Why Should We Hire You Interview Question – BEST Sample Answer

Why Should We Hire You Interview Question – BEST Sample Answer

In this video, you’ll learn four simple
steps to answer the popular interview question “why should we hire you?” And if you stay around until the end, I have a sample response that you can use and tailor for your next interview. If we’ve never met before, I’m Heather
Austin from ProfessorAustin.com and The Career Club on Facebook and on this channel I share
simple solutions to help you build a business or launch a career you love. So if you’re new here, consider hitting
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you biggest frustration is when it comes to going on a job interview. I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands
of students over the years to help them refine and perfect their interview skills. And of one of the interview questions that
we always tackle is “why should we hire you?” The reason we prepare for this interview question is because it’s popular and interviewers love to ask it. They’re asking it to gauge what sets you apart
from the other candidates. To make an impact with this question you really need to know how to sell yourself to the interviewer. The best way to approach this question is
to think of it as a mini sales presentation. You may here this question in a few different forms. Such as “what makes you a good fit for this role?” “why are you the best candidate for this
position?” Either way, follow these fours steps to help you stand out from all the other candidates. Step 1 – Do your research Find out everything you can about the company and the position you are applying for. Research the company’s website, review their
LinkedIn page, evaluate their activity on social media. This research will help you better understand
what problems the company is facing and how you can help them solve those problems in
your new role. It will also help you understand what the
company values most in it’s employees. Therefore, you’ll be able to compose a response that stands out from all the other candidates. This leads us to tip #2 to answer the question
“why should we hire you?” And that is to make a direct correlation. Now that you understand what the company’s
pain points are, you need to demonstrate how your skills and expertise are the perfect match
for the position. To do this, carefully comb through the job
description and highlight three key areas that you know you demonstrate you excel in. Most job descriptions are broken up into three
separate parts, major key responsibilities, specific job functions and qualifications. Pinpoint one item from each area that you
can match directly to your career accomplishments. Here’s a special note for students: it’s
okay if you don’t have a lot of work experience. You can match the job description
to volunteer work or maybe your course work. So the interview question, “why should we hire you?” is actually very similar to another popular interview question, “What are your strengths?” However, your answers are going to be structured
slightly different. To help you answer the
popular interview question “what are your strengths?” questions, I have a
video all about that. I’ll go ahead and link it up below. This leads us to tip #3 to answer the question
“why should we hire you?” Step 3 – Build your story Have you ever heard  the saying “facts
tell stories sell?” To properly sell yourself to the employer
you need to develop a story around each item you highlighted in step #2. For example, let’s say that the job description
calls for someone that has superb analytical skills. If that is one of the areas you excel in then
think back to a situation that demonstrates your analytical skills in action. Be sure to explain the results that you achieved
in that particular situation. Which leads us to tip #4 to answer the question
“why should we hire you?” Step 4 – Show your uniqueness Remember when I said earlier that the interviewer
is asking this question because they want to know what sets you apart from all the other
candidates? Now is the time to show what makes you different
from everyone else that will be interviewing for this position. If you have a hard time pinpointing this,
ask others that know you very well, that have seen you in action what you do well. You can ask close acquaintances, family members, coworkers, managers, even teachers. With your own ideas in mind and the input
you receive from others, jot down a statement or two about what makes you unique. Make sure that that your unique talent or
skill relates directly to the position you are applying for. When it’s time to answer this question, the last thing you want to say is “You should hire me because I am a hard worker.” or “You should hire me because I work well
with others.” Interviews are looking for exact situations that demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position. So here’s another way you can answer the question. From my understanding, one of the key requirements
for this position is {xyz}. List one of the requirements. You should hire me because I have a unique
understanding and awareness of how {xyx} effects our industry. So you’ll fill that blank in there. In my previous position, I had the privilege
of {ensuring program success by motivating and driving my team to execute strategic planning
so that we could reach client sales objectives}. Now, you’ll pull a statement from the job posting and your own experience to put in there. I also learned through my research that your
company values {xyz}. So list one of the values. This is one of my greatest passions and I
know without a doubt my experience in the this area will sustain company standards and
lead the team to greater success. When you answer this question make sure it’s not rehearsed. You want to practice this response with family members and friends before interview day, but you don’t want it to sound like you memorized the script. So practice as much as possible. If you haven’t yet, join me over
on Facebook in my private community The Career Club, where you’ll network with other business
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