Why Nate Berkus’ Wedding Brought Oprah to Tears | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

Why Nate Berkus’ Wedding Brought Oprah to Tears | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

-Nate obviously has
gone through so much. And when we met, it
was cellular for me. You know, he’s– like
I said in our wedding, I really feel like he’s
just kind of engraved in every part of me. And you know this,
obviously, having known him, he carries around this ability
to make people feel so safe. OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah. And it’s been unnerving. But you know what
really struck me? Don’t– OK, I’m
not going to cry. I’m not going to cry. Well, good, ’cause
I’m not either. -No, what struck me so much–
-I’m fine, guys. -OK, what struck me so much–
-As usual. What struck me from the wedding
from when you were saying your vows– and
you in particular, Jeremiah, when you
talked about– it was such a big
lesson for everybody. You were saying you honor every
part of his past and everything that he’d been through. So it’s not like you–
like, that never happened, and it’s only about me. To be able to accept that
this is what happened to you, and I love that
part of you also. Yeah, I mean, F’s
a part of that. OPRAH WINFREY: You
talk about the tsumani and your loss of love. And F’s a part
of our love story. There’s no two ways about it. We’re walking through
this experience. Yes, we’re married this time. But he’s definitely
a part of it. We were speaking about
it the other night. OPRAH WINFREY: Fernando. Yeah. I oddly feel connected to him. And I honor that story. Our daughter will
know who he was. We have pictures
of him in the home. And I didn’t know
how to articulate what I needed for that in
a new relationship, in a new chance at life. OPRAH WINFREY: That
is so powerful. That’s when, at the wedding,
I went, boo, hoo, hoo, hoo. I think you went, oh, lord. I think I did. I did. That was nice ’cause
I needed a break. Everyone cracked up. OPRAH WINFREY: Oh, lord. No, it did get heavy. And the truth is that
was a heavy, heavy thing. And it changed me, as I’ve
talked about for years. But I didn’t know how
to articulate what I needed from a new relationship. I didn’t know how to articulate
how to keep that and honor that but still move forward
without any guilt or any fear around that. I worry about anything
happening to him. I worry obviously because
I’ve had such great loss. I don’t want to go
through that again. No one does, whether you’ve
had it or you haven’t. But I just– I think that
he was the first– you were the first person to
come into my life and not be threatened or afraid,
not afraid to poke the damage and say, that happened. Let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out. And how can it be part of our
world in a way that’s healthy? And so it is.

100 thoughts on “Why Nate Berkus’ Wedding Brought Oprah to Tears | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. More honest and in touch emotionally than most heterosexual couples I'd imagine.

  2. The reason I think it won't work between these two is their shoes. It's an indication of how pretentious and vain they are. They won't be together long.

  3. Nate is just a class act and I'm so happy he found love again. Those of us who have experienced the unexpected loss of the one we loved can relate to the pain he felt, and the joy he has once again found.

  4. I think Nate has ca$$$ed out his tragedy. How about thousands of people came from the same situation. But Nate had his "Godmother" Oprah. So cheese!!!

  5. I si admire that so often couples like them ahow so much more mutual love and respect than men and women couples.

  6. I feel strange when they are holding hands like a couple… but they are both very handsome anyways.

  7. THis is a trio of humanism and truth that penetrates to every fiber of you. Nate & Jeremiah are the most genuine and loving couple dealing with life in a most extraordinary way. I have always admired both of them, but together, they are a favorite!!

  8. I wish i have that's kind of feeling. but in my country it's mean death penalty as a punishment imposed for breaking the law of nature, so for something like that to happen to me is about 0% the best way to live here is to stay alone for the rest of our lives and waiting the death by the hands of our family. frankly speaking, the reality so cruel.

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  10. That is love!! I think it is a beautiful thing, because lost like that is devastating!! You can not pretend like it never happened you have to live with it in a respectful way. It is not easy like most people know who have lost someone they were in love with.

  11. The way they tighten their grip on each other at 2:01 when he says "I worry about anything happening to him" <3

  12. I love Nate and Jeremiah!! They are so cute together. Also love that they are holding hands the whole time!!!❤❤❤❤

  13. Let ther

    Let them small minded people look at their so called happy life before they judge others.God doesn't make mistakes

  14. Hi fellow Americans 😉 can you help me what it means by “cellular” when Jeremiah said in the earlier conversation ? Ive been looking up in the dictionary but it didn’t help. Im curious what that means in that context. Thank you for your help.

  15. There is also 14 years difference in age between them and they seem to be just fine together…..and that means a lot !

  16. lovely but don't forget boyz the heroes of Stonewall who paved the way for ya'll when da police and society were against lgbt folk

  17. Oprah you are promoting this lifestyle by encouraging and endorsing this. This is all part of an agenda to normalize this behavior that is NOT God honoring on any level. God will not be mocked. God is love but God is Holy and He speaks clearly on this subject in the Bible. You cannot separate the word of God from God. You cannot make up what you want God to be or what you feel He should be. None of us can do that. Please think about the consequences. The Rapture will be very soon.

  18. Sin is sin. Read the book of Jude. God destroyed those who went after strange flesh, with fire and brimstone. And will destroy all those who live after there Lusts. You don't have act on every sexual temptation. We're not animals, that have no thought of right and wrong.

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