We’re Finally Furnishing Our Living Room!

We’re Finally Furnishing Our Living Room!

hey guys I’m officially Ryan’s coffee
mug holder E: I can’t put it in here. It won’t fit Sorry E: oh this is like. E: Oh. I didn’t realize it, but it’s on getting gas E: 59 frames per second E: I’ll change it E: I just learned something new from Ryan like I’ve always seen people tap off their gas you know like after it stops filling they’ll like add more to their gas or to their tank and I heard E: that’s bad I didn’t know why, so I why is bad? It can confuse your sensor your sensor, It can confuse it and cause problems You shouldn’t overfill the sensor will break not bad I think we should.. I don’t know… E: no? feels weird what is this? So we bought a couch from Ashley’s home furniture instead. They were having a really good sale so we got one from there but it took a month to get here and finally it’s here finally first of all, I like that it has a border I like that because many couches have a sewed seam, like this E: mm-hmm that won’t last long. This will last long One other thing I like is that you can sit, and stay cool because the fabric is very nice not very hot not very cold It’s perfect, the right amount even though the couch looks great I need to fix something, which is this E: yeah you can see. It has so much – like the
paint has come off Not just the paint, but the color of it is a little bit too dark for what we’re trying to do here I don’t really feel like fixing up this coffee table yet We’ve taken it apart and now we’re sanding it down even more It’s important to make sure the paint sticks because it’s too smooth it won’t adhere the texture will make the paint adhear This is very important too, use alcohol to wipe it down because that gets rid of all the small dirt particles, you know the color we picked hopefully it’s good when I paint, I tend to walk around a lot I don’t know why got to plan it all out in my head You want to do it? E: Hey those muscles. E: That’s pretty light E: That doesn’t look like the cap E: It doesn’t really look like that, does it? E: Oh, I guess it does E: What? It’s too late now E: hahaha It has to stay light, because you don’t want runs dripping You have to be light on the first coat, then the second coat being heavy is fine first one is light I realize it’s not very good that we’re breathing in all that paint from the spray paint. I thought it would be fine because we’re outside but I saw some paint on Ryan’s nose I’m still alive E: so I’m still alive E: I know E: but I worry about you E: and it’s not good for your lungs no E: you know E: paint all up in your nose E: It’s okay. This way you look cool E: it’s fine E: haha he asked me if I wanted a spray paint I said no no no because I’m scared I’ll mess it up He has a lot of experience. He spray paints so many things for his car spray paints all the time so he’s so experienced and I would mess it up so I just let him do it E: but thanks for asking come over here ready? If this gets messed up, I can’t fix it It’s important need to get this right babe, can you go get more paint? go get more please I have to go to Home Depot and get some more spray paint. I think one – at least one more can of clear coat and one can of the paint itself so gotta go there and get it I’m gonna ask him if he to make sure he
doesn’t need anything else because sometimes I come back and he needs something else E: babe, you don’t need anything else? E: just just two cans of
spray paint? One of these E: right Take this with you R: this one. Are you going to remember this one? E: yeah, I remember that one E: but that’s it? one of this one. That’s it R: love you E: love you too I got it E: oh! look how cute that dog it *knocking* E: looks good! It looks good, but I want to change the wood E: oh yeah E: what do? Change it for a lighter piece of wood luckily, I looked under, it’s just screwed in We’ll just buy one from Home Depot and stain it to what we want E: mm-hmm then put that in pine. put pine. It’s easy to put in E: yeah and they sell those like thick what oh yeah, let’s do that E: like four by fours or the thick square ones, you know R: it’s easy and cheap too E: you can just cut those and
replace that, the legs They cut it for you too so if anything, we’ll just take that there and have then measure and cut it E: yeah I was concerned about the color
when we put it together with that Ryan put it together like the bottom part and he was
like it looks ugly It’s ugly like that, but I feel like the blue is nice just, try to imagine a more light brown color later Like that? E: What? Oh like that color? E: Oh like Oak? E: Oak E: yeah that’s the better combo because it reflects off the black E: mm That’s why I want to get a light piece of wood E: yeah Try it E: hahaha E: mm-hmm R: yeah? thanks guys for watching we’ll see you guys next time Love you. Bye! Sign Duo OUT!

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  1. I propose that you should do a social experiment to show the importance of learning sign language haha, love u guys 💞 (go and follow the sign fam account on instagram: @signduofam)✨

  2. hey, I actually remember having a deaf friend when I was in elementary school, but the negative thing is that I never searched or tried to learn sign language, and I feel guilty, and now that I know to sign a little bit and I want deaf friends, I don’t have, so if you have the opportunity to help someone DO IT 🥺💖

  3. You could also use wood type of contact paper on the coffee table if you don’t want to replace everything or to see what color looks best before you officially redo it

  4. Great job on the table, guys. Ryan, you’re so handy.👍 and Ellen, you’re amazing. Love watching your vids and your instagram posts.

  5. Do you guys like the frosted glass of your coffee table? I personally would change it to a panel of clear glass if possible, bc the blueish tint of the frosted glass (even with the oak underneath lol when Ryan tips the chair under it) kinda clashes with the nice blue paint job you guys did. Maybe clear glass would go better with the modern, light scheme you're going for.

  6. Hello Ryan and Ellen, I'm from Philippines. I love your crafting and handful. I'm actually daughter of Furniture Maker. 🙂 I'm wondering you have ways to recycle your old furniture and others. It is really useful.

    I watched a lot of your videos. 😁 It's really cool, awesome and nice. I wish I could meet you. I'm already fans of you guys. Hehehe

  7. You both do SOOOO WELL with home improvements! Your house is so beautiful, and your yard ROCKSSSS! I love everything you do, Ryan and your sweetheart! Please forgive me, but I just can't remember your name. Ellen???? I am SO BAD! BTW, my parents had 8 kids. Four born deaf. The other 4 lost hearing. My grandmother and her two sisters went deaf as teenagers. My mother was hh. My son is deaf. So far, his two babies are hearing. My 18 month granddaughter is getting another hearing evaluation. Her baby brother is hearing, so far. Anyhow, we have deaf and hh in many generations, on my mother's side. Soooooo, sweetheart, *Ellen?*( very sorry) I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY BY your SIGNING!!! You are incredible! Absolutely incredible! I'm so glad you have each other! You are a great couple! God bless you and keep you. 🤟🏼❤🙏☝🏼🙌🏼💏😊

  8. As a student of interior design, lol I think it would look great if you guys put some indoor green plants and hang two big bright modern painting on the wall above the sofa. It will really brightrn up the space and your moods too. 👍👍

  9. I started my first ASL class last week! I’ve been practicing a lot with Bill Vicars’ videos since finding your channel but I’m so excited to get some feedback and learn more about the culture.

  10. I love Ryan being a professional couch critic 😂 “feels weird” “what is this?”…. naps on couch 👌😆😘

  11. also with overfilling your gas tank: Most tanks have 2 tubes going from the tank to the fill hole, one is for filling the tank, the other is to allow it to self regulate pressure, overfilling the tank can block off the pressure regulation and can cause problems.

  12. I love the new couch and the lighter table will be really nice! I'm hoping to get some lighter colors in my living room too.

  13. I started learning sign language and then I quit learning because I could never find anything that I could sit and watch long enough but then I saw y’alls channel and now I’m in love with sign language and I’m starting to learn more! So thank y’all!!! 💕

  14. I love how the table turned out! I actually would keep the dark wood, cause the blue stands out much more and it compliments the table! I think if you go for light wood the table would blend in with the rug and couch 🚫 but whatever makes you guys happy lol

  15. I finally finished binge watching your vlogs! Now I’m officially updated haha super excited for more :^) <3

  16. I love how Ryan explains the reasoning behind literally everything. And I don’t say that to be a smart ass, I’m totally serious lol. I learn so much from him!😂 you can tell how smart he is just by how explains why you do certain things. I can only imagine how wise he’ll get as the years progress. Missed you guys!!❤️

  17. so happy about the new videos! my husband and I are on the hunt for a new coffee table! After nine years of sanding and painting/ staining its officially time to move on to a new one!!! congrats on the living room updates and new addition to the family!

  18. Hi I really love your guys channel it’s been helping me a lot in my journey of learning sign language. One of my dads workers is deaf and I want him to feel comfortable and have someone to talk to so this has surprisingly been helpful in helping me learn. I also just love your guys relationship and u guys as individuals.

  19. Awesome guys! Love the sofa. My wife wants leather. This sofa can make you fell a sleep tho. Have a good one! 👍🏻🤟🏻

  20. Wait, you've got over 100,000 subscribers?! almost a million views on your recent video? I'M SO PLEASED YOU'RE FINALLY GETTING PROPER RECOGNISED!

  21. I just discovered your channel yesterday and I’ve been binge watching all your videos! How did you start learning sign language and how long did it take you to become pretty fluent? I’ve always wanted to learn but don’t even know where to start. x

  22. Awwww….. both of you so adorable to help & support each other as well. Good job as a team, that's what relationship is about!

  23. it took a month for your new sectional to arrive? That's crazy! As for Ryan explaining why you should never top off the tank. I got some of the reason. But didn't quite understand most of what he was saying. And that is one nice looking comfy sectional! Liking the color choice! Job well done on the finished table!!

  24. I like the coffee table diy! If it was anyone else they would've just thrown it out and got a new one. We can learn from Ryan and Ellen.

    P.s. it's good to watch your videos, they're refreshing.

  25. Ryan looked like he was having the time of his life at the furniture store 😂 I looooove the color of the couch you guys picked it’s so cute!!!

  26. I want to start a YouTube channel as a deaf person but I am sooo scared 😩 my ASL is rocky and my speech isn’t any better lol. I am pretty much stuck in between, how ever I enjoy watching your videos ❣️

  27. I'm Hearing & my boyfriend is Draf. We recently moved in together and hes also super handing like Ryan is with everything! It's really impressive right, Ellen?!

  28. Wow it's so refreshing to see ASL presented in such an approachable way. I hope to learn ASL from you two at my own pace and use it fluently one day 🙂

  29. The couch table looks so good now. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Had so much fun watching this vlog, keep making more like these please🤩

  30. Great job Ryan, you are such a handyman, I love all your tips. For all those kids who are Deaf and don't have easy communication with their parents, you are teaching them so much!

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