Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

Narrator: Just about everyone knows that government
at every level is requiring more and more Americans to get a government issued license
before they can earn an honest living. In the 1950’s, well, only about 1 in 20 Americans
needed the government’s blessing to do their job. Today that number is more than 1 in
3 and government puts all kinds of requirements on would-be entrepreneurs making it harder for
these entrepreneurs to start and grow small businesses – entrepreneurs like Chuck here.
This is Chuck. Chuck hates his job, but Chuck has an idea.
Chuck: I’m going to fix computers
in my garage and sell them for low prices
Narrator: Uh, Chuck…
Chuck: My business will create new
jobs for my community… Narrator: Chuck ol’ boy
Chuck: …and give more young people access
to computers, and then once my business really gets going I can expand into a commercial space.
Narrator: You live in Milwaukee
Chuck: So?
Narrator: Actually, in Milwaukee starting a business in your home
means you can’t work in your garage, can’t have any employees, can’t have any signs,
and can’t take deliveries. Chuck: What?
Narrator: Unless you come up with the money for a
commercial lease right away you won’t be starting your business at all. Chuck: Well, if Milwaukee won’t have me I’m going
to start my business somewhere else. Narrator: That’s the spirit.
Chuck: What Los Angeles needs is
a good used bookstore.
Narrator: Actually, believe it or not, Los Angeles treats used book shops
like they were strip clubs or gun shops. You’ll need a permit from the police to operate. You have
to be fingerprinted. Anyone who sells you books may need to be fingerprinted,
too. For every book you buy you have to stamp it
with an individualized number that corresponds to a bill of sale that identifies the
book and who it came from. The police get to inspect those bills of sale and –
hold on – you’ll also have to hold books for at least
thirty days before you sell them just in case the police have any questions.
Chuck: But the First Amendment
to the Constitution protects my- Narrator: The First Amendment? Well, how quaint. And, you’re not planning on selling that copy of
the Constitution to anyone, are you Chuck? Chuck: Oh for Pete’s sake! Narrator: Balloon advertising?
Well, that’s an idea that’s on the rise. Maybe you’re onto something here, Chuck. But remember, Chuck,
entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who have ideas. Bureaucrats have them, too. -Here in Houston you’re only allowed to use balloons to sell cars,
or if you have a message that doesn’t sell anything at all. Chuck: That’s ridiculous.
-You’re right. All balloons now banned in Houston! Narrator: Maybe Houston isn’t ain’t your kind of place, Chuck. How about DC? Oh, want to be an interior designer, huh? Not too bad, not too bad at all. But in Washington DC you’ll need a license before
you can tell people where to put those paintings, pillows and planters. Chuck: But that doesn’t make any sense.
Narrator: Actually, that
makes a ton of cents, and dollars too. You see, existing interior designers lobbied
the city to make all new interior designers – but none of the current ones – take a test and
pay a bunch of money go into the interior design business. It’s a win-win for the industry and the government.
Interior designers get to keep out the competition, and government gets to make money. Don’t go ruining
a good thing by trying to lower prices for consumers now.
Now you’re talking, Chuck.
Miami, nice and sunny down there, valencia oranges and lots of tourists too. You want to be a street vendor, huh? Well you just need to get a little permission
slip from the city government ready Chuck? Let’s go here’s all you need: an occupational license from the City of Miami,
an occupational license from Miami-Dade County, a license from the Florida Department of Business
and Professional Regulation if you want to sell prepared food, or if you want to sell
pre-packaged food, a license from the Florida Department of Agriculture,
or if you want to sell gum another license from the City of Miami, the City of Miami tax certificate, a State
of Florida tax certificate, a certification from the Florida Department of Revenue that all
of your taxes have been paid, a copy of the current Florida Department of Motor
Vehicles registration for your cart, a license plate for your cart, a cart certification form
signed by 3 different bureaucrats in 3 different departments, $500,000 in insurance coverage for any bodily
injury or property damage caused by your vending. Got all your paperwork together Chuck?
Chuck: Yes…
Narrator: Great. Now you’re entitled to enter the street vendor
lottery. If you’re lucky enough to win you’ll be allowed to start your business. And the winner is… Oh, not you. Tough luck Chuck. This is still Chuck. He still hates his job, any ideas left,
guy? Chuck: I’m just going to sell the leftover stuff from
my computer business and go back to my old job. Narrator: Actually…
Chuck: What? Narrator: …if you want a close a business in Milwaukee
you’ll need a government issued license for That, too, and you’ll have to give the government
an itemized inventory every day of everything you’re selling. Sorry, guy, that’s just the
cost of doing business, or of going out of business.
Chuck: Oh, I just give up.
-Excellent. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go fix this
unemployment problem. Want to help people like Chuck? Visit
www.ij.org to learn more and support IJ’s work protecting economic

100 thoughts on “Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

  1. this is the opposite of capitalism btw. socialist governments loooooove big companies because they are easier to manage, and if they go rouge, easier to vilify.

  2. What I want to know is, are there any local or state governments that are doing away with any of their regulations to increase job growth? Not that I expect government or cancer to try to shrink itself…

  3. Any business builder who has been frustrated by red tape and and excessive fine print will enjoy this short skit 🙂

  4. All of these regulations are there to stop criminals from scamming or stop the deviantly insane from killing people. If you could set up a fruit stand whenever wherever you wanted who's to stop somebody from selling anthrax oranges, computers with hidden compartments of accelerant, or blatently stolen merchandise. Yea it might sound unreasonable but be honest if people wern't held to a higher standard of professionalism would they still provide you with quality items on their own accord?

  5. i can understand their being health standards being high standards but literally all this red tape to start a business is absurd and don't even forget all the money recquired to access and sign those papers as well, and the time recquired

  6. Serious…. is it rly that hard to get it? Would you disagree that if people were not held to (what some call it an unreasonably high but I call it) a high standard of business they would not even care and quality and safety of consumer products would quickly dwindle. Think about all the call backs on items made by large companies that are horribly unsafe or dangerous, if any average joe can make crap in his basement and sell it who's to say it isn't a fucking time bomb.

  7. Idk, criminal law? There don't need to be a million regulations and permits and shit against businesses, there just need to be anti-fraud laws and such. And those large corporations, ironically, are nearly immune to that law considering how much lobbying power they have to change laws and legal power to fight cases. they can violate as many codes as they want, and only very rarely do they get tried and even rarer get found guilty.

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  9. All too true. I've had to pick up a contractors license in another state to work, then file for all the permits which are followed by inspections. The contractor license didn't require any type of check other than the one from the bank. Lots of runaround for a little work!

  10. Hey now, I tried to save some money and hired an unlicensed interior decorator once. $*%@#$% put my shirts IN THE SAME CLOSET as my coats. It was CHAOS!

    I for one am GLAD someone stepped up to do something about it, just too late for me. 🙁

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  12. WOW!!! I've been living in Mexico the last 15 years and it sounds like the USA has become MORE burocratic than Mexico. I didn't think that was possible. Anyway, welcome to the third world amigos!

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  15. Because sadly, Americans just don't care. They're struggling too hard for their fight to the top of kingshit mountain. During this struggle, they pay no attention to the people reaping from their efforts. The elite watch us struggle as they drop more of our money in their pockets. Do you think they break any sweat? Hell no! We do that for them! Do they have to work when they don't want to? Do they live paycheck to paycheck? no! The elites are taking advantage of American ignorance.

  16. dafuq is wrong with America! Immigrants should watch this video and fuck off back to wherever they came from.

  17. Large organisations protect themselves by working with governments to set-up barriers to entry for entrepreneurs. Socialist add to the problems by demanding unrealistic policies to control entrepreneurs (They can not tell the difference between big business and entrepreneurs).

    Both socialists and large organisations exist in almost every country in the world. This is not a USA specific problem…

  18. While Wall Street actually needs more (and much better) regulation and enforcement to keep it out of trouble, this video makes the great point on the excessive and often nonsensical and harassing maze of local and state regulations facing small business. One rule for the big guys, many other rules for the little ones. This helps prevent the little ones from becoming big ones. For many examples of corporate shenanigans, see moneyspork (dot) com.

  19. New rule:  You cannot like this video and then still vote republocrat and complain when you get the status quo.

  20. Maybe chuck should go to land of the free! Oh wait he is in the land of the free where the terrorist hate us because we're "free" that's why 911 happened or is it?

  21. 2014 UPDATE: chuck had his house and garage repossessed by a developer using Eminent domain.  The money he received from the house was then confiscated by local PD under civil asset forfeiture.  Chuck is still currently looking for a business he can start.

  22. It's disturbing how defenders act like the slim chance that deregulation will lead to an occasional, contained health violation is worse than generations of human beings having their souls perpetually, dogmatically crushed under the weight of senseless bureaucratic busy work, and the very evaporation of the individualism ideal itself — especially in "the land of opportunity."
    Have people lost their minds?

  23. The First Amendment guarantees that you can sell used books without a 30 day waiting period? Wow, that's really reading between the lines huh

  24. Thank god we have government here to protect us…..

    This is how the greatest economic engine in the history of the world fails. Bureaucracy.

  25. this video is stupid, anybody starting has to do that it's common sense, do you want to go to a mom and pop pharmacy just opening in a small town, sumbody handling potentially life saving medication or go to a grocery store who is not licensed and has no liability that sells food to thousands of people

  26. these are not job killing regulations, they are completely overpriced licenses, that should be cheep , but it's just a way to make money, prices need to be lowerd, and more $ invested in efficiency,, not taken away completely, TRUMP 2020!!!

  27. let the trolls come on out, I'll face you like the keyboard warrior we all are, one on one, online with fake names, talking in ALL CAPS, in separate locations knowing you will never see the person in your life,like real men… LLAMO

  28. How do these requirements keep someone from starting or operating a small business? Might there be a good reason to prevent someone from turning their garage into a business/factory?

  29. Just sell stuff illegally and build enough cash to get the fuck out of this communist state. Amazing how selling old furniture and computer parts has about the same punishments as selling drugs.


  30. And everything this video shows that is WRONG with things was done AT THE LOCAL LEVEL.
    You get EXACTLY the government that you deserve, and you get it BY DEFAULT.
    How do I know that none of you reading this have ever even bothered to do a fucking thing ?
    Must be a mind reader.

  31. I used to have a small business that I ran out of my home. Not much more than a hobby that made me a few hundred bucks a year. I had the appropriate sales tax license and I did such a low volume that I only had to file once a year. I had a business license from my country based on my inventory, $20 a year.

    Then I moved. The town where I now live has a "business privilege tax." It doesn't matter how small your business is, the tax is a flat $300. So I'd be spending $300 a year, be subject to inspections, and still only make a couple hundred bucks a year. I shut down.

    If I was a published author and wrote in my home, I'd have to pay $300 a year. If I did computer consulting, $300 a year. Anything that makes money costs $300 a year. The town wonders why new businesses don't want to locate here.

  32. Appreciate most of the video, and I'll research further, but I'd like to defend Houston for a bit. We have no zoning laws. You can put anything anywhere. But given the littering problem we already have here, the population size, and the unpredictable weather, I'm glad we don't allow balloon ads. Having a peaceful society includes not dumping trash on each other's property.

  33. This is why I've been saying we need to stop just letting politicians do what they want on auto-run. They do what they want, not carring about the public one bit.

  34. The government is fine, it'll naturally reach out to control things.
    This is WHY we have the Bill of Rights, it is put in place to keep government in its place.

  35. Biggest company started in garage or did their own delivery why are these rules here we woudent have amazons or apple if these rules were around

  36. Licenses and permits are Unconstitutional.

    Unconstitutional by the fact that requiring one to have a license and/or permit is a de facto seizure of one's property without warrant and/or benefit of trial.

    Unconstitutional by the fact that government takes licenses and permits to mean that they have the power to interfere with and/or shutdown, seize, a business without the benefit of trial.

    Liberty is a demand. Tyranny submission.

  37. the real question is, why is Chuck trying to change his private property that he uses to make a living and change it to a business that will be controlled by any authority other than Chuck? the moment you call what ever it is that you are doing a business you have given controll over to the government. if you dont designate it as a business that you mantain controll of your private property that you use for making a living. you dont hire employees instead you just pay (Wo)Man an honest days pay for an honest days help. common sence. unless of course you are trying to use tax payer funds to create your living than you are just a douch bag.

  38. 2:11 omg at the beginning, the government man sounded like the voice actor (Rick Hunter) of the The Postal Dude from the games Postal 1 and Postal 2. ? I was waiting for the government dude to bust out a can of gasoline and set the balloon on fire as a result.


  39. So the carbon tax deters people from producing too much carbon. And the cigarette tax deters people from smoking. But what do income tax and business tax deter the people to do?

  40. I know how to fix the unemployment problem. Make more Super Max's and private prisons and dump crates of guns in the inner cities. Oh, you're already doing that. The government knows how to handle its people.

  41. The US Supreme Court ruled in Dunn vs. Blumstein in 1972 that the state could pass laws in order to protect the public, but the least intrusive means must be chosen. This means that licenses should be illegal in most cases, because proving competency to do something via experience, a test, or Witnesses is the less intrusive way. Legal definition of licenses permission granted by an authority to do something that would otherwise have been illegal. It's an insult to Freedom when you need government permission to survive. Corruption and tyranny are running rampant, and many of the public servants are the criminals whom should be in jail.

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