33 thoughts on “Why Interior Designers Matter: Radford University

  1. Congratulations Ladies! After a year you are still in the top 10 place under the Interior Design category for YouTube! WIDM.org will always showcase your achievement along with a full script and bios of each of you. Wish you much success in your careers!

  2. Q. In the US (or any other "high wage" Western economy) what is the most common question asked by recently graduated interior designers?
    A. Will you have fries with that?

    Face it – design work is off shored to a very large degree and there are far too many designers anyway with more graduating by the semester. Far better to train as a plumber or other trade – hard to offshore but under pressure too from errr… imported labour.

  3. Bravo Great concept, articulation, sketching and presentation Kudos from Visual Senses Design Group Hong Kong, Johannesburg & Vancouver Canada

  4. I absolutely loved this video! I am currently in school studying Interior Design and the stuff said in this vid is why lol. Interior Design is a great profession!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an insightful, entertaining, and thorough description of what it is that we do!

  6. I'm very impressed with many aspects of this video. As an MFA student in Interior Arch., I have to wonder about how we can serve humanity. Seeking to create environments that do not encourage sickness or lack of productivity is mentioned. But, what about spaces that enhance health, encourage joyfulness, and even support community development? In my opinion we need to go beyond consumerist ideals (the giant $ at the end) and support a humanity that progresses materially AND spiritually.

  7. Very impressive layout and sketching!!! Just one comment: all that you are saying is a bit more fitting for architects… Interior Desgiers usually work within the spaces created by architects… (I am both) 🙂

  8. Agreed, but Architects already get enough credit for what they do. I like that this spells out the importance and necessity for certified Interior Designers in the process as well!!

  9. Agreed – but I think the focus of this video was on the financial impact of an interior designer. There should be another one on environmental impact, and another of social impact and psychological wellness. In short, more more more!!

  10. This presentation is very well done. I would like to add that ARCHITECTS and INTERIOR DESIGNERS have a major contributions to this discussion. The space being designed by the Interior Designer was conceived and created by the Architects. These Two Profession go hand in hand and Great together .

  11. This is aimed at consumers, and explains at a very simple level what interior designers can do for the economy – which is the same for any business if they perform well and do their job. What the video does not do is explain the creative insight and problem solving skills that interior designers should have.

  12. Also, do we really want to present to the world a video that's not professionally made or edited? Why don't CIDA, NCIDQ, IIDA, and ASID chip in and pay to have the video professionally made? We certainly give them enough money every year to afford it. If they want this to be a successful marketing campaign, they are going to have to put some money behind this and going by how much dues and testing fees are, they should have plenty. Again- this is incredible for a video made by students.

  13. I certainly appreciate this video, but it moves so fast that it hurts my eyes. I work in the field, so I get it, but I don't think that this video will resonate with those who are not in the field. It's too fast and the doodles distract away from the message. This is great for a student video, but I don't think that this will be the video to open everyone's eyes about interior design.

  14. Kudos to the students who put together this video. We as designers need to get this this very message out to the world!

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