Whats inside the BIGGEST Christmas Lights?

Whats inside the BIGGEST Christmas Lights?

– I understand the world now! – I’m gonna put them on
the house, not tell her (slow motion)
not tell her (energetic music) Welcome back to What’s Inside. It’s just me today; Lincoln
is at school right now. Leslie is out running errands. I kinda failed at something: Christmas. It is almost Christmas and for
the first time in five years, I didn’t get any lights put on the house. I’m just not good at building stuff and putting it all on the roof and so I had to come up
with some kind of idea, gotta have Christmas lights on the house. I think I found the perfect solution. (laughs) You’ve probably
already seen the title. The world’s largest Christmas lights. Look at these things! (slow motion)
Look at these things! So I’m gonna put them on the house, not tell her, hopefully
she doesn’t see them, and then I’m gonna
surprise her at nighttime and then Lincoln and I,
after he’s home from school, we’re gonna take one of these apart and see what’s inside of
it and see how it works. Is this a good idea?
(low music slides) These are probably the
only things I’m capable of putting on the house so I’m thinking like right in front of the house, this big area right there.
(laughs) This is probably not a good idea. (fast electronic music) (laughs) (fast electronic music) I have a six-feet wingspan.
– (laughs) Six-feet. Oh, I have skills. How does it look down there, guys? (laughs)
(horn honks) Okay, I made a small miscalculation. This is where the outlet is. There’s one right here,
there’s also one up there, on the house, so my thought was, I could just plug it in,
put this thing on here. One problem: when it comes to electricity, there’s a male and a female;
these are both females. It just doesn’t work, see? That’s where the actual
male side of it is. I’m just not smart; this
is why I don’t do it. I’m gonna go buy another extension cord. Did you see the lights?
– Yeah. – [Man] What do you think? ♪ Those Christmas lights
light up the street ♪ – [Man] No, what do you
think about the lights? – They’re big. – [Man] Think Mom will like them? – No. – [Man] What? It’s for her. – She won’t like them. – [Man] Good shot. All right, it’s time to
unveil our Christmas lights. – I’m excited; I love Christmas lights. – [Man] Okay, just walk
straight onto the grass now. – [Lincoln] Don’t look up!
– [Man] Don’t look up. Just go straight out. It’s dark out but it’s
about to be beautiful. Okay, here we go; it’s super dark. – [Leslie] Okay, tell me when I can open. – [Man] Get ready for a Markham Christmas. – [Leslie] Okay? – [Man] Drumroll, please. (drumroll noises) Ta da! – [Claire] What?
(slow motion) What? (Leslie laughs) – [Claire] What?
– [Leslie] Um.. – [Man] Here we go. Yay! This is the first time I’ve seen them too. – [Leslie] They’re kind of cute but.. – [Lincoln] We need to get
them all over the house. Imagine that. Everywhere! Everywhere, all over the house. – Not what I expected. – Are they ugly or are they cute? – [Man] Are you happy with
how I did Christmas this year? – I’m not.
(slow motion) I’m not completely, no. I would rather have had
white lights all over the house like we do every year. – [Man] Claire, what do you think? – I think the same as Lincoln. They should be all over the house. – Oh my gosh. – [Man] Okay, next year! – [Leslie] It’s kind of
unique though, right? – [Man] Yeah, like. Here’s our neighbor’s. – [Leslie] That’s the look I like. – Let’s look at the neighbor’s right there and then let’s look at ours. Beautiful. But for now, I’m gonna
take one of them down and see what’s inside of them. Is it okay if we leave them
up til Christmas or no? – Yeah!
– Yeah, I mean it’s.. (children cheer) – [Man] Hey! That’s the attitude. That’s the Markham Christmas right there. Okay so there’s kind of a cord that goes across here and I had to get another one and there’s a ladder and then the thing goes up right, right there. – Is that–would that
have to stay like that? – [Man] Um, yes.
– No. – [Man] I kind of made a mistake. – That doesn’t work for me at all. (laughs) Sorry. (light rock Christmas music) – Hello. Merry Christmas. That was really bright.
These are our lights! These are the world’s
largest Christmas lights. Actually they’re just called..
– Bippity boppity boop. Whoa that worked. – Supersize Christmas lights, something. It’s probably not even in focus. There’s a house on the back. This is what our house
could look like, Lincoln. – I know. It would be so cool. – It looks amazing, except you need to put it up stronger so it doesn’t fall off when the wind blows like
all of them did last night. Every single one of them. – And it just snowed
today so I’m just like ♪ ‘celebration time, come on!’ ♪ – That’s what he’s like. I get sad. – When it’s been cold for
so long without any snow, I just want there to be snow. – Let it snow. – Let it snow. – Let it snow. – Let it snow. – Blue, red, yellow, or red. – Red. – Let’s do this guy right here. We should probably
unplug it from the power. These are not glass.
These are just plastic. I’m just gonna do a dremel. Wait, why do I have the yellow? Not yellow. Red. (dremel whirring) – Are we done yet? I can’t really see, I’m shielding my eyes. – That was smart, Lincoln. – Ow! – Do not breathe this stuff in. If there are any kids in the area, they should not be breathing. We’ve made a nice incision around the entire red Christmas light. Here we go. Boom ba da bum bum. There’s a light, there’s a light. – Oh. A light. – There’s a light. (laughs) (dremel whirring) (sneezes) This is like a giant
fingernail for a dinosaur. I was very strategic in
wearing this red shirt. This is what’s inside of the world’s largest Christmas light. It’s plastic and they’ve
got one little light bulb. 120 volt light bulb made in China. – China. – In order to see what’s inside of this without using a dremel,
it’s really tricky. You twist it five times and it’s open. We cut things open so you
don’t have to and we cut things open because we
really don’t have to either. We just do it. (dremel whirring) – Whoo! – We got inside of the world’s
largest Christmas light. Merry Christmas. This is
the exact cross-section. – When I’m really cold, I do this. Then you almost choke yourself. – Merry Christmas to everybody
– Merry Christmas! – Or if you do not do
anything with Christmas, then Happy Hanukkah. – Happy holidays. – Happy holidays. – Hollandaise! That’s where they discovered that word. It’s in Holland. – No, no, no, no, no. It’s not Hollandaise. It’s holidays. – Hollandaise. That’s– I understand the world now! – Merry Christmas to you. – Jeez. That’s my favorite new emoji. (clapping) – Thank you, thank you very much. (cheers)

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  1. Anyone else stop breathing when he said 'If there are any kids in the area they should not be breathing'
    Just me? OK… I'm weird then.

  2. He could take all the plastic off and screw in all of those light fixtures and thus resulting in white xmas lights

  3. you make wonderful videos keep making more plus can you do a video about The Avengers playmation set of what is inside of it please

  4. I had those in my backyard on out porch we jad like 6 of them and they really work!! They looked amazing with our tree outside!

  5. You did a good job just put some more life I love them that's really thoughtful besides she want a white lies she could have brought them and you could have put them up some woman's are hard to please ungrateful you could have broken your neck put in those ladders she wouldn't care huh Merry Christmas good job well done.

  6. By the way you do know you just could have Twisted the red part off of the green part they come off you just ruined the one for nothing

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