Watch This Broadway Makeup Designer Recreate the Faces of 6 Iconic Characters

Watch This Broadway Makeup Designer Recreate the Faces of 6 Iconic Characters

Hi, my name is Joe Dulude II, I’m a makeup designer for Broadway and I’m here at Playbill today to show you six of my favorite looks from shows that I have designed I’m going to do the drag makeup from Torch Song Trilogy that I designed for Michael Urie It’s also supposed to look like really bad 70’s drag and that, you know he’s done it himself, so it’s not the drag of today, it’s the drag of yesterday during that time, it would have
been strange for a man to go into the store and buy a foundation color, so you
would have to use what you had so maybe like taking it from your mother or taking it from our girlfriend look at a lot of old drag pictures, they look like men with makeup on the big thing was to emulate movie stars it wasn’t about realness, it wasn’t about… it was about just sort of creating this feminine look as well as you could, with the tools that you have The makeup I’m going to do now is for
the character of Squidward from SpongeBob the Musical he’s like the one main character that actually gets, it’s not a complicated makeup plot, but it’s something that’s a little bit more character-y than the others So I’m gonna start off with just the basic
ensemble look that we did and then Iwill transform her into one of the superstar
girls that was the backup for Brandon when he sang ‘Superstar’ at the end which
involves glitter out in the desert, you know getting the
Sun hitting them, so feeling fresh feeling sort of sun kissed so the look that I’m going to do now is
the pretty witch from Into the Woods she would pass off her crutches, take off
her gloves, take off the coat take off thew if she’d sit down I had everything
lined up on a table and there was a very specific order in process to do the
whole thing, and so she would do some certain things then I would do certain
things and then she would have to put on the pretty wig because they would put it
up with a pin she would put a a mask on that looked like bark over that, then she
would put the ugly wig back on then she’d get back into her coat, she already
had the pretty dress on underneath get everything else on, get right back onstage and usually we did it pretty much just in time, she would maybe have a few
seconds to spare so with the witch again, we want to keep everything sort of on a warm tone, warm palette, and also it was like in the forest so we were going
along the lines of just like maybe like fall leaves so this look is from Anastasia the
Musical, this is the beginning look of the character Anastasia, it’s just a very
simple straightforward beauty look so this is a basic look, it’s very simple it’s just
a simple beauty makeup it’s you know it’s nothing that is really specific,
obviously like I said it’s Russian Revolution so there would be no makeup but obviously we want her to look pretty but simple it’s not about like trying to recreate
someone’s face, it’s just about accentuating what they already have this was the first show that I ever
designed for Broadway so it does hold a special place in my heart I want to say it’s not makeup in a way,
it’s more her character and it’s not it’s not supposed to be like blush or
lip color or eye color, it’s really just supposed to be part of her character and
that’s her skin the concept behind it isn’t so much this is like a makeup that she’s wearing, but it’s just who she is there’s so many different ways that you can make
this work, and that you can, you know slightly change it up and make it work
for that person something that’s really important in makeup isn’t it is that is knowing your your actor or your face what do you have to do to accentuate what you have? thanks for tuning in and remember for
all of your video needs about theater tune in to!

41 thoughts on “Watch This Broadway Makeup Designer Recreate the Faces of 6 Iconic Characters

  1. I’d love to see more makeup videos. I’m a stage makeup designer and artist for small theatres in my town but I’m looking to continue onto bigger shows. This is super interesting and helpful!

  2. Wow, thanks that you shared this because I'm doing character makeup and may you could want to take a look as well 💥

  3. So with more simple makeup looks, like say in Mean Girls the musical, do the actors do the makeup themselves or is there always a makeup artist?

  4. This is awesome. I was lucky enough to take a makeup class with joe for a semester at college. Incredible to work with and such a nice guy. I learned so much

  5. Yikes! This audio is not at all balanced. I kept turning up my volume so I could hear what he's saying, but then the music would be painfully loud.

  6. He’s a great makeup artist. But I was massively underwhelmed. “Iconic” is a bit click-baity here. He does great makeup but they’re all very basic.

  7. I'm surprised Anastasia makeup look is in this video, such an underrated musical, wouldn't really be considered 'iconic' though, although it's 100% iconic to me.

  8. This is RIGHT up my alley. I've done hair and makeup for theaters for nearly four years now and I have the time of my life.

  9. I would love to see one where they make Luke Castellan but I’m also an obsessive freak so like if you agree you’re probably one too

  10. Anyone else confused because Bernadette Peters didn’t have that makeup as the witch ? But they played her audio soundtrack ??

  11. I wish he did more actually iconic characters like the phantom of the opera, cats, les mis rather than a random super star from Jesus Christ Super Star

  12. The thing is that most of these characters NO ONE knows what most of these are and the music is way too loud. BOO!!!!!!!!

  13. Is it possible to give a subscription as a gift? My mom retired and she needs a hobby other than calling me. Badly. Also, she really likes to read.

  14. have people actually watched the video? this are shows he have worked on not Broadway in general, jeez, people only want to cry about everything

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that Wicked Green is an attractive skin color? I kinda wish that was a natural skin tone. Lol

  16. I love how his approach is always about serving the story first. Like the drag makeup, by today’s Drag Race standards, is pretty bad. But that’s not the point. It’s very authentic to what Drag was back then. And Elphaba’s look is supposed to feel like her natural skin. Even though in act two, there are some beauty elements, it’s not to suggest Elphaba is wearing makeup.

  17. Makeup artists are just that…artists. They can totally change how a person really looks to fit the character they are to portray. Even the makeup artist at the glamour shot photo session can make a beauty out of a plain-Jane girl.

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