38 thoughts on “"Why I Don't Have A TV Show"

  1. You have amazing style i freaking love all of you..beautiful family and its awesome that you work with ur children… plz keep it up i think not only i love all of you i think everyone here does 😍😍😍❤😘 blessings to ur career and family… u rebecca inspire everyone with ur interior design…

  2. Loved the sizzle but…I love how free you are with youtube. You are just you right now. Once the demands of tv get a hold of you, people seem to change and become unable to relate to the audience. Thanks for staying you even though it did come at a sacrifice of fame.

  3. I love your transparency in a non- transparent world and it's admirably appreciate it. This is the main reason why I will watch you in whatever you do! Well also because you're so freaking talented!!!

  4. Your reality show would be the only reality show I would watch honestly I have been binge-watching your youtube videos since I found them

  5. Yes, I do agree that the world needs Robeson Design. I love not only your decorating but the balance of family involvement as well. I literally go to sleep watching YouTube episodes and I'm afraid that I'm gonna run out soon. 🙁

  6. Admire that you turned down the TV show to keep doing what you really love. (I think Chip and Joanne regretted doing their show in the end .) Love your work. Please keep making videos on YouTube though lol!!!

  7. I thought I've seen all of your you tube videos. This one was just so much fun. Your family and both your staff over the years are so great. They keep me laughing, and your wonderful designs, and theirs, keeps us coming back. Thank you for it all!

  8. Rebecca, yes I would have watched. You all have personality plus. Your ideas are so clever and you are always so great at the use of space. ? I am signed up for Design Sessions but cannot view previous ones… can you advise?

  9. Hi Rebecca, I am fascinated by your interior designs. I love the pilot, which is an almagation of all your videos. Love, love, love in The Bahamas.

  10. I 'm thinking your own channel, your own designer homes, your own designer stores. That could work..

  11. Thank you Rebecca! You have great taste and I love how you decorate your own place on your own family budget. Such a positive attitude!! Very encouraging👍❤️

  12. i would which anything that has your name on it, but i agree with some of the other you tubers, is better that you keep control of your content. Tv sometimes is way to possessive.keep up the great job you are doing so far!!!! Love from Mexico!!!

  13. I would have DEFINITELY watched your TV show … if I watched TV. Stay on YouTube Rebecca! Don't EVER leave us!

  14. Wow all the likebility went do Sharra huh? The Robeson son hás a personality do incredibly forced and annoying.

  15. Would watch you on TV and record every episode so I could rewatch…Love the reel!
    Definitely sizzles….

  16. I'm relieved that you nixed the TV show idea. I think that you would have been constricted with time and design resources, also, they want a hand in your pocket on endorsements. I like the flexibility of watching you on YouTube at my convenience. Please continue posting!

  17. You are the only one who knows if thats the best use of your time.
    however probably alot more exposure, celebrity, and so on.,
    however you already are all of that and more.
    how do you do it? where does all that creativity and energy come from. DRIVE , would like to know how you came to decorating
    profession. ? you never talk about how it all started.

  18. If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio and would like to renovate a Midwest home, let me know. Of course we have a budget.

  19. I would absolutely watch!! I learn so much from you and am constantly inspired! Your Christmas videos have transformed the way I decorate for the holidays. I use a lot of the things you taught me when decorating and I even get paid to do it now! Thank you Rebecca!!!

  20. Would be great to see you on TV, but then it probably wouldn't be available internationally :(. I prefer to watch your show via you tube :).

  21. It would be amazing if you went to television! Everyone would get to see how wonderful, funny , and talented you guys are? Scott, love! Lol

  22. TV would give you a broader audience. Although that can lead to more issues and you might lose sight of primary goals… making beautiful homes 💗 Love your work!

  23. Rebecca you should so oooh be on Hgtv!
    I love watching and learning from your utubes. I would be so happy to watch on the big screen instead of my notebook!
    By the way as a loyal Hgtv fan, they need some new shows especially one that teaches and offers decorative tips.

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