We Try Cooking Using The Easy Bake Oven • Ladylike

We Try Cooking Using The Easy Bake Oven • Ladylike

happy Monday cowards it’s not gonna be Monday you know what time it is Easy Bake Oven time we were originally just a little behind the scenes of our ideation process yet we were originally gonna do Beauty roulette and then we said no we’re tired this oven has two settings on or off like it off-camera I would be like I’m gonna read Oh other people have done this oh yeah everyone has done this on the internet you’re gonna be like what this person has done it yeah you’re right Shakespeare probably did this yeah apparently the Easy Bake Oven has been through several different safety iterations yeah used to be like toaster oven where you could just like put stuff in but children just love putting anything in anything so like they’ll just my hands so apparently they had to make it so kids couldn’t stick their hands in there and I tried before we turn this on she definitely tested it out as soon as we walked in she’s like by the way I tried to put my hand in there and you can’t do it I don’t know my mom had these random toys but she was just against razor scooters they used to make up and my mom was very much against really she did not want me to have one she did not want me to play with one she was just like do not kill me or an easy-bake oven well guess what mom I’m doing it today as a 30 year old woman so we got a whole bunch of these little packets of food ooh you have sweet and savory choices on the back of them all say produced with genetic engineering oh man I feel good about giving this to children we are these pretzels I think we should do that because there’s some technique involved in making the pretzel it’s a savory savory dish yes just like myself do we think the oven is actually capable of cooking things in 10 to 20 minutes I mean we just got the oven and we haven’t broken it yet so I’m gonna say the first time yes and then the second time we’re probably gonna mess it up somehow so we start cooking this sure so it comes basically with like the instructions and then like 50 powders what we won’t turn this into cake we’re gonna need the Easy Bake Oven check pan tool and baking pan what if we get it stuck in there I hope we don’t do that cooking spray do we have Spray yeah oh measuring spoons mixing bowls check check spoon spatula check butter knife sure kitchen timer always got phones wax paper and plastic mat which why do you need that maybe it’s to put the stuff on afterwards oh yeah well we can just put on the table we’re gonna start our franchise with red velvet cake first things first we have to make the red velvet cake batter we pour one red velvet cake mix and four teaspoons of water into a bowl and then we break up the lumps that’s all we need is four teaspoons I mean it’s not a big cake this is the red velvet cake hmm made with genetic engineering looks like brown sugar it does already I can smell the chocolate okay yeah at least we can smell something that reminds us of food oh it’s already turning red Wow I don’t know if this is gonna be enough water let’s say four teaspoons or tablespoons teaspoons we need more water I can’t get rid of the lumps because a lot of it’s still dry so did you have one of these as a kid hell no first of all I was not interested in cooking second of all I was interested in injuring myself accidentally all right I see what’s happening here get off my little epsilon this is probably nonstick right we don’t really need the cooking spray right gonna burn okay looks pretty smooth okay what do we do okay step walk cut off that was in the first step more exhausted step boom the batter into the baking pan spread evenly tip it better it’s too thick add a few extra cups of water and stir it’s like you’re painting but it’s not going well the thing is I’m good at cooking I do not bake because baking requires science and I don’t do that we’re trying to we’re not messing with stuff on purpose no and this is me really trying my hardest eating it yeah it’s good you know that legal drug sugar that they give to kids so legal drug there’s a lot of that in there time yes to bake I don’t know how we’re gonna get it out though probably should have discussed that before we put it in there yeah so then at the end I’m gonna push it back out the other way this way so it goes in this hole comes out this hole theoretically or doesn’t come out ever again and the video okay what’s the other batter all are waiting okay that’s a great idea makes a strawberry cake batter god they just really want to make this as hard as possible don’t think I’m dad being like if I buy this will I get my Saturday back okay where’s where I ain’t seen firsthand how challenging this is so that I would take a nap in the smells like strawberry chemically engineering yeah this smells like a robot walked into a lab it was like strawberry how many more minutes do we have to wait 10 minutes okay what else can we make in the meantime okay we’d also make the frosting – I appreciate that everything just kind of comes in a packet so easy a kid can do it it’s done they have to do something with my hands Devin she’s dead I hate that with batter it’s just kind of like leave me alone especially better I don’t want to eat I don’t think it’s better it’s probably good I’ll be the judge of that okay it’s like strawberry lip smackers I thought you were making a joke but that literally is exactly what it tastes like yeah why don’t they paint frosty how many frostings go on I really chose the hardest thing for us to make yeah why did you do that the picture was so pretty this is still not icy it’s what I would like to call powder you know what this one smells like my mom’s slim-fast in the 90s this isn’t gonna cook some cases actually already taste good I really wish you could see I bet you can’t see it Devin not yet impatient hold I want to see it now timer went off so now way to try and get it out so the moment of truth will this video still continue also I realize we don’t have any like something to grab it with I’m gonna catch it with a blank oh yeah it’s coming got a concussion okay got stuck maybe you could get it this way Oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah does it work oh no actually that did work okay oh is it done it’s uh 100% not done it’s not done guess you’re going back in we got good all over again ah this is essentially toasting this batter yeah I mean what I’m worried about is that the cook time is not accurate kids like it though but it’s a little bit chewy and like undercooked I thought you’re gonna say kids like it when cook times aren’t accurate data has shown that kids love it when you lie to them oh it’s a kid you’re supposed to keep it the cooling chamber but I don’t know what that is yet how’s it oh no no half the cake came out and the other half is still waiting new cooking’s where I look at buzz have to repress her together here she is the bottom layer of our cake don’t mind that that’s just extra feature it’s a lot of work for a cake that’s basically like a lunch dessert there’s such little batter here that basically I’m just like lining the pan with that it yeah push it in and she’s done 60 minutes it’s like your frosting a very small pizza I thought it would have enough frosting to wear up the imperfection okay I was there at these like tall fluffy beautiful cakes is the bottom half of our cake so far first scale this is my hand I’m holding this in my hand this is like probably the size of a 6-inch Subway sandwich we’re moving on to our next menu item which is pretzels we’re gonna we’re gonna prep those well the second half of this cake is ticking so you’re just gonna go live over here okay bye 20 minutes oh it’s for preheating you really I give up I give up I quit I don’t know how I feel that egg wash bean powder first oh it’s yellow two tablespoons okay that’s the big in because you know what the egg makes to be like dough you want to be like watched look at this pretzel dough it’s flaking why is it flaky I don’t know there’s probably not enough water in it this videos gonna be so bleep tout and I’m sorry this is our dirtiest video I say no more walkies more water this doesn’t work it looks like my skiing after his sunburn except not this color or whether that horse there may be too much there’s no pleasing you oh yeah they came out clean we’re good this one to our credit looks slightly better than yeah she Rose a little bit more Wow this is not very much dough by the way I want to delete this to you okay cuz I don’t want to I love squeezing and rolling things up into a ball yeah I mean you say that now but you haven’t touched it yet so oh yeah it is rather sticky huh you wanna make twists I’m making it I’m just putting a little flour pretzel mix in my hand oh it’s not all of it yeah here’s the thing is that there’s so little of it that like basically it’s like what are we had too much water in it I know this is for a fact no you do not just take some off the table and put more on my hand when I’m trying to free myself from this devil’s paste Devon no hands McGee I gotta forgot we were trying to get it off her hands and so she got a little bit of it off so it’s cute are you gonna stick your hands in the oven what are we gonna cook so what we’ve learned is nothing but on the flip side we’re having fun here why don’t I palm some of that and maybe some of that mixture we’ll take some of this off my hand hold on I get my hair out of it that makes no it’s just more dough why ok the pretzels were an awful choice whose idea was it to make the pretzel I mean all of it was my idea except for the Easy Bake Oven part so really 5050 I’m going to add cake to two cake one oh it’s all came off here she has to the second layer okay and I need to put the frosting on top of it what I’m learning is you should not make the frosting so far in advance because it does not spread very well I think what this video has taught us is that we should definitely not open a restaurant together we shouldn’t open anything together we should barely open a door together we have one last step and that’s the sprinkles decorate our child yes Bobby there she is Miss America before and after she needs a chance to cool down meanwhile our little ball baby over here how’s it doing better it’s doing much better you’re supposed to split it into six now we’re making one giant pretzel okay so we put it on the pan then we put the egg wash on the pan and then we bake it this is our son Gerald gerald Gerald the pretzel this is what it looks like on the pan Oh didn’t we put the salt on top this is what’s actually gonna give him the flavoring so this away it looks like before he went in the oven and he goes by I’m ready to set him free okay all right you’re going in the oven how long is he oh shoot Devin Devin he’s too fat no it’s not gonna work you’re gonna have to make two pretzel I’m not doing that okay all right he’s still too fast look literally if it’s above this pan it won’t go in press them down just over this my hands are sticky okay okay time to get mr. pretzel there yes Barry is this is more done there’s a nacho cheese sauce that I’m not making it I can mix the cheese and water while we’re waiting for it to cool it’s taste test time we’ve got one sweet we’ve got one savory two years Oh leave her she’s done we’re not bad taste like play-doh tastes like sugary play-doh the bottom layer is like really really hard the soft layer is like still a little undercooked I’m mad at it though you’re still eating it the bottom leaves the best layer because it is burned by Bert we mean cooked so what do you think I give this on the Easy Bake Oven score fee plus because C’s get degrees house guys they see you buy this it’s not great but she passed ready to eat this pretzel it was in the oven for like the 50% more time than it need to be and it’s still not cooked sure I think I like the pretzel better I like they came the pretzel does not think like a pretzel it tastes like a pizza crust this is definitely a safe lattice oh yeah we should go try to give our goodies to the rest of Lake oh yeah actually we should do that just think this used to be sand a couple of minutes ago and now it’s tasty bakery treats that we’re gonna invoice that our friends yep I see that you ladies are eating real food food yeah I was hoping that you would have extras oh yeah she’s excited the custard no she thought so what do we think of our truth coming yeah like your dress what is this pretzel it’s a protocol what wait can’t you not see it’s a pretty era know what it is okay they taste good don’t know how to classify that I love what fred is just sneaking off to the side she doesn’t want to try anymore so the pretzel is good the cake is just there’s so much frosting to cake ratios but then again here’s the thing I’m no longer 7 and so I’m kind of not the best person to judge what it is is fine you sure you want to try Fred you’re really letting away right I heard you want some dessert so just leave this right here for you right next to where you are hi what did we learn today well we learned that our friends are very polite is what we learned it’s very nice to be very nice people it’s food for kids it comes from powders what are you really expecting however it was fun to make it I laughed a lot during the making of the food it really is about the journey what do you want to see us do with this Edie but what do you want to see us deal with an easy but oven next tell us in the comments bye easy [Music] [Music]

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  1. Kristin and Devin walk in on the girls with their "real food":
    Chantel has salad
    Freddie has soup, a plate with chicken, mash and green beans
    Jen has bananas and Doritos

  2. I was a gourmet easy bake oven maker when i was younger, and i made the cc cookies, brownies, red velvet, and pretzels a lot. Try the chocolate chip cookies and brownies next lol

  3. D : happy Monday, cowards!
    K : they won’t be watching this on Monday!
    Me : Yeah I won’t cause today is… uhh… today is… its summer! And it’s 4am! Whoop whoop! I have no brain cells! Uhhh it’s * checks phone * WeDnEsDaY! 💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. when kristen said: bts

    i cried because i knew the kpop fans would flip tf out and turn this into a kpop moment.. 🤮

  5. Make some easy bake oven items from scratch next time (look them up online). They taste WAY better than the mixes

  6. "Do not bake. Because baking requires science, and I don't do that."
    Me: That's the only thing good about baking! Science!

  7. I got one when I was like 10 and I'm realizing just how much better children r with handling tiny things rather than adults bc my red velvet cake look like the picture on the box lol

  8. Sure you can't shove your hand in and burn yourself! But you can shove chap stick in it and find it years later!! Yay!

  9. When got older then when i first wanted one my parents got me one but i still never got the light bulb so it was never used. But its kinda fun since i eneded up going to culinary school for pastire and baking.

  10. The inuendos were strong in this one 🙏😂 haha

    "You put it in this hole and it comes out the other"… 😶😂

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