Go for it andey music yo guys the kitchen right now is a mess litrally this is a mess litrally this is discusting Lydia, what’s wrong this table to make cake hi morning pancakes as you know we got this new turtle named pancake Cuz he looks like a pancake. We have like eight people saying the house was right now seven Here’s real life pancake his head still looks like a penis, but guys I do have good news Why would you do it, let’s see guys is the disaster, but the good news my lord and savior’s are here the May I love you guys. Thank you seriously so much. I will say we’re expecting another guest and he’s actually here the Cool boss came right up to the front door. Oh cool Did you hit your house with the cool bus Yet, my bus death universe bro, it’s the Maverick move mr.. Brand pros the hottest merchan the game pro No joke we restock things and they’re gone in a day that right there maverick enterprises It’s a movement if you haven’t joined it yet You show G&P aol.com slash shop or the link is in the description guys christmas is coming up. I just made this Trending number one low game. We’ve done. It again. I was the strip for a reason. Thanks for your assistance Lydia I Love how enthusiastic she is well. Yeah, we’re lit, bro The low gang the strongest family on YouTube up up up up if you’re not a part of the low game make sure to subscribe And if you’re looking at the subscribe button, and it doesn’t have the D at The end it doesn’t say subscribe to do that you could subscribe right now Now back to the cool bus uh yesterday you guys know we bought a thousand dollars worth of Christmas lights we also got rowdy at Home Depot I Had this idea I want to wrap the entire cool bus in Christmas light know who needs a tree when you have a bus Bending you took the words out of my mouth Mavericks, bro like everybody else got a dream, right Put it on my bus so I think we’re gonna add alt for one second and wash the bus For cleaning Brenda member this footage Logan you’ll never see this again, that’s my oh Yo, this is the first time I’ve washed. I think anything at my house including your body Yeah, I think so the rules are kind of like this right you want to come over my house. Yo, that’s great But you gotta clean my bus good job guys Oh My god guys the bus is looking clean On the front is gleaming, but now we have to get this thing lit we have to wrap it with light And I have to leave her set in like an hour and a half, so You’re so tiny you start being more careful like where your body is you know think just because I was giving this tall slender perfectly shaped frame like that Don’t try to reverse this now Let’s get into the montage I know that it’s a holiday But I ain’t the same without you babe. It’s been a while since I saw your face. It’s an avenue. See you Remember when we copped on me in December when the winner came It’s been a while since I saw your face. Wish I was kissing you Whoo, baby we’re making progress. I got the side of the bus my man Yo, I don’t even need to make a little look at the top We got the big light bulbs draping the cool bus and guys we still have at least half a million more lights so I have To go to set right now Uh, you know shooting the 32 available on the next year on YouTube Er. I’m gonna take the squad y’all ready to go watch me be a movie star Guys thank you. I will say I want to make sure my house is clean What I’ve learned guys is when you make a mess is gonna have to pay for the consequences of your actions or You pay people to pay for the consequences of your action, which is what I chose to do. That’s good Yeah come on in mister how much you could just get him a bus. I’m gonna be late. Hey mister Do you have any candy yeah, and two Hannah, Montana tickets come on in come on the boss he barely even talks easy Joe Montana yo enough with these pedophile jokes I’m gonna be late get it So I think this is actually good that we get to see the lights on the bus in the daytime He oh we look so stupid right now What I’ve said it before guys. It’s okay to be different. I like being different ever me. That’s fine boy I’m the map when people are looking at you weird. They’re actually just admiring and that’s a fact now Let’s see how this puppy performs on the roof Who’s that sound of looking at take your gifts and give them back fabric merch is where it’s at got the hoodie What’s up, sailor look in that you should remove my Belfast you should get my new backpack throw away that 37 Yo-yo arriving in style the only way I know how to show up. I will say on the way here I crashed the drone trying to get drunk shot Dennis ok Nick. Haha what’s new also this was an hour drive were literally in the middle of nowhere have a Helicopter coming to sensitive and on the way here She did that one part exactly look at what happened to the court oh my god How are you supposed to plug if your blog looks like this you can always plug? Oh, we know we say always plug But I don’t know alright the good news is they don’t need me acting for like another like two hours So I think we just get to fix the whole thing My sub bank so hard the ground is with it Take my dog as sacrifice don’t think the helicopter is trying to kill you hi Guys back to the bus car we are putting so many lights on this thing. They’re literally shooting the movie right there like We always some point it becomes a fire head honestly, bro, if like a fire were to strike or something the bus is already fired To get cool things done But now guys it’s time to be an actor we got a helicopter on Sempra who’s doing it friend You gotta go we gotta Holly God said Brothers City, too Yeah, I’m obsessed with this movie guys, I’ve never had this much fun Shooting anything 20:18 you to read the thinning to Mulligan the love it, bro And it’s crazy that the helicopter wasn’t even the most fun thing. I’ve done today. Let’s talk about the completed boy guys There are I think fourteen point eight million lights on this bus one for each of you guys in the loop okay? Now that it’s all done. I think we light this baby up We got y’all. I’m actually nervous like what if one of them is like broken and the whole strand doesn’t work Christmas I cannot believe this work I Don’t even have to say this But if you’re not a part of the Logan make sure to subscribe because as you could see with Lily we are gonna go drive This around except while I was acting I heard A little aggressive Lydia, don’t you think? I don’t even know I wasn’t even there. No one’s saying you’re lying Alright guys well the vibes are kind of weird right now except. That’s not what Christmas Christmas is about savagery, so let’s drive home and do the most lit Christmas light up, but the montage Epic bro just a piece doing it bro loves Christmas Except that Santa guy, okay alright guys it’s like 1:00 a.m. We’re all exhausted if you’re not part of the low gang first off you Go brah Make sure to subscribe Literally smack the button in the face for me a copy maverick merch the hottest softest merch in the game looking for calm /ja orling in the spirit or league on the wheel store in the movement, bro You can still get your toughest tough tough tough stuff stuff in time for Christmas with that set low gang I will see you tomorrow, which is actually the last day on set of the thinning, okay? I check out the side of the bus honey. Sorry that was so It was like okay go yell at him bro. He’s fine close to being in focus, but like just I’ll go again, okay, too

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