Wall Decor with Magazine Pages | Collage Wall | DIY | Interior Design | Srilanka

Wall Decor with Magazine Pages | Collage Wall | DIY | Interior Design | Srilanka

We’ve explained in a previous video on how to decorate walls with using wallpaper using wallpaper is a bit costly you need to get the service from a company who does that we thot of showing you an easy method to decorate a wall a low-cost DIY you might have done collage on your childhood days this is exactly the same method we are doing it with the magazine pages we use some old magazines we divide the color pages and paste with glue you can apply this on any suitable wall this will give you a discomfort feeling by doing on all walls You can use this method on a non-plastered wall too we are doing the demo on this removable panel similar to the artificial plant that we have done earlier The method will be the same on a wall also select the best wall which is suitable if the wall is not plastered, we’ll have to paste additional layers to cover the unevenness if it’s hard to find magazine pages to cover up that much we can paste newspaper pages to the bottom and use magazine on top we had a collection of some old magazines we selected only the colorful pages it’s easy to find from garage shops we are using a cheaper glue no need to be super quality glue Eg: white glue that is selling in hardware shops There are much bigger bottles at a cheaper price as we mentioned earlier, use a cheaper product we mix water to make it thinner because it’s much thicker to apply with a brush we use an old paint-brush to apply the glue You can paste the pages with letters to the bottom Use pages with colorful images for the top layers All of these should be done as per your interest you can paste only the letter pages or only specific images such as cars – bikes – sports or if you can find pages with one specific color, Green-blue – red you can have one color background it will be much harder to find pages with one color shade some people might like on having the newspaper look we thought of using the magazine paper as it’s much harder – shinier than newspaper and will be much durable than the newspaper magazine paper has a lamination kind of surface it will give you a much attractive look to the wall you can paste full page or smaller pieces we are pasting smaller pieces here so, we’ll start the work This is the final look we chose bright colors as we plan on using this as a background for our videos without throwing away old magazines you can add some different look to a wall by using them doing this wall on a larger wall will make that space bit complicated so you have to select the best smaller wall and also you don’t need to continuously do the pasting if you do on a much larger wall, it will take a lot of time if you are at home after an exam, or if you are stressed out, or when you feel bored, This is a better way to release that pressure keep our channel subscribed we are planning to bring you more videos Easy DIY’s, tips to decorate your home, Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram See you soon in a new video

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  1. රෝලබ්‍රස් රකකින් බයින්ඩර් ගමිි ගාන්න පුලුවන්නං ගොඩක් හොඳවෙයි
    ජපානයේ නමිි. සෑම ඇතුලත බිත්තියකම තියෙන්නේ පේපර් එකක්

  2. Superb..!! ඒත් මේක නිතරම රත් වෙන වෝල් එකකට වගේ apply කරොත් ටික කාලෙකින් ගැලවෙන්න ඉඩ තියෙනවද?

  3. Thanks lots to both of you,giving colorful ideas,keep continuing which is very important to us. I wish you all good healthy & wealthy.

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