33 thoughts on “What is Enterprise Architecture?

  1. Nice video! Gave precise information a beginner like me was looking for. Did not use unnecessary jargon to confuse and hide the real meaning. Really liked it. Kudos.

  2. Hi everyone, i'm having a research about EA, there's a problem that I couldn't find any real example of EA in reality. Can you please help me out by naming some EA solutions ? and also some company/organizations using these solutions ? Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Great video! It really gives a great overview of what to expect from an EA function and what sort of value it delivers. Thanks!

  4. simply explained indeed. and its not like he's reading from a paper or something. this guys know his EA. can't thank you enough for posting this.

  5. It is a good basic intro – up to the last purpose of EA slide – and it underplays an important point. EA has been focused on the business since it grew out of "Business Systems Panning" in the 1980s. The last slide may perhaps be confusing the history of EA with the history of TOGAF.  TOGAF started out in the mid 1990s as an IT architecture framework – focused on rationalising the IT infrastructure. But TOGAF was not then an EA framework. TOGAF joined the mainstream of EA much later, when TOGAF 8 called itself the "Enterprise Edition".On the other hand, EA has never been about defining business goals, strategies or management structures – though it heeds them and may influence them. It has always been about architecting to improve, optimise, standardise and integrate those business roles and processes which – because they do or can create and use business data – can be digitised or supported by digital information systems. The important point? EA not about architecting solutions on a piecemeal basis –  solution architecture – which is what people had been doing before EA emerged and still do today. EA is adding a cross-organisational and strategic perspective over the top of solution architecture.

  6. Classical …it gives broad overview and guideline to get into EA Design!

    Very Good ! Thank You! !

  7. hahaha i have an exam in a couple of hours and this has greatly helped! 

    other than that, great video. informative and light! also that black board is the best

  8. Thank you very much. Really good video. I have an exam tomorrow on EA and TOGAF. Hope it will go nice and smooth 🙂

  9. good stuff. please see my slides. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0upwvUG9QQLdWtqZU9lUjFIMWc&usp=sharing

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