Why Interior Design Matters | Vacation Rental Design Tips

Why Interior Design Matters | Vacation Rental Design Tips

Heidi: Hey guys, as you know, design is a
crucial element to running a profitable vacation rental. So I have brought my friends, Anna and Melinda
from Olive and Opal Interiors to talk about why design is so important. Okay. Can you guys first tell us a little bit about
your company and what Olive and Opal Interiors does? Anna: Yeah, well thanks. We’re so excited to be here and share about
property styling. But my name is Anna Neil and this is Melinda
Carson and we are the owners of Olive and Opal Interiors. So we are professional home stagers and properties
stylists. So we’re working day in and day out with homeowners,
investors, property management companies and getting their properties ready to rent, sell,
and all the above. Heidi: Awesome. All right, well I’m very glad you guys are
here today because I have said before, design is not my specialty, so I need the experts
here to tell us why is design so important. Melinda: I think it’s interesting because
I’m sure Heidi has told you a million times that pictures are really crucial when people
are shopping online. And if you think about it from the standpoint
of your customer may not step foot into the property until they’ve actually already rented
it. So pictures are your biggest marketing tool. And on that note, you can have two separate
units say like in the same condo building, and if one looks amazing and luxurious or
really quirky and fun and one looks kind of boring, which one are you going to pick? And you can actually command a higher rate
from one that looks really amazing in essentially the same exact unit, the same location. So it’s really important to be thinking about
that design, what’s going to show through in the pictures, actually camera angles and
the functionality of the space. Melinda: So once you’ve thought through your
demographic, and probably Heidi’s walked you through that, you’re going to be orienting
the entire house and the entire experience that way. And that needs to show through in your pictures. And so that’s one of our biggest stressors
is making sure that whatever you have designed, is going to show through and be one of your
major marketing tools in photos online. Heidi: Cannot stress that enough. You’ve heard me say it before, pictures are
the one of the most important factors that you can do to optimize your listing. And if you have the professional photography
combined with the great design, then you’re going to get noticed even more. So that’s a great tip. Heidi: So what else should we be thinking
about when we’re thinking about design for our vacation rental? Anna: Well, I think you really want to remember
that this is a vacation home. People want vacation luxury. They want to be in a space that is fun and
that they want to take pictures in. They want to Instagram their trip and they
want to do that with, in a beautiful setting. So if you can set up your rental property
with maybe different areas, maybe a small seating area or quirky vignette or something
where your guests are going to think oh my gosh, this is so cute. I’m gt take a picture. They’re doing marketing for you. Heidi: Absolutely. Anna: So that’s a win-win as well. When you have a well-designed space that is
beautiful and that others can kind of toot your horn for you, then you’re winning as
well. Heidi: That is such a great point. And I know not everyone has an Instagram account
yet and that is okay. If you do, your visitors can be tagging your
account and that is great branding and great visibility. But even if you don’t, someone that sees this
great instagrammable moment at your home, their friends are going to be commenting,
where were you saying where is that? And then they will be happily referring your
place. So it is so important to have those instagrammable
moments in your home that can really be transitioned to social media for free branding. Anna: Right. Melinda: Awesome. I think the last thing that I’d add in terms
of vacation rentals is really to consider maybe leaning into a specific design theme. So say you’re at the beach, leaning into the
beach theme or leading into a cabin theme if you’re in the mountains or the lake. Kind of play up the thing that people are
going there for. So if they’re going there to experience a
specific type of vacation, play that up. If they’re going to a specific city, like
Nashville, then play up the local stuff with the music. I mean, you can be a little bit more creative. Sometimes it might help to have a professional
help you with that if it’s not your forte. But things like that to make the house actually
unique and stand out one in photos and physically in the place I think make a huge difference. And that doesn’t mean it’s more expensive,
it just means you’ve made different choices and made it more unique. And so I think that’s something that you shouldn’t
be afraid to do and I think it actually helps you. Heidi: Awesome. Absolutely. Now do you guys have any tips on how it can
increase your ROI or what’s been your experience in how design really helps command more, a
higher rate? Anna: Well, I think as far as ROI, I think
that, as Melinda mentioned, the pictures are going to stand out. You’re going to get people to use your space. Getting more traffic in the door is more money
in your pocket. So I think most importantly is that you are
really showcasing this amazing home or space, excuse me, that really stands out in a crowd. You’re really going to command more and get
more turns on that property. Melinda: I think you had an example of your
own poverty, right? Heidi: Yes. So we waited way too long to do our design. We were kind of embarrassed for many years
about using our kind of hodgepodged furniture and it was not an intentional design by any
means. And when we finally did redesign we five Xed
our ROI that very year and all the only change we made was designed. So it was a small investment for a really
big return. So I definitely encourage you to look at what
your current design is or if you’re starting from scratch, take the extra time to put some
thoughtful design into your vacation home because it will pay off for sure. Anna: Absolutely. Melinda: We agree. Heidi: Well ladies, thank you so much for
coming on today. Melinda: Thank you. Heidi: These great branding design tips. Melinda: This was fun. Heidi: And be sure to subscribe to the channel
because we have more great design videos coming your way with these ladies. And if you are looking for a vacation rental
design consultation, I will have their links below and you can check them out. So thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you next week. Melinda: Thanks.

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  2. Excellent idea bringing expert guests into the equation. I’d be interested in what a professional photographer would have to say regarding the value of high quality photography for publication on the vacation rental web sites.

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