“Why Start a Painting Business and How To Run it” Home/Residential Company – Painting Business Pro

“Why Start a Painting Business and How To Run it” Home/Residential Company – Painting Business Pro

Hey how is it going? My name is Eric; I’m
with Painting Business Pro. And I’m going to be the one who is going to be helping you
guys start, grow or expand your painting business, hopefully over the course of the next couple
weeks or the next couple months, or even the next couple of years. Want to start just by
telling you a little bit about myself and how I got started with the painting business.
I have been in the painting business for nine years now and I started when I was eighteen,
and I was actually working with the company and over the course of six years. By the time
I was twenty-four I generated two and a half million dollars of businesses with painting,
I trained sixty other people to start and run their own painting companies, and since
then in last three years, I actually started my own company, I have helped about ten of
my best friends start their own companies, I also helped strangers and people I’ve never
met around country start or grow their painting businesses.
So I’ve been doing this a whole lot, I know a ton about different systems, and that’s
what I would like to really get into sharing with you guys. But first, I just want to tell
you why I think the painting business is such a great thing and why I helped ten of my friends
here in Colorado start their own painting businesses. Many of them have become my competition
and what has been really exciting about that, is although I started helped some of my friends
start their own painting companies in the same cities as I am, when we compete, we still
continue to grow. And the reason that is, is because the painting business is very good
competition, it’s a really simple business and when you know what you’re doing, it’s
really easy to grow a painting company. So just to kind of give you an idea, I started
my painting business three years ago and now it’s a six figure business, we do about
$750,000 in revenue this year. Make over six figures, you know make over a $100,000, I
work only about 5-10 hours a week on my painting business and I only work 10 months out of
the year. So every November and December, I take the year off and in January I work
about 20 hours a week and then February through the rest of the year, I’m only working 5-10
hours a week and I want to kind of show you how I do that.
So I’m going to start by showing you, this is really how my business is set up. So first
of all, there is three parts to your business and three main systems that you’re going to
need to develop and that I’m going to be teaching you. So the first one is marketing,
and then we also have sales, so marketing is where we are generating clients-potential
clients, so leads that’s what we will call those, and marketing is legendary leads, people
who want SMS, people who are thinking about painting.
Sales is the process of actually once you have got the lead, contacting the customer
all the way through the end of the sales whether they decide to hire you are not. So I would
say this is you know one side of the business and then once you have customers, the other
system that you need to develop, is a system for production. So that’s going to be the
other side of the business, so these are the three systems that we really needed to create.
So hear how my company is set up, here I am at top, this is me Eric, over here on sales
and marketing I have Ben. So Ben been working with me for a couple of years and Ben is in
charge of all sales and marketing, so he is my sales manager. Now Ben job is he manages our sales reps,
so he has four sales reps who work underneath him. So sales reps their job is to do all
the marketing and the sales. So what that means, we a system for marketing, so when
we hire sales rep, we have a system that we are going to teach them, so they constantly
get a nice flow of leads that they can go out and do estimate for . And we really have
a simple system to do that, and they actually will pay for and take care of both of these
things. So Ben’s only job is to manage these four
sales reps, and they are the ones who actually generates all of our marketing and all of
our sales, so they go out every week and they generate leads and they generate sales, and
every week they come back and they meet Ben. On Monday they meet Ben and they turn in all
of their jobs to Ben, so they hand in like all the jobs that they book, here is client
Johnson Smith and all these jobs. Then what Ben does, is he sets goals and makes a plan
for them to hit their goals the next week. Then Ben takes those folders and those new
clients, and he takes them and he does a meeting with Paul. So Paul, he is my production manager,
so Paul’s job is once we book a client, Paul is the one who contacts the client , he
helps them figure out their colors, he helps them deal with home owners association, answer
any questions they have, but most importantly he manages all the scheduling. And so once a client has their job, their
house is completely ready to go, Paul goes and he meets with one of his six subcontractors.
So down here we have subcontractors, so these are people who own painting businesses themselves.
They are usually not people who like to do marketing and sales; they like to just do
production. And so they are usually willing to do this for a lower price than we sell
the job at, and so Paul has hired and manages all these subcontractors and deals with the
schedule. So what I do on a week-to-week bases, is I
meet with Ben on Monday to help him supports his sales reps and then I meet with Paul on
Monday to make sure he is managing everything with the schedules. So that’s about an hour
and a half meeting with each of them and then they take care of everything else. So Paul
actually deposits all of the checks when we finish jobs, he puts them right in my bank
account for me and when we book jobs, Ben goes and put all the deposits into my bank
account for me. So the only other thing that I do, besides meet with these guys every week,
is that every two weeks I run payroll, which takes me about an hour, and I set up a really
simple system for that as well. And the other thing that I do is I feel phone calls here
and throughout the weeks. So busy weeks that might be a few hours of phone calls, not so
busy weeks, like this time of year, I don’t get a lot of phone calls. So this is really as simple as the business
can look. So what you do need to do in order to set up a business like this is you need
to create a system. The reason that this works is because we have systems for our sales reps
to follow, so something that is really important to know is that our sales reps are the ones
we hire every year, are people who have never done sales before in painting. We take people
usually like college students or young people who have never done sales and we bring them
in and we run them through our marketing and training system and train them how to do it
and people are super effective. So just to give you an example, I had a young man contact
me a few weeks back, he bought a course from me on how to start and run a painting business
and his name is Shawn. So Shawn is twenty-seven years old, he lives
in California and for the last seven years, he has been trying to start a business. And
he has try three or four maybe even five different business, I forgot how many, but he just fails
one after the other. And he bought this course, and he was emailing me and asking for help
and getting questions. So I actually give him a call, and I say, “hey man, let me
help you be successful.” So I set up four phone calls with Shawn, so
they were an hour and a half phone call, and I did four of them with him to teach him our
sales process. And then we implemented the marketing system, so he started getting leads
coming into him. The very first estimate he did, he book for $2,700. He started the job
two days later with one of the subcontractors he hired, two days after that the job was
complete and he made a $1,000 and since then I have been talking to him and he has just
been updating me with how things are going and he continues to book work and close jobs. So the key here is having systems that work,
and that’s what I will be teaching you, is how do you implement systems that just
work for marketing, so you have a constant flow of leads coming into your business, an
effective sales process. So you can turn those leads into sales and then an affective production
process, where you can simply and easily produce those jobs to complete those lines. So that’s what I’m going to be getting
into in all of the future videos, is starting to teach you the systems and I can talk for
days about painting, so there is a lot of depth in this so I’m going to take it one
step at a time and try to give you little tips and everything as we go. And things you
can actionable implement in your business right away. So the first thing-the first kind of homework
is I’m going to have for you, and what you should do between now and the next video I
send you, which is going to be in a couple of days, is I want you to go through and take
a piece of paper and write down what are all the things that you do in your business. Like
what you actually spend your time doing in your business and it’s really important
to start there because what I found, is many painters and painting companies they spend
all their time working in their business and they don’t have an opportunity to work on
it and actually create systems for their business to start to run itself. So there is a lot of things that these subcontractors
do, my production managers does, Ben does, my sales reps do and a lot of painters do
themselves. So are you going to the paint store? You know, are you going and drop by
the job sites? Are you, you know doing estimates yourself? What is it you are actually spending
your time doing? So that’s what I want you to start to look at, is what are you spending
all your time doing? And then the second piece is who else can do those jobs for you, so
you don’t have to. Because it’s going to be really important as we move forward,
so that you actually have time to implement the things that we are going to be teaching,
because if don’t free up anytime, most likely your business is going to stay about the same. So that’s about it, so take out five minutes
right now and just write down and look at your schedule, what is it that you’re spending
all your time doing. And then in the next video, I’ll send you in a couple of days
and we are going to talk about you know how to start delegate and get rid of some of those
things that a lot of people spend their time doing, so I will see you then.

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