What $850 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

What $850 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

Hi, this is Christina. Welcome to my Sweet Digs, before you come
in, just make sure to subscribe in this general area. And I’ll wait. Alright, come on in. I live in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles. And I pay $850 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Which is, very little. This is my living room. I don’t really have a decorating plan. All this furniture is either like, you know,
from Target or Craigslist or given to me. This chair I found on the street. My desk and my chair are from Craigslist. The only thing I actually bought with any
intention, is this ridiculous chair that’s shaped like a hand. When people see this chair they’re normally
like, “Woahhh, is that comfortable?” And, it is. So, don’t worry about it. It’s pretty silly and I feel like it’s
the kind of thing that’s like, really hard to square away with like, a roommate. Every other person I’ve lived with, or like,
guy I’ve dated is been really into like, the minimalist thing. Wanner pattern chair, cowhide rug, uhhh. I kind of just like stuff that makes me happy. A lot of things that are on the walls are
either, art that people have given me, or I’ve purchased. I am a writer and a comedian. I was an art critic for like, 7 years before
I got seriously into comedy. I love it. This print, um, is by an artist and a dear
friend of mine named Meghan Gordon. That is actually, my hand, doing an awkward dance. I like the contrast of stuff that is really
nice that I’ve, like, paid to get framed, versus, like, stuff that I just threw up there. There’s 3 closets and they are all big. But, this is the first one, where I hang all
my coats for these harsh LA winters. I have a thing for cheeseburgers and hotdogs. My phone is a hotdog. Cheeseburger piggy bank. Purse in the shape of a Pink’s hotdog. My favorite is in the kitchen. This is President Little Hamburger Man, and
it’s actually, a marionette puppet that my boyfriend made when he was a kid. Kitschy stuff is always been something I’ve been into. Just stuff that’s shaped like other stuff. Oh, a purse that’s shaped like lips. Here’s a teapot that’s shaped like an elephant. I just really like it and brings me to joy
to have silly things around. The floor in this place was like a really
gross vinyl floor from the 70s, so I actually paid with my own money to just put, like,
a slightly cuter vinyl floor in here. The thing about this kitchen, is that it’s very small. And, these are fake drawers. Everything is kind out in, like, jars, and on the walls. Mostly this is a place for more stuff because
not a whole lot of cooking goes down in here. This is a pantry, but the bottom is the comedy cubby. Props, or costumes, or anything I need to
use for my act. A fake mustache, fake blood, nipple pasties. “Laugh at me because I’m different…I
laugh at you because you’re all the same!” And I bought two. I can’t even get in there without, like,
having a bunch stuff spill out. Come this way. This is the hallway which is just a more of
a liminal space. This is closet #2. It’s the biggest one and it’s where I
shove things before people come over, such as yourself. And then here’s the bathroom, which is pretty small as well. This is really where the magic happens. Nothing too fancy about it. My favorite part though, is the floor, which
I also paid to have the floor done myself. This whole place is cheap enough to make it worth it. Finally, got to go to Linoleum City. This giant warehouse that only sells, like,
different types of floor. A lot of the fun floors were really expensive,
so I went to the scrap section and there was just this scrap of flooring that was like,
leftover from an airport bathroom. I spend a lot of time looking at it. Here is the bedroom. Some of the most sentimental pieces in my
apartment are in this room. The paintings on the wall. The one at the top there is a painting that
I did when I was like 12 or 13 years old. The more I look a other paintings, the more
I realize that was a great painting that I did. The final walk-in closet is here in the bedroom. Oh, look! It’s more clothes and shoes. There’s no light in here. So I can only open it during the day. I found this place through, uh, a friend of a friend. There’s an artist I was working with at the time. His assistant overheard that I was looking
for a place to live and said, “Oh, I live in this really great little building and
it’s very cheap. The apartment at the end of the hall has been
empty for like, a month.” I called the owners. I just said, “I’m gonna move in.” I think I was here for like, a full week before
the owner actually came by with the lease. And we signed it. By far the best way to find a place in LA
is to just know somebody who knows somebody, who knows a guy, who knows a girl. Everyone else who lives here has lived here
for a very long time, and we’re very neighborly. They’re a few times when I first moved in
that, my neighbor would knock on the door and be like, “Hey, I uh, I made too much
ziti so, you should a- you should come over and eat some of this ziti.” I think cause the building is small and everyone’s
pretty close together, it feels more neighborly than most places I’ve lived. I do live here alone. Santi is my boyfriend and we actually tried
living together here. We nearly drove each other nuts cause this
place is very small. So, he has his own place now and we’re sort
of regrouping and trying to figure out how to make it work. We both work from home. I feel like the only thing that can make this
space work for us is getting, like, a separate, like, studio or office space. Which would kind of, cancel out saving money
on rent, but, saving money on rent should not be the primary reason for moving in with
someone in the first place. Reconciling, like, love and real estate in
Los Angeles is a cruel math and we’re still trying to figure out how to do that. My favorite part of this neighborhood is that
it’s very walkable. Within, like, 3 blocks there is coffee, breakfast,
a nice bar, and a 24-hour taco stand. And the train station! So why I would go anywhere else in the city is beyond me. Well, thank you for coming over and checking
out my Sweet Digs. You can watch more videos here or subscribe there. And, um, I’m gonna check my email, but I will see you around.

100 thoughts on “What $850 Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

  1. I pay 850 in West Hollywood for a studio. I got it in 2009 and my landlord lives on site. He thankfully likes me and doesn't go up on rent. Its tiny tho. 220 sq feet.

  2. That's more than twice what I pay for a one bedroom apt, it's just a little bigger than my apt. But her place looks older than mine

  3. The reality 850 a month is unimaginable now you can get a bed on a bunkbed in a room with 3 other people for that price. This is. Very Isolated situation.

  4. Could you guys do one for D.C or Georgetown? I know a lot of potential and current GWU and GU students would appreciate it cause its such a gamble up here!

  5. I do find it funny how dudes who call themselves "minimalists" usually have a car. If you own a car and don't live in it, you are NOT a minimalist. Get over yourselves. 🙂

  6. The size of the space is my favorite part! How many sq feet? (Please always include that info in Sweet Digs).
    She kept saying how "small" the place is! Is she kidding???
    Although, all of her "quirky" items make the space appear way overcrowded and tiny.
    But I'm confused because people say LA is expensive like NYC but no way you'd get that much space in NY for less than $2000 if you could find it that cheap!

  7. This is what my apartment would look like if I had my own place.. I'm super jelly. I would love that place!

  8. I wanted to watch an apartment tour not a horror movie…

    But nah tho she seems like she has an awful personality, I’d love to be her friend

  9. i just can't understand why all these NYC people have so so many stuff and details on their shelf or on doors or desk…or everywhere . It just makes you feel like suffocating and it's looking untidy

  10. my favorite home tour thus far. absolutely love how there is no set "theme", just whatever makes her happy 🙂 love it!!!!

  11. crazy how different states/cities make a huge difference. i live in Iowa, I have a two bedroom two full bath apartment with all the ameneties & i pay $780 with all utilities included. and i live on the “rich” side of town. not bragging – just crazy how things are so different!!

  12. "You might laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because your all the same." $850 a month is so awesome! I love when she tells why she will never leave, a great bar, 24 hour taco stand, a restaurant, and a train, blocks from her home.

  13. 850.00 – The first thilng I did was look for the date and place. In 2017 when I went looking there was no apartment for under 1300. now 2019 and 2 rent increases already.

  14. I would like to know how you found a place so cheap , I couldn’t find anything nearly as cheap when I lived there , your place is gorgeous

  15. I used to live in highlandpark and I really like it but now it’s so expensive that apartment is probably around $1500 now

  16. i forking hate you. you’re definitely on rent control 😭
    my roommate and i pay 2k for a two bedroom in the east valley :’

  17. Most women hide theirs behind a heap of bags in the wardrobe. She, meanwhile, displays hers on a bookshelf for every every man, woman and dog to see 🤦🏾‍♀️

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