What Even  Is Money?  - Prison Architect Luxury Prison Ep 2

What Even Is Money? – Prison Architect Luxury Prison Ep 2

good after noon everybody we are back with some more prison architect last episode we started our brand new luxury prison is going to be the theme of this prison this episode we are going to continue to start our brand new luxury prison as we don't even have our basic attention center contract done yet but we can get another one in just to get some extra money going so let's see let's do let's just start off with health and well-being you're only call visitation so bacon as our exercises in oh this is all good stuff this is a mod definitely for grants so that's you know why there are so many more grants so I believe having a staff well-being initiative will help because I need five guards and that's a good I can also do three grants so I can actually do both so let's actually start off with I'm getting so many dings for things research being completed it's so good let's see what should i do what should i do what should i do let's do let's just do health and well-being a medical ward in two psychologists or a psychologist would be relative so we can add another another section of offices there let's check out what's finished cleaning is finished prison labor is not finished best costs this cost thousands of dollars to research so I'm probably gonna slow down on the research yet I'm gonna do I am gonna research security and patrols and stuff like that so they listen and then psychology for the grant but besides that I'm not gonna do too much just yet until we start actually getting prisoners in here and we can see what we're working with exactly because we will most likely import the legendary Beckwith James P Beckwith or the legendary Matt hill or both who knows who will be in this prison but we do know there will be more familiar faces and unfamiliar faces that cost and that is just one of the million things that will come in the coming episodes but that's something I worry about later right now I'm just trying to make sure I I just you know finish all I gotta do is just finish we do need to get some janitors in here this place is starting to become a little bit of a mess and when I say a little bit I mean a lot of it just look at that scuff this guy's been walking around researching just wearing a hole in the floor and for some reason I'm an idiot and did not think about the size of this building why why do I do stuff like this am I just that dumb that last episode I decided oh this is perfect I'll have a four by four space here a door and then that obviously must mean I'll have a four by four space and the part next to it so four by four here yep four by four and then I thought there'd be space here and then I could do I'd can do another four by four but I can't technically do that I can do a wall and then four by four so if I wanted to I could just figure out a maze or something to do there but we're not gonna do that we're in fact going to solve all of our problems by spending more money like rich people do and add more to the building voila boom problem solved we're gonna have to dismantle some things and actually expand our staff remount which isn't a terrible thing to be honest so that's okay like honestly getting more space is always better so let's demolish these walls right here and do it so I'm sure you guys probably saw what I was trying to do and will warn me between episodes in the discord but I will also tell you that I've pre-recorded this episode the last episode and the next episode so that while I'm on vacation you guys will have content to see during this madness so yeah anyways I fixed that problem and there will probably more for more problems to come that I won't even notice and right now I'm not too worried about the evenness of you know this building being misaligned with that one like that's that's just okay I'm getting more digging and that means more things are being researched these guys are working very hard looks like they're all done except for the chief right now so that's okay we're going to hire a psychologist so that can be probably in the making soon but I wanted to finish this office for the psychologists first even though we can hire them anyways and it'll be fine I guess let's do that let's put the light here I put the light right between here for all of these so let's just leave it there and then we can add a staff door here if I'm not mistaken I believe this will do what I needed to do come on come on come on yes it does okay beautiful that staff doors there we can fix this wall here to the staff room and it's a concrete wall and we're missing our drinks machine in the staff room as well as the actual extra addition so let's get this toilet finished dismantle I believe I probably dismantle the lights and I I don't know maybe not but we can put the light back for sure like so and the drinks machine like let's see like so here and the toilet like so and the serving table like so so that should do that we can also then move this game arcade and put it like so and add a radio right here wow look at that that expansion helped us actually made this place look a lot better so no complaints I do not regret being off by one so we're good okay looks like this guy is still researching the chief is still doing his job reception is a mess let's hire some janitors to get this place rolling one two three four five we're now down as seventy bucks a day or something like that or an hour seventy an hour so that will be interesting but you know you went some when you lose them I think it's seventy an hour is it nope was negative 29 okay well never mind let's see let's start building our base of the tension center and finishing that out and then we can hire guards to finish this grant which actually might be a better idea what's actually do that one two three and then six for an extra one and we just get that grant done honestly that I don't regret that we just bumped up to fifty four thousand dollars in the bank let's go look at this the place has automatically been sparkled clean that's amazing these janitors need a raise remind me to give it to editors these janitors a reward or a raise or something because they completely cleaned up this place it was a mess but now it is not we have no canteens accessible for this holding cell and we can probably add some bug beds in here but we will hold off on that until we get a canteen so next things next is adding the actual building so this I'm gonna start planning now and we're going to say that it's going to be a large building we're gonna have some space between this little area this will be like down of administrative village area but then we're going to have a large cell block or house like place when I say place I just mean large building this is gonna cost a lot of money but I'm okay with spending that and we will probably expand or subtract from most likely expand as time goes on so I won't hold off on any expensive expenses for the sake of just a simulation so let's do it 46 by 46 square we're going to have some room here and we're gonna have a door so let's actually just get this going we have no auto lights going so that's good let's get our building concrete in parentheses going and that's gonna cost us wow that's gonna be over half of our budget gone absolutely demolished why did I spend that much money on that I have no idea but hey we can click down some trees to get back on our budget let's that's nice Wow okay shame let's ours let us put ourselves some some jail doors and when I say jail doors I mean small let's do a small jail door here so small jail door there and then another small jail door on top just in case because this is quite the large building and we may need one in the middle as well but the only way into this prison is through this wall I need to add security first holy moly I completely forgot about that but perimeter walls not yet we're going to definitely hold off on perimeter walls and we're definitely going to cut off these guys direct route through and make sure they've take everything through this metal detector first and we're going to cut this off and we're going to add old Vince here as well and we're gonna cut that off so now everything goes through this metal detector and in fact what we actually might do is build a small concrete building that is storage for not fine we can build a storage room inside this building I feel like that's probably good although the prisoners might be able to get to it I don't know the moral dilemma that I have I have a lot of moral dilemmas dang okay so let's wait for with me on one three speed and I could probably hire more builders but we're already in the red for a 450 hour day I don't know anymore so let's just not have that happen I think this is 450 a day to be honest I'm stakin yeah that's 18 times 24 I don't do math so you guys do the math if that adds up to 450 let me know okay let's do some more additions to the shower room and canteen I I'm really just kind of waiting for this to get finished otherwise I'm kind of screwed because I don't know what else to build I can hire two chefs but I have nowhere to put them and that'll just put me in the cash flow of lower even though these five guards are like I could hire these guards or fire these guards but that's fine actually there's a mod that I have yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I don't remember exactly if it's enabled or not or what it is but I want to have a staff named mod it is if I'm not mistaken it is I want to check it real quick it's called the staff roster there we go so what I need to do is find a Rolodex in the item menu and put it on the warden slash Chiefs of desk so what I'm going to do is put the Rolo Dex if I can find it Rolo oh I haven't unlocked it yet and I believe that is a staff roster $1,000 so I'll do that and then we can get names and ranks for these six guards seven guards four five six guards that I have and then we can kind of have a little thing going so we can have our favorite guards for the guard gang and then a favorite prisoners for the prisoner gang and we can see who dies and who doesn't die so that's exciting hope you guys can follow along anywho this building is not even close to done we'll also it slowed down because time slowed down when I hit escape so let's speed it up again but if it is just about almost done we've got the door here so that's gonna be good you can add lights and other things later let's actually start with the utilities and just run a wire straight through and also run any or a water table water pipe cutter cable electrical pipe water table I don't know straight through here and so let's see let's add some more capacitors because we know we're gonna probably blow up this place let's just spend the two thousand bucks to make sure we don't explode this place although we can use good use of the springs over here so that's pretty decent okay this building is now officially open not really but we can definitely add what we need to do and now this is where I'm going to have a trouble with a luxury prison what does a luxury prison have a luxury prison will have luxurious cells all throughout and with lots of room and each person will have an individual room with lots of amazing things inside their cell will they have a shower inside their cell yes but well I put a shower in the inside their cells now no because I need to do a shower room along with a yard which will not be down here a yard will probably be up here of some sort and so we can have a jail door at the oh my gosh what is the center of this I'm just gonna do corners so let's do a corner jail tour because I really don't want to find the center of this although I will probably have to do that anyway so let's actually do a planning on what this Center this whole thing is 46 so 46 divided by 2 is like you know 23 and so 23 by 23 is there so we're going to do 22 and then 22 it's a double jail door that we can actually do we just cancel that door and do a large bill door right here to just keep things where they're at okay and so let's actually even it out here and scroll all the way down hopefully we have the same going and right here is going to be where the next double jail door is so let's do that I believe that's right yes that's right okay now what we want to do is get Road gates going so that we can get this thing properly set up I know you guys have gotten on me before for not having road gates in light I think it was my gang warfare series I don't have road gates and that made sense but now I'm just kind of like yeah just kidding no I'm still up for I'm definitely still like used to the Road gate problem and actually let's put these or gets closer to our actual intake area so that we're not gonna have problems I realize that's going to be a problem if I don't let that be a problem and I'm saying problem three billion times in ten seconds so drinking game if I say problem again just take a drink but also don't drink it for underage I don't encourage drinking at all but if you must make sure you do it responsibly and I'm not hired or sponsored by any I don't know how call holics Anonymous or something like that what if I was I don't even know so let's do that let's get ourselves a nice little closing off gate and we can probably move this thing going but let's get this yard going now let's see staff meals just four hundred bucks even though the staff haven't really oh there we go you do what you need to do mr. Mario looking janitor with a nice gray mustache like seriously you eat your food you've been keeping this place very clean and I am proud of you so I'm okay with that let's get this rolodex going cuz I really want to see the rolodex and let's place it down that's the accountants office let's place it right here okay rolodex in office that's getting place and we're gonna have that going and we're gonna so make a weird noise but that's okay oh it fits okay beautiful alright now what we need to do let's let that run its course and then also build the shower and then also we're going to need to add some more security this place with hopefully I saw there were barbed wire fences as well or barbed wire for the fence so I can add that going and there's the name all right our first named guard was oh wait what I don't know what happened there why they pissed off they're exhausted they should take a break but their name is McKenzie Clark her name is McKenzie Clark this person is I got to slow him down Cedric Boyle Brayden Woodward Eric Carr such a coil right in Woodward you know that's fine you know these people can take breaks I'm going to need to make a policy to make sure that these people max stop taking a break we can have you know forty percent right now honestly if they need a break because we have no prisoners here so I'm not worried at all oh we've got somebody else who was ranked up or something like that you just got new keys not sure why they should take breaks honestly I'm not gonna we also going to need to automatically have the highest quality meal it's like that's you know what we do at luxury prison so we're not gonna have a problem with that and then also let's see let's get another grant going because we have more we're losing money so let's start doing let's see let's see we can have five phone booths like that's that's pretty easy to do so let's do that and also let's get our psychologist in here ever get that we go wait they don't have an office who's in this office oh well that's unfortunate I guess I forgot to uh get them in office so let's just do that and then hopefully they'll be good to go okay so we're gonna have random noise for the rolodex rolodex going on for now and that should be okay I'll have a list of all the guards and their names we got Mackenzie here got Braden Woodward we've got Eric Carr and then we've got Rudy Patton Rudy Patton is one of our ones that we haven't seen yet and then journey a journey a journey journée Fowler awesome so that's our guard staff for now welcome to the guard gang yell let's maybe what is going on Cedric oil became a subtle sergeant now not sure why but good for them okay all right we can also turn it appointment to make this stuff only so let's just do that immediately and I'm not entirely sure why this is like that what's going oh I know why because I actually haven't set them as offices yet I'm stupid thank you for yelling at your screen guys and telling me because I will not have noticed that otherwise wow that's impressive I can't believe I let that happen okay so we now have offices we have one extra office and that's just okay with me let's get this shower going already all right you know what stop I need to figure out how to mute this stupid rolodex because I'm getting these random sounds mute sound there we go enable smoking I don't know what enable smoking please but guys let me know what that means okay so now it's muted good good good and let's get the shower going I keep getting distracted oh my gosh alright let us get a light bulb at the very entrances of this prison and then we can have a we have a double light feature probably not not save or let's not spend too much money on lights and we also have a good cash flow why what happened to our cash flow wait a minute what Oh was it the exports it must been the exports from the trees oh well I'll take that okay let's get our we should have your utilities over here place so let's just do that and then I don't know I really don't know where to put this shower I mean it's not gonna stay there so I guess it's okay if I just put it anywhere for now so we can have a pathway for sure it goes a hallway there and then we can have like a maybe a square shaped area so this will be oh no I think I'm off by one I am oh gosh dang it so we do know for sure that this is in the middle so the path you know there's something else did you guys probably yelled at me for on the computer screen while I was reporting this so let's let's just fix this now and get this thing properly placed I need to get that door out the way first and get that here so let's speed up time those things are going awfully slow there we go all right we got that going for us and we can put the wall back and we can remove this planning and now everything is actually even with this so okay let's get that going we have we're going to have a pathway here and that's going to cover that whole area but we're going to have kind of like the gang warfare setup where we have different quadrants so we can have a 22 blank blank and then another 22 or oh let's see so we're gonna have page 20 so 20 large blank blank and then we can have a 20 large here and that cuts off there okay that's gonna be one area and then we can have a centralized area so we can cut this off from 20 to say that laudably that was three squares that I cut off so that will be 17 by 17 okay and from there we're going to have a wall to be let's do just 17 if you can 17 by I don't know if it's gonna be even but I believe that's okay let's just do it it'll be a 10 by 10 all right a nice little square in the middle there okay that's beautiful actually I can't can't complain about that right there alright so we had a nice square within this square and this is going to be the powerhouse of the cell know this will be the what room should we have let's have a shower room here actually let's have this a centralized shower room and then we can repurpose it as our prison expands and collapses against itself as all the other great ones good here so let's let's get that going and we can do that there there and we're going to have a shower room shower room I probably should have put the waterworks grant to us if this was the case that's fine for now don't worry about it we're gonna definitely need shower heads because that's what you do in shower rooms means sometimes you don't and I have trapped my workers in here that's actually amazing why did I do that I don't know well I let them out probably not actually I'll just get a coconut let's see so a 10 by 10 is a double door feature so I believe since they got the 3 by 3 thing Oh No here and here and then here and here there they go they built themselves a door out that's amazing and I need to get this planning out the way here there ok all right so now we can get the water going we've already got a large pipe running through here we have four showers we will need much more than that assuming that everybody's going to shower here but they will have their own individual showers but we will have this here just in case so let's have let's have some more showers kind of like here actually that might be so I believe that's uneven my my spidey senses are telling me that this is uneven so let's one-two one-two one-two oh yeah so it isn't even so let's do one there and then one there and then we're gonna blank one one there and then we can just you know fill that up so shower room good yard is going to be up top and we're going to define that quickly as we are running out of time in this episode I want to be able to at least finish this basic detention center contract this episode so if it goes a little bit long you know sorry not sorry okay so let's get this pathway going out and then we can have a nice a nice night yard we're gonna have a nice little a very large yard okay it'll be quite beautiful actually and we're going to have this pathway go around it I believe this was 24 long or 24 Paul and then we're gonna have a 25 talk we're gonna have it this much of one I believe that's 21 so that's gonna be 21 on both sides so 21 plus 21 is 42 and I believe that is correct so we got that and I don't think that's even what you can pretend it is so that's a 22 all right 22 actually that's beautiful look at that quick math quick algebra and quick trigonometry even though that has nothing to do with any of that I feel accomplished let's get our gate going now and we can have ourselves off into a gated community of material actually Vince here and it's going to be yes it's going to be the 22 yeah we're gonna have this defense be on this back here actually forget about anything else I was thinking I was gonna do we are running out of money slowly so I got to keep an eye on that but that's okay let's let's get the grass in here already I know like we don't really need to but let's just get it anyways because if necessary and also let's research some more groundskeeping and dogs and micromanagement okay education not yet legal not yet armory Tasers not yet not not yet okay so we got the grass coming in and we also want to get these barbed wires on these fences because I know they were lucky oh that's expensive yeah no we're gonna hold off on the barbed wires for now oh my gosh that was almost a disaster I almost did that whole row I would have gotten down to the negative dollars okay so let's hold off from the barbed wire just let these fences get put in and also secure our prison by putting more fences all around it so let's cut off our prison right here this is gonna be the most expensive build but the most useful because that's you know prison security pretty important even though it's gonna be one of the nicest prisons you don't want to escape run it's still necessary so let's say got this wall up here we can do that and so we now have a nice enclosing place and we know where to turn this into a firmer door well soon but I don't have the money for that now and I don't think that will be a problem yet even though Escape plan's is on Wow I forgot about Escape plan's that's gonna be a little bit more of a hassle than I thought so this prison will have probably a lot of escapees we just got to make sure to treat them right okay so the shower is all set up yard is about to be set up if I just put in the yard area and then I will add a little workout area to the yard what does the yard look like is it Orange it was yellow wow I'm blind okay let's get that going youthful what do you put in a yard you put weight benches but first first things first you put a track so and what better to do on a track is to make a gravel track or a road track but I want a road track or gravel track walk speed is slow walk speed normal I want a fast track actually so let's have a a paving stone track that's ten bucks per square foot they're always so I want to see them run fast on this little outdoor track area it's on a huge fan of that sport and that's what I do so why not yeah I know you don't really see paving stone track very much but then again you don't really see much at all in prison got that going for us we wasted a lot of money on grass I just realized that was probably a huge thing and something else was just approved I'm not sure what it was maintenance probably so we can hire a gardener or two got that going five janitors two gardeners six guards and one two doctors we need an infirmary oh yes yes yes yes yes so I've realized maybe not having an affirming of an infirmary inside of well that was a weird autosave there may be having an infirmary inside all of this is a bad idea so let's build a hospital building I would say to the south end I know if there are problems breaking out it's fine if they are problems with like fights in the shower especially we can just have a direct route straight to the hospital room that will be not just a spittle room but other stuff as well so like maybe even some prison labor or some laundry or something like that I believe that would be great southbound or southward area but we got to watch our money so I just completely spit all over the Mike thing wow I must have sounded weird insufficient funds you know first time I've seen that this is serious and I'm already worried so we're gonna we're gonna hold off on the medical ward building and just you know put a small little medical ward right here by the shower and you know hire someone we got the doctors already so what's called the infirmary if I'm not mistaken and I am NOT we're gonna meet some infirmary beds to get this grant going and we'll have a good amount of money actually if that happens so I think this grant will get us out of the red for now and if we really have to we can do loans but maybe not we'll pulled off on that yet and then we need a canteen oh my gosh the canteen how long am I going in this episode quite long actually so unfortunately I'm going to shut it off here I do know that these are unedited in ich so this will be 30 minutes long and if you're okay with that I'm okay with that I will work on the canteen probably put it on the other side of this infirmary put it right or the kitchen right here and then the canteen also right here and then maybe move it out to a building to the west of some sort and just kind of keep this to be where the cells are per se and then how food in a separate area this will probably be on the same building but they'll just be a separate area they'll be like a door right here and then the canteen will go all the way down it's kind of this lengthwise and then a kitchen will go we'll be in a sort of separate area but not really but yeah so that's coming along very nicely please keep me give me some feedback on what you want to see I'm not too worried about what you're not hurting your feelings or are you guys hurting my feelings so please don't be worried about that just join the discord leave a comment leave a like subscribe do what you want to do but we're back everybody this summer is gonna be a great summer I'm excited to spend it with you but until then I hope you guys have a great morning afternoon night or evening and I will see you you

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