What $259,000 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

What $259,000 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

Hi! My name is Jessica and
welcome to my Sweet Digs, where I share 460
square feet with my fiancé. Before you come in, make sure to hit
the subscribe button below. Come on in. I live in Burbank, California, next to the
Warner Brothers Studios. I live here with
my fiancé, Dean, and we’ve been living together for almost two years. I bought this place for $259, which I
thought was a lot at the time, but now that it’s selling for $375,
I think I got a good deal. This is the closet that I turned
into the office, also known as the “cloffice.” The reason why I call it “cloffice” is
because originally it was a sliding door closet, but I needed more square footage. So, I actually took off the doors, added a
hanging light, painted the inside, and stuck my desk in there. Now it’s my little office area. Right behind the door when you enter,
you’re going to see our travel map. My fiancé and I signify all the gold pins
for places that we’ve been together. All of the white pins are places he’s been
himself, and all of the black pins are places I go by myself. Every time we go to a new place,
it’s kind of fun to come home and stick another pin on the map. Right below it, I actually hung a walking
stick. We took a trip to Japan and climbed
Mount Fuji, and every time we hit another checkpoint, all the way up to the summit,
we got a little stamp. So, it’s one of the
hardest trips that we’ve been on together, but it really built our relationship. So, it’s really important to us. This is the kitchen. When I first started house hunting,
I had a long list of must-haves. I had to have outdoor space,
I had to have 2 rooms, I had to have indoor washer and dryer, a gas stove,
and central air. And I got one of them. I think cooking is one of the things that
my fiancé Dean and I like to do a lot together
because we have the one must-have in here. He loves to make chicken wings. He’s the best. And I love to make quinoa
that my mom taught me to make. To utilize the vertical space, I actually
had somebody who does a lot of work on my parents’
house build these octagon shelves for me. We kind of house our plants, some of
our family pictures, and every time we drink a bottle of wine, we name it, and we
stick it in this. My biggest regret with designing this space,
it’s kind of a love/hate relationship, was picking white floors. I think it was a good
idea because the white floors make the 460 square feet feel bigger, however,
anytime you move furniture, anytime you walk in here, you’re gonna leave
a scuff. So, I guess it’s something that
I just have to deal with. You would think that this is a “shoes off”
household because everything is so white, but I really don’t care. Just walk on in. Welcome to the dining room area. This dining room set actually didn’t start
as a set. The table was from my parents. Three of the chairs are from a thrift store,
and one of the chairs is from a flea market. We painted everything white,
and added the same fabric on top of the seats to make it my dining room set. It’s actually a place that we end up piling
everything on. When walk through the door,
our work bag, our jackets. Everything ends up here. So, the next day we have
to clear it off again. The most sentimental piece is probably
the hutch. It is currently our mini-bar, but
it wasn’t always a mini-bar. It was actually my parents’ china cabinet
that was in their first home. So, when
I bought my first property, it was kind of like a rite of passage. When you live in a small space, you
may think that you need certain things, but after a while you realize
you don’t utilize it as much as you should. So, we had a small couch at one point
and no one ever sat on it. So, we swapped it out for a credenza
from CB2. I can’t really remember
how much it cost. I think I block out
things that I have to pay full price for, but if I had to guess, probably around
3 or $400. Dean actually did a lot of his work from
this dining table. So, having a little bit
of extra storage for his work stuff, and a lot of other things that were laying
around the house, was way more important than a couch. My favorite piece in the entire place is
probably also the most functional. My dad built a pony wall/
shoe caddy/ TV swivel mount. And that serves as a divider
between our two spaces, the dining room and the bedroom. So, I needed to find a lighting solution
for the bedroom area because it was a little dark in here. I already had a bull
head that I attached to my wall as kind of art, and decided to stick a
light bulb kind of in its mouth area to make it into a sconce. Every time Dean looks at it, he says it
looks a little demonic, but I think it was smart and cute. What do you think? Leave it in the comments. One of the hardest things about living
in such a small space with another person is if you have a disagreement,
you have nowhere to go. So, kind of a little unspoken thing that
Dean and I do is when we have a little argument, he goes into the dining area,
I stay in the bed. And it’s probably the
only two spaces in the house where you can’t see each other. So, until we cool off a little bit,
that’s where we stay. Dean and I met at a party called “Colors”
a little over three years ago. It was the last couple of minutes
of the party. The last call. And he asked to buy me a drink. And I told him I wanted a water. We ended up talking for the rest
of the night, exchanged numbers, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. This is the closet that Dean and I share. So, I’ve worked in fashion and eyewear
for the last five, six years. I currently work at Trina Turk. I’ve worked there for about a year and
three months, and I love it. My last place was a loft with two
walk-in closets. So, I know you can
imagine downsizing to one closet and then sharing it was difficult. But I think that the pieces I kept were
the pieces that I actually wear all the time. So, I don’t really
mind it as much. One decision we made was to take
the sliding doors off. You know that little middle part that
you can never get to? We couldn’t afford to lose that space. So, by taking the doors off,
we actually ended up fitting more in there. The one door in the house
leads to our bathroom. So, the first thing I realized when
I got to the bathroom area of this place was that sink wasn’t even
inside the bathroom. It’s actually directly across from
the closet. But by having the sink
on the outside of the bathroom, it allows us to both get ready at the
same time. I mentioned I had a
long list of must-haves, and one of them was a clawfoot tub and
instead I got this. I guess it works for the purpose of
getting ready, but I really want a nice, beautiful clawfoot that
I can light candles. Yeah. Wishful thinking. After Dean and I get married next April,
we’re hoping to upsize a little bit. And this time I’m not gonna have a
long list of wants. I just want a door. When I first moved in, and bought
this place, it was just for myself. So, when Dean moved in,
to downsize my stuff even more than I already had was a task,
but sharing it with Dean, solidifying our relationship,
it ended up being the best choice in the end. Thanks so much for watching my
Sweet Digs. To subscribe, click here. To watch more videos, click here.

100 thoughts on “What $259,000 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

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  8. It’s a cute place. As a NYer, I’m used to small apts, so I wouldn’t mind renting this place. And I love the tv swivel thing. But I can’t believe she chose to make that space a dining room instead of a living room. I can not live without a couch. I don’t see the point in that size dining table in such a tiny home. She could’ve put some stools up against the bar that separates it from the kitchen. That would be enough for a couple to have meals. And they she could have a real living room. And although I think the “cloffice” is so cute and so cool, I just can’t imagine giving up closet space.

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  26. People commenting on the price but she better keep that studio apartment as an investment!!!!!! It’s going to appreciate in price.

  27. Burbank is a great little place, especially if you want access to the studios. It's downtown is filled with diversions. My brother bought an investment condo at the height of the Great Recession for 500K…in the heart of the downtown walking district. He rents it out to child stars and their parents. As someone raised in LA proper, I feel good vibes for this non-central location. It's so convenient. Her investment will work out in the long run and perhaps she can upgrade to a bigger space. Summers do get hot in that part of LA.

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