What $2,100 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

What $2,100 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

Hi, I’m Alicia. Hi, I’m Kendra. Welcome to our Sweet Digs in mini-Manhattan, also known as Forest Hills,
Queens, but before you come in subscribe below. Great, come on in. Our rent is currently $2100. I pay a little bit more because
I have a bigger room. So it’s about under $1000 for her
and a little bit over for me. We kinda think the rent is good,
for the city. The advantage of living in this neighborhood
is that you can get to the city really easy, and you can kinda get away
from the city. It’s very comfortable in that sense, so there’s a little bit of
peace here in Queens. And there’s parking! One of my favorite pieces in the house is a painting that my niece
drew when she was little. It was one of her first paintings that
she did for her Etsy shop. She has such an entrepreneurial spirit
at a young age. I borrowed it until it sells. Alicia is cheap. Welcome to our kitchen. This used to be my least favorite place, but I’ve grown to love it the
more I’ve practiced cooking. My by far favorite is fried chicken. Recently I discovered a
new recipe by adding a little bit of lemon to the dough and it’s so good. I recently became a vegetarian, so I don’t get to have the fried chicken. One of my favorite dishes,
it’s called channa, it’s from Guyana. You just mix a whole bunch
of chickpeas with, like, different spices, and if we’re lazy we just order Chinese. Welcome to our living room, one of my most favorite
places in the house. We’re actually both cousins, and we live together, but we also work together. It’s actually both our first time living
away from our parents. Having each other made it easier, since we were best friends
growing up as well. We both work at a startup company. I’m a founding partner at the company. I do customer experience. It’s kinda fun working with Alicia. Alicia’s boyfriend once surprised us and hung up these really cool lights, and it really made the
apartment seem warm. At night when you turn everything off it’s just very peaceful, very calming. We’ve turned this wall into
our vision board. We just wanted to make
some changes in our lives and just start putting
our dreams on paper. A really close friend of my boyfriend’s was signed to the Patriots
a few years ago, and he wanted to get resigned,
and we wrote it on the board and then he got resigned to
a new team. So I want to have a daughter, and I want to name her Noah,
so I put her name on here. One day you’re gonna meet Noah. And this is our inspiration board. All of these quotes have been
added because of something that maybe we
were going through. “Proceed and be bold,” we were nervous about something that was
happening at work, and we wrote this down
and the next day we went in: power women. This is one of my top
pieces in the apartment. It’s a case that my sister had
found at a warehouse. She realized that it was actually one
of Jim Henson’s cases. There was foam inside and then
when we looked closely we realized that there was an imprint of Cookie Monster. The case itself is amazing, I love it. It’s a really unique piece, and
we have it here for now, but we would really love to display it. Let us know what you think in the comments. Cookie Monster was always my favorite. I think because I couldn’t eat cookies when I was younger, but at her house I ate cookies. This is the bathroom. Kendra’s most important thing when we were apartment hunting was that the bathroom be all white. She has a pet peeve with
bathrooms being dirty. Overall I let her take care
of this space. I don’t like it when water is on the sink. Like after you use it you
should just wipe it off. She wakes up a little bit earlier than me, so she gets in the bathroom prior, and she puts on her makeup
and then I come in. When it came to my bedroom the most important requirement for me
when we were getting the apartment was that I was able to fit a
queen sized bed into it, with additional space for
additional furniture. I guess the primary reason I
ended up in the bigger room was that I have a boyfriend, and he comes over a lot so
I wanted to make sure that I had a space, and we didn’t
disturb Kendra as much. These thrones were made by my dad when I first opened up a
princess themed nail salon. The thrones fit little girls
ages three to nine. The whole theme behind the Delilah Soleil is that you dress up as a
princess while you’re getting your nails done. I got a loft bed. I was inspired by like higher ceilings, and underneath I can read
and have my own space, and also up here it’s really tiny. I like little cubbies and stuff like that. It’s a little more playful with a loft bed. I really wanted to make
a refurbished panel book shelf. It’s probably my favorite
piece in the room. So I have a tree stump as my night table, and then I also have a branch here. It holds my clothes up. I would describe my home style as modern. I think Kendra’s is more southern? My home style is a little artsy, and I grab things from
everywhere and anywhere… but not southern I don’t think. I don’t think so either. I think the best thing about
living with Alicia is the ease. We’ve been with each other through
the hardest times of growing up. So like, moving is such a hard thing, getting a career, I think this is my first real, real job, and I was able to
do it with Alicia. I’m so used to her, I don’t feel like I left home,
so this place doesn’t feel abnormal, it feels right, like, perfect. Thanks for checking out our Sweet Digs, to watch more videos click here, and to subscribe click here.

100 thoughts on “What $2,100 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

  1. I love these ladies! Not only are they cute and creative but they are smart. Moving to the big city, who better to do that with than blood. Also the place is huge and the rent divided reasonable. #BlackGirlsRock 😉

  2. You girls are DARLING and seem so sweet and "unspoiled" (if that's the word) by The Big City and I'm 67 years old so my perspective is entirely different (although I still feel 20) but I can still relate because I moved out on my own when I was 19 and would have LOVED to have a cousin to share an apt with!! Also, I know you rent, but I was thinking that the frame around the mirror and the vanity in the bathroom would look GREAT with a coat of black paint, maybe chalk paint, and some polycrylic over it. Would they let you do that? It would definitely update the bathroom and look great with your shower curtain! Thank you for sharing, and best wishes to you both in your careers and otherwise!!

  3. @1:06 I am eating fried chicken right now for dinner! Lol you reminded me to squeeze some lime on the top! 😆 love you guys and your apartment!

  4. It’s 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. For $2000 a month the only 2bd rental I can find are granny flats with a gross 1970s kitchen. Any 2bd that’s tidy with a modern kitchen has over a 100 applicants within a day. Fuck me.

  5. “Mini-Manhattan” and homegirl saying she got the bigger room b/c she had a boyfriend irked me. Hopefully, she’s also paying more in rent since she has a larger room and her boyfriend is always over, causing more utilities expenditures.

  6. Forest Hills Queens🤔didn’t 50cent grow up in Jamaica Queens…..umm he had a rough childhood umm😐do not want to live there and neither does he!

  7. The lightskin one is cute the darkskin one with fake hair and fake voice and funny looking mouth and big teeth is ugly she wants to be like the lightskin one but the darkskin one is do phoney the voice hair just phonie phoney her teeth mouth is so ugly but wait she like all darkskin woman she thinks she's cute and she ant

  8. i dont want to come off rude but has a native queens resident no one called forest hills “mini manhattan” haha if anything that would be long island city. although forest hills is still a very nice area.

  9. The apartment is beautifully designed and decorated. I love the way you two cousins get along and both of you seem like very nice smart girls

  10. Very chic apartment and just big enough for the both of you to have your own space and also together space. .but I have to admit that even though the biggest bedroom is really feminine and lovely I gotta admit that I like the smaller one better
    She used that space wisely
    Getting the loft bed was genius. .it gave her, her own little sitting room for relaxing without making the room feel cramped. .plus all her little eclectic decor. .nice!

  11. That Jim Henson case 😱 if I could have one thing out of all the apartment videos it would be that. Beautiful place & they are such beautiful souls!

  12. I love their apartment and what they’ve done. Super cute! Also this is the first part of this series that I’ve watched where I’m not picking my jaw up off the floor because the rent is crazy.

  13. Forget the apartment, I love these women! Such beautiful smiles and positive attitudes. I also love how they let the other person be…fried chicken, vegetarian Guyanese food…to each her own! 🙂

  14. Awww…I'm so use to her I don't feel like I left home💞…Nice Digs I like Kendra's room the best because I love 📚…but that loft bed …honey you'll be Single forever 😂😂😂 j/k…Liked and Subscribed…

  15. Kendra has such a great eye and amazing style! Her room is gorgeous. Both ladies are adorable. Proceed and be bold!

  16. My friends aunt has an apartment in Forest Hills and we crashed there for the summer at least I was a bit iffy because of the distance to the city but omg it is a gorgeous neighborhood. Like it was actually amazing to come home after a hectic day in the city and it had this awesome piece also the apartments I saw there were gorgeous.

  17. Oh wait you own a nail salon, I am a master technician! I will come visit when I come home to Brooklyn to see my, fam. Much nail success for 30 years like me!!!

  18. Channa is not from Guyana lol….it's actually Indian. I'm half Trini and we eat channa with a lot of dishes

  19. Hi! Chana is the Urdu term for chick peas:) the dish originated from South Asia:) My mom adds lal mirch, cumin, onions and tomatoes to the dish to create a healthy vegetarian dish. You two are so sweet and articulate.

  20. I like your stylish hair and your bellarina shoes is exactly like mine and your home is full of personal touch…

  21. I love the color variations in the hardwood flooring. This is a great place I could see myself living here.

  22. Oh , you too are such kindred spirits! Love the loft & the tree branch. Best of everything ladies 💕

  23. what?? she "couldn't eat cookies when…", she was younger??..oh, *no!! because:

    *Luuuuuucyy!! you got some 'splaining to do!!"

    because, she doesn't get to say that with no follow-up! otherwise every kid in NYC & on the internet will be terrified! and not know how to avoid the cookie ban! 😯

    & thanks for sharing your home digs with us! decorative &/or space-saving ideas are everything.. esp., when we're looking at our heart's ideas for *tiny-homes-on-wheels.*👍🕉️☯️☮️

    otherwise, waving hello! 🙋🏾
    to these lovely young women in NY!..so awesome, you're cousins!
    quite inspiring, as i've no cousins or siblings who i'd choose to make a home with.. plus, the real estate cost-of-living – out here on the west coast – it's just..well..i'll let the (Re)public choose a word.. but 6 months rent, not enough to easily deal with Life's' pitfalls. 🙁

  24. Damn, she said they are BOTH cousins. So rare to find two cousins….. and not just one cousin….and one stranger…..but BOTH cousins. wow

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