 whore houses and sex dungeons on that street, we just never talked about it

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  8. It's been thousands of years and yet we are still using wooden doors in our bedrooms wtf. It's almost as if we have not even progressed much in terms of architecture. By now we should have roads that repair them selves, smart windows that can adjust the temperature of the room depending on outside temp. Looks like the technology is being surpressed or we're still living in the past!

  9. Beautiful.  I was thinking that mold and mildew must have been an ongoing problem in these houses.  Humidity and stone walls are the recipe for that.  Maybe because the doors and windows were so wide it wasn't but in the breezeless dark corners it was.  Also, roaches and other bugs and rats could easily get inside. You'd need cats to keep rats at bay and pets bring their own problems:  poop & urine. The houses are beautiful, really.  They simply had to be stinky filthy dirty by todays standards.  Romans didn't care, I guess.  They certainly didn't bother to learn about volcanoes.

  10. Great job. Wish I could be there in person. I can't so I'm watching videos and re-watching "Rome". Thanks Again!

  11. Mycket bra. Väldigt vackert. Får jag föreslå "clients" i stället för "dependent" personer, och "residents" i stället för "house people"? Dessa är små klagamål. Jag uppskatar verkligen era presentation.

  12. 3d is a door that opens
    A world where before
    You could only imagine of.
    Now with 3d technology
    And maybe one day VR
    Together will see how
    Ancient citys where
    Like thousands of year

  13. make a ps4 game from info and fact of pompeii era and events leading up to eruption with options in game to alter history and save city from eruption.

  14. i saw that in 79 ad when it happened it was ohh god the screaming the horror no words could possible describe, the naivite ' of the pompeiians was rediculis. they tried to escape to hide but couldnt . the smell of sulpher and burning bones. even the gladiators wernt immune from the volcanoe, i saved one gal from 79a.d

  15. Beautifully done! Really shows how gorgeous Pom peiians decorated their houses. I'll never forget seeing their exquisite remaining frescoes…just a wonder!

  16. We have been to Pompeii and follow Dr. Steven Tuck's Great Courses lecture videos. Thank you for making this 3-D model to show our limited imaginations how splendid this house was in its day.

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