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  1. Haha so great to hear, im looking forward , you and Kat are like guidience for moving to Finland, im also but going to Finland for work 😀 beacurse it sucks living in Sweden in my point. 🤣😏

  2. Davecave checked!😁I think the best part of Finland is unique culture, beautiful nature and four seasons:)

  3. Whats wrong with using Ebay in Finland? I use it all the time whenever I need something, a part of the items even come with free shipping…. 😀

  4. Amazon is supposedly establishing themselves in Sweden, so I expect they'll deliver across the Nordic countries. FYI.

  5. What's the problem of using eBay in Finland? I've been buying lot's of stuff from eBay for years with virtually no issues at all.

  6. Whenever we feel sad there is always other people who feel sad aswell.

    Then you can go and throw your asses on your shoulders, watch ice hockey and shout perkele at the edge of blackout and thus you can ammend power from sisu and patriotism because this is the finnish way.

    We have beautifull summers, we can trust our police and we dont have much corruption at all. We can always have our own space and time because here everyone respects their own space and own time a lot.

    Here we have a culture in which we laugh at misery and ammend sisu from pain and misery with the help of our mates and beer. Watch an episode or two of kummeli and youll understand

  7. Finland is a good country. If you are an unemployed fuckup like me then it feels like i had a great chance here and i blew it.

  8. Finland is the happiest country in the world because Finns are never happy 😀
    Finns always complain about everything, be it the welfare, the laws, the government… And because people complain about these things all the time, they're constantly being improved. So ironically being unhappy makes us happier.

  9. Finland is the happiest place because its the only place in the world where a guy who has a job envies the guy who does not have one. And its the only corner of the world where your neighbour is prepared to pay 100 euros so that you wont get 50 euros for free.

  10. Maybe it's a feeling of security, I don't know. Growing up here, I was never really worried about getting lost as a kid because I knew that there would always be a helpful person to tell me where to go. (although we Finns do hold our privacy and personal space in very high regard, but I'm sure you can see how that might be a good thing as well, most of the time)
    Walking alone in the street at night; another thing I've never worried about in Finland. (Of course there are exceptions, like there are all around the world)
    We also have a great national 'safety net', if you will, if you're out of work and down on your luck. Of course, the departments responsible for it strongly encourage people to seek employment so you can 'carry your own weight', so to speak, but it's comforting to know that if you need it, our society won't easily let you fall through the cracks and become homeless or something. Just a few thoughts there. 🙂
    Also, this is not Sweden. I'm very happy about that. 😀

  11. Yay for the apartment and welcome to Finland! Hope your move goes smoothly and you get soon to film at your new home!

  12. " Sauna, Viina ja HeviMetalli, it is like trough fires and flames and trough depression and snow, we will win with SISU ! " – Septimor 2018

  13. Happy-factor?
    If you don't work, but still you have home to stay, food, clothes, etz….you Will Be Happy.
    Butt something says to me, you are not that kind of person.
    You will be suprised all the litle problems we have in here. And all the litle good things on here.

  14. Alright! It looks like it's confirmed that you move to Finland. Good luck! I hope that I see you in Helsinki and some time I probably will. 🙂

  15. I got to say that you have that ”oh hoh” totally dialed down 🙂 … couldn’t make a difference to comparing to a finn 👍

  16. Tbh it is hard to say why Finland is the happiest as it is cold, dark, disgusting here atm and I go in therapy because I feel depressed. BUT during summer it is like 3 months of Lana Del Ray-ish feeling, everything's so peaceful, beautiful and happy. (Except if one's at a busy office work indoors) You gotta visit a summer festival of some sort! Travel in the country, I recommend seeing the medieval festival/market in Turku around the end of June.

  17. Hi Dave! I'm happy to hear that you found a place to stay. Things always clear someway. Welcome to Finland, you can now see the reality in a long run!

  18. I would have several enlightened guesses on how Finland ended up being rated no.1 in that survey ahead of countries like Norway and Denmark but if it was focused on immigration I don't wonder.. An entire sector of our economy works and gets payed by tax payers money for throwing tax payers money to immigrants. In practice it means many people with skill levels(Finnish standards)of a 7-year-old actually end up with nice apartments(fully furnished of course), bills payed by the tax payers, free healthcare(payed by the tax payers, including dental surgery), parental money, spending money and "holiday trips" back to the old country without working a single day in their lives.. One figure of estimated spending per year was 1,5 billion euro's and I'm not sure whether it included social workers salaries.. However all this does not include You Dave.. As a native Brit You are expected to work and pay your taxes and you don't get shit for free.. Whether this state of matters is good or not depends on the perspective of course.

  19. Reason why Finland is the happiest country in the world is…
    only 11% of us have to live in Helsinki. Yay!!!

  20. I think Finland is happiest country in the world because we don't need to stress about healtcare and knowing whatever happens to you or your family or anybody it will taken care of easily and charge free. I think that's one big reason.

  21. In finland you can trust almoust everybody for exsample I was in store and someone asked that can I get 5 cent and I give him 5€ and sayed that give me the rest and few minut later he gave me the rest

  22. I laugh every year to that Finland is 1 of the "least" corrupted country, but in reality this country have corruption in prime minister level lol.

  23. Congrats! I'm also trying to find an apartment in Helsinki where i could move within a month, but it's so hard :/

  24. Sauna. Lakes. Twisty roads for motorcycling. Education for the kids. It's warm in the house/apartment in the winter no matter how cold it's outside. No ghettos or such. And for you it's a good thing that most people speak English (but you already know this) so it's not really mandatory to learn Finnish.

  25. Hey Dave:) I was wondering since eurovision contest is coming up and you and Cat are going to move to Finland next week if you could do a recent eurovision songs reaction video.there are a lot of great songs like " Hard rock hallelujah" (Lordi), "Leave me alone ( Hanna Pakarinen), "Missä miehet ratsastaa" Teräsbetoni) "Lose Control" (Waldo's people) and the most recent one "Monsters" by Saara Aalto" It would be lot of fun

  26. I don't believe that happiness bullshit. I have been miserable for the past 6 months because there is no sun, there is a meter of snow everywhere and it is always cold. Finnish summer lasts like 2 weeks and between snow and warmth it always rains and is muddy everywhere.

  27. Congratulations on the apartment! It is way easier to find something when you are there. You have a way better idea on where you are going than we did when moving to London four years ago, really flying blind. There are good sides to both as Cat has probably told you but you will then see which one works best for you guys.

  28. Hope everything goes well with the apartment and you get the one you hoped for. I think we've been with Titta to at least 10 different houses, trying to find the perfect one.. Well not houses, homes actually. Have you heard that a man’s home is his castle . Not much luck yet but every home we go to it seems to get closer and closer to a place we could settle down in. Not in Helsinki though..😅 more like 90 miles from it you can find a pretty decent castle. 😃


  29. Finland is the happiest country in the world because we have this thing called "kela" which a social insurance institution, it gives you money if you are poor. So, in Finland, you never get poor 😀 Hope you enjoy your new apartment!

  30. My number one reason for why Finland is the happiest country is that, unlike my home country of the USA, people aren't offended by everything and constantly protesting about something. You don't see the word, "Nazi" being thrown around as a synonym for "person who disagrees with me." People will actually listen to you if you don't agree about something and have a civil conversation. It's amazing. Also, eBay and Amazon Prime are what I miss the most since moving to Finland. Replacing my windshield wiper blade could have been an inexpensive and quick process, but no.

  31. Sorry to hear you made the biggest mistake of your life 😂 only ones happy in finland are illegal immigrants and rich people 🤔
    But not the regular workers.

  32. Finland is the happiest country because there's not too many immigrants. I think that's what the immigrants like about it. That's what separates it from other Nordic countries. I mean, they moved away from their home country to be in Finland, and enjoy the Finnishness. Sitä saa mitä tilaa!

  33. Congrats on the unicorn! Is it furry? Always go to where you are drawn. This will be an amazing move for you and Cat. Wanna help me move next month? Ha ha. Have a great week!

  34. Well looks like your happiness is guaranteed. According to recent news/rumors Amazon is coming to the nordic countries and while I'm sure you can find Twix for more than 1€ it is mostly about 0,6€ or you can stock up on the 10-packs from Tokmanni for cheaper.

  35. I think Finland is the happiest country in the world because everyone takes care of each other and here we can trust each other. For example, I would trust my bags to a stranger if I had to (e.g. in emergency / at airport / at train station) and I would let people make calls with my phone if they asked to. I think people in here are trustworthy and they speak the truth, it is not common for people to lie. I've noticed that for example in America people lie all the time and basic small talk is also based on lies (e.g. always saying ''I'm fine'' to ''How do you do?'').

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