Why Some Designers Are More Valuable Than Others

Why Some Designers Are More Valuable Than Others

what he was asked what’s the most difficult thing in life this response was the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself what do you think he said was the easiest the easiest to give advice ok so let’s look at Maslow’s pyramid you guys are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs right so at the bottom is food water shelter clothing sleep then there’s safety and security in the form of the job home social structure next comes love and belonging that comes from friendship intimacy and forming connections self-esteem self-confidence achievement the desire to be a unique person at the very top of the pyramid the most important thing a couple thousand years ago self-actualization self-realization which comes from being creative having meaning and purpose so what makes them more valuable not the experience portfolio awards education staff or studio size which is oftentimes the answer I get when I ask this question it’s their ability to help others find their meaning and purpose because if that’s the most difficult thing is to know yourself if you can help somebody know themselves I would think that that’s pretty valuable and this can come in any form like if you guys make podcasts if you produce video or animations you can tell their story you can help them to get to know themselves and tell that story it can come in the form of an identity system some people refer to that also as branding it can be expressed digitally as in a website or maybe on social media how do you help somebody know themselves it’s through asking questions so here’s the first bit I want to drop on you your value is determined by the quality of the questions that you ask let me say this another way the questions that you ask demonstrate your knowledge experience confidence and therefore your expertise so let’s figure out what are some low value questions and some high value questions so quantitative fact-based questions like what does it look like when is it due what’s the budget they’re all important for getting that job done but tend to be the lower value questions these are the kind of questions I asked as I was embarking on my career I just wanted to know the facts okay this will lead to checklist and those of you guys that were part of the session yesterday these are helpful but it can be pedantic which is the word I was looking for like overly concerned with the details so let’s go a level up so this is my value scale there so at the bottom is the minus sign at the top is the highest or we’re moving above middle right now qualitative questions tend to be higher value they are like how did you come up with this idea describe how this looks in your mind and how will you judge if this is successful these are open to any questions and they invite the client to collaborate and participate with you it also starts to change the dynamic that you have with your client because the first set of questions the what the the detailed questions make you an order-taker like you want fries with that like you want to read you you want it to be read what what shade of red do you want how big should the type base be should it be 68 points there’s 72 points right so we’ve all maybe have had experience one one point in our life if you haven’t you’re blessed to have a client want to sit down next to you or move the camera for you or whatever it else that it is that you’re doing so this is how they see you as hands for creative work so those are pretty good questions can we do better think so the high high value questions get to purpose and they cut they tend to cause people to be more reflective like the kind of questions I’ve been asking you guys so if somebody asks you to do something ask them why is this important why do you believe that to be true and the mother of all questions is beyond money why do you exist why does this corporation company exist when companies lose their way because the CEO is no longer connected to the founders I should say the founders were no longer connected to running the company they lose their way they become profit driven they need to report to their shareholders and they mess up this is why often times when the owner or the founder leaves they bring them back or they hire large management consultancies to come back in to tell them what they’re about again which sounds like a strange idea that you would pay a lot of money for somebody to come back and tell you who you are to bring you back to your roots your purpose so if we look at it on a let’s say my animation here okay at the outside of the of the circle this structure I I drew here are the symptoms this is typically what the clients tell you you know I need this I need that they start to tell you what it is but if you keep asking the kinds of questions that I’m talking about to drive towards purpose you can maybe find the cause of the symptom we need a new website well why do you need a new website because customers are complaining about a website and you keep diving into you get to the core this is where the true solutions live so we ask questions to surface deeper meaning okay so here’s my little analogy of the onion which is very popular to use at the center is the core the purpose in the meaning what we want to do is we want to keep peeling back the layers but what happens if you do what does that look like this is something that we refer to as discovery and we charge money to do this it’s a framework of questions designed to surface deeper meaning and here’s the results of one we help the client figure out that they exist to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals who have felt ostracized by society so that they can form meaningful connections how does that sound that gets towards purpose so are you guys asking these kinds of questions are you getting these kinds of answers what do you think this is worth and what would you pay to find out purpose [Music]

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  1. Holy shit, this is mind blowing. I've thought about those things for many years and how to communicate it to company leaders. Chris Do nailed down by communicating it in a few minutes.

  2. ___________ Simon Sinek"s "Start with why — how great leaders inspire action" _________________


  3. Am I the only one to notice the provided lecture is a little bit less in length? My thirst is still with me.
    Bundle of thanks

  4. thanks Chris for this sharing this with us as this goes beyond having great design skills. You're taking us with with you to look at design work on a different level. Lots of valuable pieces of advice here. God bless.

  5. There's a lot of great advice in this video. I dig it. My only concern would be the really high value questions, the "why" questions. I'm going to lay it out there – I strongly dislike 90% of "why" questions because they tend to get abstract and ethereal. Maybe I'm not applying them correctly in my consultations. But for me, most "why's" tend to take the client out into the cosmos. Good identity questions are going to be abstract and specific – ie – they have at least some specificity to keep grounded in a context. Who is defined by values, values give shape to a mission or goal – so when I start with a client – I want to get at the heart of who they are and what motivates them in the morning first – then move into ok – how do those values look when materialized in the form of branding or storytelling.

  6. You base this whole talk on a false argument that the most important thing, based on the pyramid is self actualization. Thats not how the pyramid works, it shows priority, hiearchy if you will (since thats the actual name) … not importance. Psychology might be a pseudo science but you just took the cake …

  7. Hi Chris the reason I really like this video is that it speaks to me in a different way. Before a lot of the videos on portfolio and passion were more when I was in a student mentality and I was just trying to get my foot in the door. Now that I'm a little bit more established professionally, what I'm trying to ask myself is what is the next step? How do I become a good designer to a great designer to a designer that is legendary?

  8. you have an amazing analysis on the art world you ask simplistic questions but explain it in a comprehensive undesrsandable standard that is proofed by examples of evidence i am a big fan originally was a hater of you not gonna lie but after watching your work you help me this is important for people like us i appreaciate this and ur work

  9. I've been sat in the studio all day trying to re-design the KFC bucket [typical student work] and never once thought about these questions. They really help to find a purpose when there isn't an obvious one to design towards.

  10. So much value here. The one thing I've learned in my 10+ years as a working designer is that effective design is not so much about design itself as it is about working with your client in the discovery process early on in order to make sure you're working towards the proper purpose and solving the right problems. If you both start off on the wrong page, all the works for nothing.

  11. Hi The Futur, I am a young soon to be 20 year old Multimedia designer, and I also have great drawing skills upon that. I want some advice to know how to get around and start early because im still in collage studying multimedia, and I have no job. I want your help please. I post projects we work on in class on google plus, you can find me as Alleya Simpson. I also post a few of my drawing on instagram @rujae_. I am really Interested.

  12. I absolutely love this content. Thank you for your insights and commitment to delivering profoundly meaningful, and actionable, content. Question. Can you provide more videos on this topic of working with a client to mine the company/brand's purpose, and deeper insights on the discovery process. This is where the magic happens. It differentiates an "order-taker" from a designer who positions themselves as a strategic partner in their client's business. Thank you again

  13. This is a great channel. I just started watching some of your videos and so far it has changed the way i think and they way i approach my clients. As i grow in my designs capabilities and skill set i believe that this is good food for me. Keep the videos coming. I appreciate them. You're Doing great things!

  14. This is so fulfilling and so valuable content I think was left off out my classroom while I was studying graphic design. Most of the professors focused more in other meaningless stuff instead of advice like this, to prepare the new generations of graduates (no matter what you area is) and have the resources and foundations needed to face the real life out there. I really appreciate you all sharing this amazing advice. Thank you all, greetings from Mexico.

  15. Sometimes when I ask the higher value questions that are about purpose, I get 0 response (or seen on facebook) and they just pick the one, who most likely don't ask. One client had told me that the questions I gave were so deep (to clients perspective) that at first they thought I was wasting their time. A week later they looked at it again said that those wore good questions, but initially they just didn't think I was a pro with these kind of questions (it was an ad agency).
    Should there just be types of projects you take this "purpose" approach or am I just doing something wrong there?

    By the way, great content, I love it. Thanks

  16. a question that popped into my mind to ask clients re: purpose: "How would the world look like if you weren't here?"- thoughts?

  17. Great insight. Having left my corporate sales job where I used to ask these types of questions, this was an awesome refresher!!

  18. The value of people….or lack thereof…is such a miserable quest and lifelong pursuit. My only comfort in contemplating my own lack of worth in the damned fields I've devoted my life to is in knowing that one day life will end, not just for me, but for all humans. Then, all of our progress and anxiety over innovation, design, and the people that succeeded or failed in achieving these ends, will be wiped clean. Poof. Gone. No more tech nonsense, no more art or structures. Just raw matter and silence.

  19. That's such baloney, get a grip buddy because you're not Freud, you're just applying gradients to rectangles.

  20. I'd buy you coffee and dinner and an ice cream sandwich, just to listen to you talk about design.

    As an aspiring design student who's currently building his portfolio, I'm nervous beyond doubt. But watching your videos puts me at some odd ease. I fully grasp everything you talk about. I just have to over come the hurdle of being able to draw well enough to get into design school.
    I have a million ideas, I have tons of ways to execute cool things for different brands, but where the good lord put a billion ideas into my head, he ran out of magic potion when it came to my drawing talents.

    Great videos and I'm definitely going to sub. I'll need something to watch in case the rejection letters come rolling in.

  21. Guys, what's a good hourly or day rate in Los Angeles? I need to respond asap to an email. It's for a freelance design gig for a major studio that has a major cell account. I'd like to hear from AC grads or anyone freelancing in L.A. Thanks!!

  22. I am really happy that I discovered your channel. I cannot say how thankful I am for your videos. I am new at the design but these videos inspire me to learn more and more and your way of thinking is moving my perception of the design world to a whole new level. Thanks a lot Chris:)

  23. Great questions to ask myself.. not sure to my clients. I freelance for a grind house, main clients are multi nationals with branding already established & dictated. If I start asking these high value questions with a job due in 3 days I will get the strangest looks like I lost it. That said, I think this is very grounding. I worked for a wise editor/mentor who moved like Yoda, & would often ask his clients what they wanted to achieve by their video. Especially when they got lost in ridiculous detail.

  24. Nice video Chris but it's pretty much utopic for other parts of the world. Asking high value questions require high value clients and I'm not talking about big financial clients specifically. I mean clients with a high level of understanding of why they do business in the first place.
    For example in a business environment like my country (România) which is dominated by ex-communists and an ex-communist mentality you will almost never get any answers to these questions. Here most people do business to make money as fast as possible. It's as simple as that. And for these kind of clients, which are tge majority, the price is more important than value. And talking to friends from other Eastern European countries or even India, the business landscape is very similar.
    I've been running my little studio for the last 9 years and pretty much gave up on the high value questions unless the client seems prepared for them. From time to time we do get these kind of clients but we couldn't survive taking only the good ones and I'm sure this applies for a lot of other studios/designers as well.
    Anyway keep up the good work with these videos but just keep in mind you have a global audience which is pretty different from the US one.

  25. I have seen the video more than 7 times….but haven't got the point yet why they are valuable. 🙁 my bad. I have to study on it 🙂

  26. I have always studied realms of commerce & often say my perspective is my gift because of my ability to offer fresh ideas on a whim & help individuals & brands cultivate their purpose & potential. Your channel helped me to see the value of having the ability to have creative business conversations. It's a rare skill. I'm excited about adjusting my price points 😁

  27. Client: Hey mate i need an explosion vfx done in my fan film.
    Me: Why is this important?
    Me: Beyond money, why did you exist?

  28. I think this is by far one of the most cohesive articulations​ of value I've come across. And this not only applies to designers but all individuals at any level. Splendid Chris DO!

  29. This channel is what i needed all along. It hits on so many things i did right/wrong. Plus i'm gaining knowledge on things i haven't come accross yet.

    Seriously, from the bottom of the bottom of my heart;
    Thank you for sharing! For free even.

    –Greetings from the Netherlands

  30. The value you bring to your videos is outstanding, partly because of the fact that you think very deeply. I really enjoyed this, looking forward to more of your content.

  31. The bottom of the pyramid is the most important, not the top. The base of the pyramid, or the foundation of the pyramid, is the most essential.

  32. Glad I stumbled across this channel. Ill just watch an observe for a while then no doubt will have questions. Thanks to Phillip van Dusen for directing me here. Cheers.

  33. "Why did you exist?" is such an important question. I first learned about this question from Simon Sinek, a brilliant guy who talks about the WHY in business. I highly recommend you to watch his TED talks.

  34. You man you re one of my best . I love graphic design and painting i stared this cuz i founded u always smiling and have a healthy aura . I love art fashion design painting all this stuff cuz its gives others something material and moral . not pressure them god bless u Ninja man hh or One punch man haha im kidding sensei god bless evey pot of blood in you and ur team im happy cuz i see my dream's information and good guiding on youtube thnx a lot

  35. I just recently found your Youtube Channel and I found so much value from it not only for the Designing part, but how to treat and collaborate with your own customers. Thanks for this wonderful video, really made me think more in depth over things.

  36. It’s sad to see dislikes on great information . I feel like too many people are looking for the “miracle tip” but when they see the actual work involved they become upset because it just means more work for them .

  37. I love Chris but in this video he seems out of his depth or out of content may be! Nothing wrong with the content per se but it sounds generic. Not like his usual content.

  38. What if you ask these questions and find that your talking to closed minded individuals who want nothing more than the checklist? I'd love to know how to get clients to think this way…especially in South Africa, where im not totally convinced of brand managers competancy.

  39. Other than money, there really is no other motivation. You just find something which will have a good chance of a great harvest, because ultimately we are all slaves to the coin and, everything is context of money because this is the way of the world.. I think trying to find a true "higher" reason, or to spiritualize is not entirely honest without the context of money, because if it wasn't for money we would all be doing other things with our time, probably better spent. But as a business strategy, I suppose it is a good method of persuasion because ultimately we are the movers of money. Money makes the world go round and people make the money go round.

  40. I've felt lost and confused for so long. I just couldn't figure out why I haven't been able to get to the next level as a designer. Wow thank you for putting everything in a different perspective and for being a mentor!

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