We Broke Our Stabilisers – $10K Repair. (Captain’s Vlog 103)

We Broke Our Stabilisers – $10K Repair. (Captain’s Vlog 103)

How’s it going guys? Welcome back to
channel, welcome back to the vlog. If you’re new to the channel, a big warm
welcome. My name’s Tristan Mortlock. This is Captain’s Vlog. So, yesterday our
stabilizers, the electronic box of the motherboard kind of fried itself so the
last couple days and had no stabilizers onboard.
Fortunately, the weather’s been very good so we had our technicians in Italy drive
yesterday to Milan to pick up a brand new electrical box for our stabilizer
units and they got a ferry this morning from the mainland Italy to Corsica. We’re
gonna lift anchor shortly, we’re currently anchored in Deraa later which
on the west side of Corsica we’ve got a two-hour journey to Calvi. We’re docking
in Calvi and then from there the technicians will come onboard, remove the
old electrical box and install a new one, do all the necessary checks and make
sure it’s all calibrated correctly and then the stabilizers will be up and
running. Fortunately, because of the good
weather the guests have not been affected by this, we’ve been very lucky. So, hopefully by
the end of today, possibly tomorrow morning, we’ll have the
stabilizers up and running again. So the guys at the moment are just currently, the deck team
currently is packing away the swim platform, putting the swim ladder away, putting the seabobs away and all the toys. They’re gonna hook up the the chase boat and
then we’re gonna lift anchor and then cruise around to the north side of
Corsica and then we should be in port later this afternoon.
Weather forecasts are looking pretty good so yeah in this video I’m going to
show you the guys coming on board with the box, doing all the installation to
removal, so bit more of a technical video today. And also the procedure of what it
looks like lifting anchor from up here on the bridge I’ll put a GoPro up high
and you can see how I’m manoeuvring the engine throttles, the rudder and if necessary the bow thruster. Normally as there’s no wind today so I shouldn’t really be normally
I shouldn’t really be using the bow thrusters normally. So I really hope you guys enjoy
this video. Okay guys you’ve got the main engines running they’ve got now bow
thruster on green light. I’m going to turn-on steering pump number one,
steering pump number two, we use these when lifting anchor, maneuvering in port, and
coming into port and departing pork. Okay, Barbara clear to start lifting anchor.
RADIO: Copy, starting lifting anchor.
At the moment guys we’ve got four shackles in the water. What’s going to happen, Barbara’s
going to give me instructions on the direction of the anchor chain so I
would maneuver the vessel in accordance with her direction. At the moment we’ve only
got like two/three knots of wind so I shouldn’t really need to maneuver the
vessel that much just move it bit forward so there’s less tension on the windlass. Barbara is now pointing, I’m going
to maneuver the vessel towards, right over to starboard. Engage forward
momentum, forward propulsion on the port side engine. Bring the rudder centerline, I’ve also got
attached the chase boat and those on the on the swim platform are monitoring
chase boat as well. As previously mentioned we’ve got
steering pumps number one and two on, bow thruster, this is normally stabilizers
but the stabilizers are off at the moment because they’ve been… they’re
not operating at the moment. Then we’ll lift anchor, four shackles so around
27 meters to a shackle so around over 100 meters of chain in the water.
We’ve got depth of around 20 meters. 18 to 20 meters underneath the keel. Yeah, copy, switching now to starboard
side bridge wing. Sorry James. RADIO: 30 to run. 3-0. 2-5. 2-5 1-5. 1-5 10 to run. 1-0 So as you saw docked. That’s a horrible
sound. We’ve don’t like that. So, coming in didn’t need to use the bow thruster, had the
wind on the stern. Only used the bow thruster once we were in, just to hold
vessel in position while the deck team got the lines in place. Nicely tied up now,
the technician should be coming shortly to then start fixing the electrical box
for the stabilizers. Hope we get that all sorted. Guests are very happy they’re
on the bridge deck having a nice glass of champagne still. We are right back in
Calvi some of you may have seen it on our previous vlog, we came into Calvi. As you
can see out the window here, it’s beautiful here. Let’s crack on and show
you guys how we fix these stabilizers. Okay we’re down the ECR (Engine Control Room) now guys. I got Slav in here and Francesco from Samos now Samos is the representive for Nyad. Nyad is the brand of our stabilizers. He’s brought the new electrical box. So
Slav, just give us a quick, here it is the brand new one, that’s what we’ve got to replace so
basically as explained previously in the video, Slav was doing diagnostics over
the phone with the technician. Went through all the processes and realized
that we need to get a new box so Francesco drove from Viareggio to Milano
to Milan, got the new box, then he drove to Genoa, and then got the ferry to
Corsica now. And we just came in now he’s met us here. Their guy’s gonna install
this, remove the old one and then install the new one. So this is because the boat
is ten years old, we have old electronics box for
stabilizers. According to the failure the failure was an alarm power failure. The code
it’s eight one zero (810) power failure, so according to this we check the
capacitors. We checked inside the the connections for electric motor and
from main switchboard to the power – it’s all okay. All the connections was
correct, tight, not have any no no leaks no no no grounding. So I
called Francesco explaining the problem and he asked me to, I sent him
some pictures of main panels and boards and everything. After half-hour/one-hour he’s calling the service – Emotron. Emotron. Okay. A CG product. Yes, and he gave him give them the serial number and the number of
the box, everything. They said this is normal a lot after 10 years they’re coming
up, it’s a very old system. Yeah, so what we can do it’s we cannot repair just the
board because we don’t know which resistor going off or something. We need to buy
a new complete new unit but this unit its new maybe need some calibration or I
don’t know we’ll see when we install and it’s complete project. Totally brand new,
the instruction book and practically the how I see here on this box I have one
fan more. I can say it’s more cooling. More cooling? Okay. So I don’t know I will
see when they connect and we need to make test then we will see what’s going
on. Okay, so as for the long-term viewers of the channel you know we underwent a seven-month refit. We did as much as we possibly could. There’s always gonna be
things you don’t pick up. The stabilizers were working fine up until
now, now we’re in August. We got launched back in April but you know it’s one of those
things. Luckily, it hasn’t affected any of charters
the guests are not even aware of the situation, so they’re still happy.
Hopefully between Slaven and… what’s the engineers name again?… Francesco! Francesco, they’ll install this today hopefully calibrate it and we’ll be all
set and ready by tomorrow morning and continue the trip. The current guests
are onboard for two more nights and then there’ll be going home and then we’ll be
shooting down to Bonifacio to pick up the next charter.
So, we’re gonna leave it to the guys now remove the old one and install the new one
and then we’ll do some checks. Right Slav, so this is the old box here? So, this is the old box: FDU or VFD Yeah, Variable Frequency Driver.
This is the specification of control box, the main points. So in this box
here we have three ports and the main power port it’s going to be on the
aft. So, last. Yeah. So, main board, middle and then coming the connection
for the control. Now Francesco will check. I think we just need to replace it really. Okay. Connections are all the same,
just plug and play! Hopefully, plug and play. So, basically guys you can see all the
electronics around here under the port side generator. As you can see they
removed all the wires, obviously the breakers are down so all the
power is being isolated here and it was just mounted against this bracket here
and against that bracket there and then these are the cables that make it make
it functional. Cool! Right so now it’s the next day, the electronic box has now been
installed, we’ve just dropped anchor about five minutes ago. We did an hour
and a half sea-trial, I’m very happy to say that the stabilizers are back in
normal operation. Gunna show you what the guys have done,
how they installed it within the engine room
the generators are running so I won’t be able to talk, I’m just going to show you
footage. “Normal operation” Really happy that’s up and running
again. We were very very lucky last 2-3 days when the stabilizers failed that the
weather was good, so it didn’t affect the time on board that the guests are having. Samos did a great job, the company came over from Italy. Got the part quickly shipped it over by ferry. Installed it yesterday evening Took him three or four hours to install.
Everything operating as usual so now that box has got a year warranty for
a commercial vessel, private vessel you get a two-year warranty. That’ll be good now in
theory hopefully the next 10 years. So before we end the video I can assure you that where we are anchored
is absolutely stunning. Gonna go out the garage, walk through the Sly-master. All
good, it’s all good. Okay. How’s it going Jase?
Living the dream, like everyday! Not a bad place to be mopping the swim
platform. The colour of that water! Yo! Sli’s happy, he’s got a new shore
power plug, exciting times Slav! How to keep an engineer happy – buy him a new shore power plug! Right as always guys I hope you enjoyed
that video if you did please give it a thumbs up. Please do consider subscribing
to the channel that really does help us to to grow and look forward to seeing you next video!

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