What $4,675 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

What $4,675 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

I’m Sarah Ashley, and welcome to Salt House
headquarters. I mean my Sweet Digs. Before you come in, make sure and subscribe. Okay let’s go. I live here with my fiancé, Jared, and we’re
in Brooklyn, New York, so we’re right on the border between the neighborhoods of Boerum
Hill, Cobble Hill, and Caroll Gardens. We pay $4675 in rent, which is a lot but if
you know the New York City marketplace we actually are getting a lot of value for what
we’re paying. So, we live in a duplex, so there’s two different
levels, there’s one bedroom, two and a half bathrooms, and we also have an amazing outdoor
space that has two levels as well. Here’s the kitchen. This used to be the least favorite room in
the apartment, but I’ve made a lot of changes to it. I actually changed the look of all these counters. They’re not really marble, this is all done
with contact paper. And then we also did something similar with
the cabinets. Which are fine, they’re just a wood darker
cabinet. But in order to sort of brighten everything
up I put this wallpaper on it. Also, the open pantry and the spice rack, both
of those sort of speak to form and function, because they’re both really beautiful to
look at but it also creates so much more storage space, which I’m definitely lacking. Everything looks super neat and organized,
but if you guys were to take a peak in some of my drawers and cabinets, you would not
see such a pretty picture. So, I too caught the Marie Kondo bug, and just
took everything out, threw away everything that was already expired or just things that
I honestly wasn’t using that much. It’s made every part about being in my kitchen
such a better experience. I feel like our environment impacts the way
that we feel so much, and if I want to feel inspired to cook then I need to be in a space
that I love. I was on the first season of a TV show called
The Taste that was on ABC, and it was a competitive cooking show, and it was a super fun experience,
I learned a ton, and that lead me to move to New York City and start my company Salt
House, which is a lifestyle brand all about helping people tap into their own creativity
and find more joy in everyday living. I think that my favorite thing to cook is
a perfectly roasted chicken. Just because it’s so easy to do, so I always
like to recommend that to beginners because it’s a really great way to build confidence
in the kitchen. And even if you ask top chefs that’s often
their answer, just a perfectly simple roasted chicken. And this is the dining room. I really love this table, it has this really
beautiful copper base, and it’s also very special to me. Every week I like to do a little date night,
Jared and I. So, I’ll cook a special dinner for us, and
towards the end of the meal he always kinda just motions over and I always go and sit
on his lap for a little bit. And that’s actually where we got engaged. I also really love to collect dishware, all
different kinds of plates and serving bowls, and so I need a place to put everything. So, I think this Ikea piece is really great
because it has so much storage space. And I love that it displays as well as has
the drawers that you can pull out so you can store stuff in there too. Another feature about this room that I love
is the Lucite bar cart. It’s locally made and available on our website,
SaltHouseNYC.com. And it’s really cool that we have a bar
upstairs and downstairs. And this is the bedroom. This bed is definitely the centerpiece of
the room. I knew that I wanted a canopy bed when we
were moving in here, and Jared actually was not into the idea at first. But I convinced him and he ended up loving
it. I got these nightstands, which were a little
bit of a challenge to find just because the bed is so high, and most nightstands today
are built pretty low. Initially I was gonna get the dresser that
matched these nightstands, but it ended u coming damaged and it was gonna be months
to get another one, so I picked out this black dresser and I actually ended up liking it
so much more. Just because I don’t typically love the
matchy matchy look. We have a no-screens policy for the most part
in the bedroom. We don’t have a TV and I definitely try
to avoid being on my phone. Jared and met because he was my lawyer. He was starting my business for me when I
was starting my LLC, and yeah, I guess you could say I was definitely his favorite client. When we were moving in together this was his
first time moving in with a girlfriend, and he was definitely having a little bit of an
identity crisis because I was just getting rid of all of his stuff. He ended up trusting me, he loves my aesthetic
so rest in peace to Jared’s old stuff. This is our master bathroom, which is one
of three. We have another one on this floor, which has
a little tiny tub in it. And then there’s another half bath downstairs. All the bathrooms pretty much look the same
so to spice things up definitely into some accessorizing. I got this fun rug from Urban Outfitters,
and then a little pop of color in the towels from H&M, and like this little soap dish,
which is a bracelet that I wouldn’t actually wear, but it just kinda worked under this
gem stone soap. This is the living room. I had a huge laundry list of all these things
I wanted in a place. I wanted two levels, and stairs, and tons
of natural light, and an outdoor space, and all these things. Jared’s dad thought that I was totally nuts. And he was like, “There’s no way that
you’re gonna find an apartment with all those things.” And I have to say we hit almost all the boxes. The only thing I want in my next place is
a fireplace. The first thing that I did when we moved in
was painted this wall blue. Just because I knew that it would be an accent
sort of focal piece for the room. And then I wanted to create a gallery wall
on top of that. It’s really interesting, I think, to create
your own art for a gallery wall. It’s a way that you can do it a little bit
more affordably, and you can also tailor pieces in that way to match the aesthetic of your
space. My favorite splurge item is definitely this
sectional sofa. It’s made by a maker named Kristin Drohan,
and it’s just so deep and comfortable. Sometimes sofas are really beautiful but you
do not want to sit on them for an extended period of time, and this one you do. The bar underneath the stairwell is also one
of my favorite pieces. I knew I wanted to utilize the space underneath
the stairs. We love entertaining so it’s great having
this down here. And behind it is my home office. Truly being at home is one of my favorite
ways to be inspired, and that’s why I feel like having an environment that really lights
you up is so important. I’ve even found a way to turn this little
corner of my home into miniature art studio, so I have my easel and so many different art
supplies. Cooking was my first love, and from there
I went into home decorating, and later on I got into painting, and I realized they were
all just methods of expressing myself through creativity. I love painting in particular because I feel
like it’s a way that I can truly turn my mind off and really get into the present moment,
even more so for me than with cooking. I really think that the home is one of the
most powerful ways that we can find more joy in our lives. Just waking up in a space that feels inspiring
to me, something that really reflects who I am. It’s something that brings me so much joy. Thanks so much for watching my Sweet Digs. If you wanna watch more videos head over here,
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100 thoughts on “What $4,675 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

  1. Ok, normally I go in on folks who come to Sweet Digs to bash how expensive New York is (duh, we get it already) but I admit this had me stumped. This was waaaay too pricey to pay in rent. Duplex, schmuplex!

  2. Her: Tells date night story
    Everyone: "Ok, bitch… And?" 😂
    Seriously tho, I'm cringing. That was so disconnected from the convo (not to mention just being awkward) that I have 2nd hand embarrassment 😭

  3. I wanna see real places not interior ripped out of a IKEA catalogues, are people actually living with like a dining table fully prepared at all time? Feels so unnatural

  4. Aside from putting contact paper on the countertops in the kitchen (probably not a design choice I'd make, but I don't know what they looked like before), I actually love her home. I think it is really spacious and bright, I like the homey decor, and it's is a lot of room for $4675 by NYC standards. Plus, her outdoor space is fantastic.

  5. I love that ikea is the go to place for people featured on my sweet digs. I think it's because you can't afford anything else.

  6. Her home decorating skills aren't bad (except for the atrocious contact paper) But she seems unbelievably self-centered and I would want to stay far away from her.

  7. Enough all ready.You guys need to listen to your audience, because Ive seen this comment over and over. Your sweet digs content is getting old, boring and redundant, DO OTHER CITIES THAN LA and NY for the love of god. Theses are so old and repetitive. How about Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco,Philly, Dallas, DC other cool cities. It just lacks major creativity and versatility

  8. A great deal for NYC???  good grief, where I live you could live in a MANSION for that amount of $$$!!!!! So, people are making really high incomes or their sharing a place with 13 room mates ???;)

  9. Honestyl paying over $4000 for a 1 bedroom apartment sounds dumb to me. I get it ur in nyc but it’s not even worth it

  10. There’s nothing or special about this home. Maybe you’re fascinated with it because you’ve been in New York for so long you don’t know what it’s like to have a house. Literally any house can look like this. And the colors are tacky as hell. Color scheme: eggshell on ivory on mayonnaise. It is literally white. 🐑🐇🐁🐚

  11. Im not sure what's changed behind the scenes in the production of this series, but something is definitely off. I just rewatched an episode from season 2, and it was quirky and the person featured really spoke about unique personal touches, and was relatable, and had a warm personality. this series has lost it's spark. its as though the newest episodes lack any depth. and I don't the blamed the people featured. it just feels way too focused on home decor and materialism instead of a real creative perspective on millennial living.

  12. lots of haters in the comment based on an individual's living style. I bet the staff of the show was asking her questions and she just answers them. People on here dont know her personally why all the criticism based on 7 min video. Pretty petty.

  13. beautiful bright and bubbly lady, lucky lawyer, wonderful beautiful home, 'good for you fullaz!!!!!!' as they say in NZ where we troll you to your face not on the internet 🙂

  14. I have mixed feelings about this. It's a beautiful place, but I don't think it's a good deal at all considering that the place duplex only holds 2 people, is based in Brooklyn, and has multiple bathrooms when there needn't be.
    I personally think the rent for this place is actually ridiculous. I've seen luxury apartments in Manhattan and Central London that were cheaper than this place. The poor woman has been scammed out of her money.

  15. It fathoms the FUCK out of me how at one point you couldn’t pay a white person 20 dollars to step foot in Brooklyn now every white female with their lifestyle blogs stays in Brooklyn with their white walls and tacky fake ass marble kitchen countertops because it was a “good deal” get the fuck out! 😒 seriously…

  16. I already love my condo, but watching these videos makes me feel even better that I not only own my space and can pass it down to my children, but also that I am paying a fraction of what they are paying a month and my payments will end eventually. 😊

  17. Must suck dishing out 60 grand a year for something you will never own. No city on earth is “worth it” in my opinion.

  18. This is not realistic for people with normal jobs in NYC i know this because i used to live there!! Who pays this much? Why not just move upstate N.Y.?

  19. She got rid of his stuff because it didn’t match her aesthetic? I feel like that’s borderline emotional abuse. My husband has some decorative items I can’t stand but I’m not going to take down or throw out things that make him happy…

  20. Boyfriend was her lawyer who formed her business! Smart girl! Why didn't I think of that?! I'd definitely be more creative. And no shade I'm serious, that was genius girl! 💍🥂🤔

  21. Wow, Internet troll world. When did human's get so mean? Sarah, you are beautiful, inspiring and your home is a dream come true, thank you for sharing it with us all (ignore agree people tapping nasty comment, sending them blessings) xo

  22. Sweet Digs, at this point, please turn your comments section off or have a moderator. This is the most depressing comment section ever. We can’t even talk about house decor without people calling this woman an “idiot” or “out of touch with reality”. I don’t understand why people are so angry.

  23. a) those kitchen cabinets were tacky and b) pink dining chairs?! I don't believe for one second that the husband genuinely likes how she decorated the place.

  24. that contact paper on the cabinet looks really really really terrible…you might as well just leave the cabinet as it is…

  25. Sweet Digs, I hope the DC metro area is on your list of new cities in the future. I'm interested to see if (how much) prices change after Amazon HQ2 officially opens.

  26. Weird editing in this video. Cuts to her sitting in a completely different room but carrying on the same conversation, lol. Have some standards Refinery 29 – just start the interview over again.

  27. I’d like to see some more relatable people in this series. Maybe some more affordable rents, outside of the larger cities? Not just LA NYC… thank you

  28. I feel like this particular news story doesn't accurately reflect her well enough, she has more dimension than shown here and deserves far more credit than the people commenting are giving her. Having enjoyed watching her channel, she is clearly a smart, well organized and sweet person who loves to cook and entertain. She has a zest for life. Having a home like this allows her to have nice parties and have clients over comfortably. A home with lots of light and space can make all the difference. I've lived in some dark apartments and lord were they depressing (and my relationship didn't do too well in them either, since the storage was terrible) and the one I have now is bright airy and cheerful. You pay more for light and space and a nice atmosphere. She wanted a space with a really good vibe to live and work in. Can't say I blame her there. Looks like a dream apartment to me, in all honesty.

  29. so daddy jared is paying almost $5,000 for a 1 bedroom 2 bath apartment..while she tries to side hustle her "business" lololol

  30. My dads mortgage in Brooklyn for a 2 family house is 2800… taxes and insurance it’s still not over 4000 😦 good for them! I think they could get a nice condo for that price.

  31. Every time I watch this series I am like ‘holy shit there are so much stuff the cleaning must be hell.’ But then they might hire a helper to clean the room.

  32. Please do something in Paris! I would love to see my city’s new aesthetic since it’s been so long seen I’ve lived there 😔

  33. I liked the bar under the stairs. It seems like her list of apartment wants are more suitable to a house. Take the leap & get one, you're already paying mortgage rates on a property you don't own

  34. i wasnt at all into the decorating..i know, who cares. lol but i LOVED the one in Texas *1200/month one.

  35. It's all about location. There are units like this on my block, around the corner from Barclay's Center, going for 5K-8K per month depending on the number of bedrooms. These units are never vacant. There are wating lists for these units. My landlord's policy is to rent only, no sales. Sad but true.

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