Whole-House Remodel Turns 70’s House Into Dream Home

Whole-House Remodel Turns 70’s House Into Dream Home

this beautiful home in Carlsbad didn’t
always look like this oh my gosh it was a step out of the
seventies so we decided that it was time to to bring it back into the the 21st
century we interviewed a lot of people and when we got to Marrokal we were very impressed everyone was
super nice and comforting and and we really enjoyed what they have to offer Actually pretty
naive about the processes it started really small we’re going
to do the the master bathroom remodel but we can realize when he started touching
one part of the house you kind of flowed in into the next and so we kind of kept
going with it now by the time the remodel started like wow
this is a pretty pretty big process but Marrokal really did a
great job taking care of us from beginning to end one of the biggest things the
ones we want to start with was the master bathroom we had
really small space to work with we had shag carpet throughout the
middle and a tiny little shower that you can barely turn around in now
we have a huge bay window in there big soaking
tub gotten to the point where we actually
have a shower that has three heads body sprays it was
definitely a a transformation next up the formal
living room becomes the dining room and the living room flows right into the
kitchen which doubled in size and now has a walk-in pantry with plenty
of storage space we had a fireplace which was on one side
we decided to flip that around in turn on the complete
opposite side of the room it’s made it really nice we had custom cabinetry along the side TV over
the fireplace when the Howards whole house remodel was
complete they couldn’t believe what they saw it was it was kind of one of shock
almost you walked in we go holy smokes is
really ours when you do a whole house remodel I’d gotta say there’s so many snags in the
way but they made it as smooth as possible and I
think the greatest thing about Marrokal at least for me is when something goes wrong in the future
after the project is already ended they’re still standing behind their work
and we call up our project manager and he still is very involved in the process
he wants to make sure that I’m we’re still happy with with what we
got it was a good decision for us to go with
Marrokal this segment made possible by Marrokal design and remodeling for your next home remodel call the
award-winning team 619-441-9300 i’m Gary Marrokal trust your home us

39 thoughts on “Whole-House Remodel Turns 70’s House Into Dream Home

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  2. Is there a reason why no one is addressing the budget required for this whole house remodel…very impressive, just want to know how much money it took!

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  4. As a contractor, the appliances they have are extremely expensive… The stove alone Viking is about $7,000… My guess would be that  the budget for this type of renovation would range in the 110 – 130 thousand…

  5. Lovely remodel. I just bought my first house: built in 1975. I am (personally) not a fan of beige. Too much of it out there, for the sake of "neutrality." I prefer grays, blues, and violets. 🙂 This is such a great remodel!

  6. what about it from paris
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  7. I agree, all that is missing from this video is the cost.  I would just like to know the ballpark cost for something like this.

  8. Great Video
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  9. That's a great looking home. It was before the renovation but after just blew me away! Love that bedroom decor and colour scheme!

  10. It is kind of sad that they took all of the character out of this unique, historic home. I hate when people renovate classic homes. I would just enhance them and keep the quality of the decade personally.

  11. BullSHIT, Bull SHIT, BullSHIT …. ALL contractors are thieves and if you think they are great, you are naive and BLIND. I did all this and was at the job everyday, start to finish and saw how much they were steeling, messing up and wanting to charge me for it. They got angry because I was at the job more than them and they could not lie to me. time after time they HAD TO credit me back for all their fu&% ups and that made them angry.

  12. lmao i live in a 1971 (belive it or not its not second handed) house that was renovated in 2006

  13. Moving the dining room so far from the kitchen was idiotic. Do the homeowners have waitstaff to carry the food all that way through the dining room? I doubt the homeowners dine there very often.

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