Wallpaper Tips – How to Wallpaper a Room

Wallpaper Tips – How to Wallpaper a Room

Learn how to wallpaper successfully with these
five tips. We are using peel and stick wallpaper but these application tips can be used with
pasted wallpapers. Read the instructions and label before you begin. Calculate the square
footage of the wall to determine how much wallpaper you’ll need. Multiply the length
of a wall in inches by the width in inches, divide by 144. Divide the total square footage
by the square foot coverage listed on the roll of your wallpaper. Include square footage
for doors and windows. This allows for matching patterns, waste and trimming. If your pattern
has a large repeat, 12 inches or more, buy an extra roll to be sure you have enough for
matching. Be sure the power is turned off. Remove outlet and switch covers. To allow
for matching the pattern for repeat less than 6 inches, cut strips at least 6 inches longer
than a desired length. Start in an inconspicuous upper corner. Leave a 3-inch over overhang
at the top and bottom. Trim the excess with a wallpaper razor blade. Start applying the
second and subsequent pieces starting at eye-level. Line up the pattern on the second strip with
the first. Work the strip up and down from that point, lining up the pattern as you press
it to the wall. If the pattern becomes mismatched, gently pull the paper back a few inches and
realign it. And gently smooth it with your hands. Then use the brush in the same motion
to continue removing bubbles. For stubborn air bubbles, gently peel back the wallpaper
and reapply it to the wall. After positioning your paper strip, locate your outlet. Be sure
the power is turned off, then carefully cut an X with a wallpaper razor over the box.
Use scissors to trim the excess paper. Wallpapering is a project that takes patience. Just take
your time and follow these simple tips, you’ll get stunning results.

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  1. How do you deal with corners? Do you trim the paper then start again on the next wall or do you just kind of "fold" the wallpaper over the corner? Also, if the paper is wider than the remaining wall, how do you trim it? Do you just apply then trim or do you cut it before it goes up?

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