What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses? – GOOD Answer To This Interview Question

What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses? – GOOD Answer To This Interview Question

Today you’re going to learn how to
answer one of the most commonly asked interview questions, “what are your
greatest weaknesses” and because this question can be one of the most
intimidating, I’m going to show you how to answer this question with confidence
and control and if you stick around until the end of the video, I’m going to
show you exactly responses that you can give in your next interview. If we’ve
never met before, I’m Heather Austin from ProfessorAustin.comm and The Career
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a thing and real quick comment down below with what your biggest question is
when it comes to doing well in a job interview. Before we tackle the best
method for answering the common interview question “what are your
greatest weaknesses”, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, this question
is asked because the interviewer wants to get a good idea on what your
self-awareness is. They want to gauge how you see yourself and they want to get a
good idea of what your personality and your character is. So when it comes to
answering this question just relax and be yourself. Second this question comes in many forms. You might hear it as, “what are your
weakest skills” or “tell me about a time that you failed” or “what area would your
current boss say you need improvement in.” No matter the form that this question
comes in, use the tips I’m about to share with you to answer it well. So let’s jump
into it. Tip number one is to be honest. The last thing you want to do is make
something up. This will only make it harder for you to be yourself and answer
the question naturally. Pick a few common, legitimate weaknesses that don’t
actually relate directly to the job you are applying for. For example, if you’re
applying for a position in customer service, you probably don’t want to
mention that sales is your greatest weakness. However, you could mention
something like public speaking or creative writing and don’t find a
strength and turn into a weakness such as “I’m a
perfectionist” or “I’m a hard worker.” Interviewers will
see right through this. Now this question is normally asked with another popular
interview question, “what are your greatest strengths” so I made a video all
about that. I’ll go ahead and link it up in the card up here and then I’ll link
it up below as well. Tip number two, keep it positive and in the past. You want to
find a weakness that you can discuss that’s in the past that you can put into
a positive light. Be able to construct a story around your weakness without
actually mentioning the word weakness or failure. For example, if you struggle with
creative writing and creative writing is not a skill needed for the position,
you can mention that you’ve always been a really good technical writer but
you’ve struggled in the past with creative writing. This leads us to tip
number three, show improvement. You want to be able to demonstrate what you are
doing or what you’ve done to overcome this weakness. This can be something like
of course you enrolled in a workshop you took or maybe a behavior you changed. By
demonstrating your improvement, you are showing that you’re willing to take
initiative when you know that you have a weakness or something that you need to
work on. Another key point here is to discuss the results you’ve seen because
of the action you’ve taken. So let’s look at a quick example of how you can answer
the question “what are your greatest weaknesses.” In the past, I had to overcome
my creative writing ability. I’ve always been a strong technical writer, however
it used to be more challenging for me to write fictional stories. To improve my
creative writing skills, I enrolled in a creative writing class. Each week I
submitted a paper to my instructor to get feedback. I also had the opportunity
to critique my classmates work. Going through the process opened up my eyes to
different writing styles and I now find it easier to use my imagination to write.
Now if you want to turn your interview into a two-sided conversation,
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ask during your interview. I’ll go ahead and link it up in the YouTube card above
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41 thoughts on “What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses? – GOOD Answer To This Interview Question

  1. Hey guys! The interview questions "what are your greatest weaknesses?" can be the most intimidating. This video will give a GOOD sample answer that you can use. What do you struggle with the most when it comes to job interviews?

  2. Really great advice. I’ve always struggled with that ‘greatest weaknesses’ question. This is an awesome strategy for answering that question in a really good way. 👍 Thanks!!

  3. 20 years, I was adviced to choose a strength and turn it into a weakness. I guess that is not relevant any more! Great tips!

  4. I'm going to pass this on to my son who has been doing interviews with companies the last few weeks. Already has some offers..now he can't decide which company to go with..got a video on that?

  5. This is a great video. A tricky question for sure and one I have asked many interviewees over the years – always interesting to see how people respond. And honestly, identifying my weaknesses is one of my weaknesses because there are so many to choose from!!

  6. OMG.. this is soooo good and so filled with the perfect information for people. SO perfect. You are amazing and this is such good advice…right down to the question coming in different forms. You just cover it all and with clarity and depth…and so much empowerment I have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone looking for a job… at all, in any way.. intact, I want to scream to the mountain tops for all those looking to live their best lives… that they need to subscribe to your channel right now! Thanks Heather. Keep 'em coming! ~Elizabeth xo

  7. The greatest weakness is a tough one, but I find that if you can point to a solution that was achieved after a "failure", it shows a willingness to learn from past issues and an effort to always strive for improvement! Great video!

  8. Great tips and information Heather. ‘What are your greatest weaknesses’ is always a hard one to answer. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Such freakin' good advice. I'm a fairly honest person when it comes to interviews so I'll generally tell them pretty much what my weaknesses are, but I never thought to mentioned specific weaknesses not related to the job I'm applying for. Sounds so simply yet that never crossed my mind. Definitely took away something from the video.

  10. For a long time I used the 'Use a strength as a weakness' method, which I always thought was an obvious skirting of a real answers — your tips clearly show that interviewers see right through this strategy. Thank you for providing a much smarter/more effective way to answer 'What are my greatest weaknesses'. 👍

  11. Awesome advice! I hated being asked this question when I was going through job interviews. It made me feel nervous because I thought there was a wrong and right answer.

  12. Such great insight! Finding a weakness that doesn’t directly relate to the job is PERFECT!!! I never would have thought of that. Thanks!

  13. Great job, Heather! Loved it! 🙂 Being honest is crucial while answering to this question. It's also great to touch the exact the same subjects with you and both giving our own perspective. In fact I was to publish "What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses" video this past Monday, but delayed it due to work trip.

  14. Great tips, Heather. This question gets me every time despite being a strong interviewee and a public speaker! I'll keep these ideas in mind the next time I interview.

  15. Totally agree- always a real weakness, but not directly related to your job! And yes, show improvement!

  16. This is such an important question to master. I had a client the other day who was lacking so much confidence in his abilities, he was telling me how he was literally divulging weaknesses without even being asked.

  17. I interviewed so many people in corporate and in my business, and I love asking this question. It's always fun to hear what they come up with 🙂 Thank you for great advice!

  18. Professor Heather Austin, While scrolling my pointer down after watching one of Derral Eves' videos , I found you and my great pleasure I explored your precious videos. I'm a fellow you tube education consultant and would love to say, it's amazing tips and guideline on interview. I do believe, it;s unique and very helpful for the career hunters. Thanks for sharing such brilliant content.

  19. I agree with everything she says except for "speaking skills" if you are going for a position in sales you'll need speaking skills. You'll need to know how to have good conversation skills to make a sale. Just a little tweak it's all.

  20. Hi Heather – great video! I too have suggested to friends and clients the "name a weakness that isn't directly related to said job" tip. I think it is genius.
    Really enjoying your videos, thanks for sharing!

  21. Tip #2 is really BAD advice. Employers will see right through that one, too. For a sales job, you're gonna tell them your greatest weakness is creative writing? Ha! Good luck with that one.

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