Whose Room is it Anyway? Dulux Kids Bedrooms!

Whose Room is it Anyway? Dulux Kids Bedrooms!

[giggles] I think Frankie likes her current
room, you know its pink – which was the colour she chose. Or did we choose that? Mummy and
Daddy painted the room when I was away at school and they painted it all pint and baby-ish. But no, I think, you know she’s uh, she’s always liked pink. [silence] We don’t quite know what we are letting ourselves in for. I mean we have a reasonable idea as
to what she might want. I want my bedroom to be under the sea. She likes unicorns… ballerinas… Jellyfish, guppies, king of the mermaids Fluffy teddy bears .. or something. This is
my crab. Hello Frankie, I hear you’d like to change your room. I would like to have
an oyster shell bed. So it’s kind of like this shape. I would like brown, green. I like turquoise-y
green and different shades of green. These greens are the seaweed running down the blue,
so we’ll put that there. So you’ve got lime green seaweed. Yea, yea and I’d also like
some green for…uh… the lilypads. These ones. Right, I think I need to go and see what I
can do. Um… do you sell oyster shell beds? [hammering] Oyster shell… [music] [door creeks] [music] [hehe] [music] It’s amazing – it’s far more imaginative you know, than I thought it would be. [Frankie
laughing] It’s so cool…. It’s so FAB. The best thing in my room is the pirate ship and the
oyster shell and the crab. [whispers] Hear the sea. Just to have a bit of creativity, and allow a child
a little bit of freedom of mind. They can turn something that’s quite ordinary into
something quite magical. [music] [dog panting]

11 thoughts on “Whose Room is it Anyway? Dulux Kids Bedrooms!

  1. I absolutely love this video and could watch it over and over again! Brings back childhood memories 😊

  2. Not every girl loves pink, I never did as a kid I would've loved this room! It's only now I'm a bit older I got to choose the colour and style and am the proud owner of an Elsa v Supergirl room 🙂

  3. I sort of felt sorry for the parents because they were so clueless and seemed a bit rude in the video even though I don't think they really were

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