What is concrete architecture? Poland’s got the answer

What is concrete architecture? Poland’s got the answer

Ideal home: Living the concrete dream near
the Polish capital. According to the architects, for this house
in Poland more concrete was used than for any other private house in Europe before. Doesn’t sound very cozy, right? But with a little trick, the building almost
looks like it’s made of wood. Kampionski national park is just outside the
Polish capital Warsaw. Here you can find a house that looks like
its made of timber. But the facade is actually made of concrete. Dzień dobry. A warm welcome and please, get inside to my
house. 600 tons of concrete went into the house,
which is owned by banker Piotr Mialkowski. The goal was to make the house look natural
in this location. Because the location is surrounded with pine
woods and we didn’t want to be intruders or invaders into the space. We wanted it to be at home. Concrete plays a major role in the interior
as well. The wood-like appearance of the walls gives
this normally harsh and cold material an entirely different feel. It is not cold at all. You can touch it. It really feels good, you know. And then, when you look at the structure,
since it really resembles wood and it really contains some wooden parts, it is not cold
at all. I feel this is a very warm material, paradoxically. Mialkowski moved into the 450-square meter
house with his wife and three children some eight years ago. At first he had some doubts about the use
of concrete – but not any more. You can feel that this place probably outlive
most of us easily. And it brings some sort of stability also. I like it, yes. Stability comes at a price though. You can’t simply hammer a nail into a concrete
wall and hang a picture for example. But Mialkowski has a simple trick: This is one of the version of the double sided
stickers. This one goes like, you know, when you have
a shoe fixing like this. So just take away one part, stick it to the
wall. And the other part, we’ll stick it to the
picture. Just like that. And then I need to just attach one against
the other. Just like that. Very simple. The Mialkowski family enjoys being close to
nature. The house has a rooftop terrace (3:10) and
stands on 600 square metres of land. (3:18) The inner courtyard has a pool. Planning and building lasted three years. It took time to develop the perfect texture
and colour to achieve the illusion of wood on the concrete surface. We were experimenting quite a lot. We were happy to find people who are enthusiastic
about working with concrete. So we found a Danish provider of the cement
and a company from Cracow, that is a historic city in the south of Poland, that brought
the ingredients, the natural rock that is used to renovate the facades of the medieval
buildings in Cracow. And this is how the mixture was created. A house that has a warm and natural feel. Proof that concrete is more versatile than
it may appear. You just have to be prepared to experiment.

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  1. I am seeing these concrete 'wood look' panels more & more. I have seen them used as privacy walls & fences.

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